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Moto2 Rider Who Grabbed Competitor's Brake Lever is Banned From Motorcycle Racing Until 2019

Thursday  21:30,   04 october 2018

Romano Fenati has become something of a taboo name in the Moto2 paddock after he grabbed competitor Stefano Manzi’s brake lever in the thick of a race. His team dropped him, he was reported for attempted murder, and now, he’s been banned from racing >>>

Motorcycles For People Who Don’t Like Motorcycles

Wednesday  22:08,   03 october 2018

Converting them with the unconventional, the cute, and the eye-catching Some people couldn’t care less about motorcycles. It never ceases to amaze me when I pull up to a diner or café on one of my Ducatis and people don’t even turn to look. Really?... >>>

Indian introduces flat-track-inspired FTR motorcycles

Tuesday  01:05,   02 october 2018

The Indian FTR 1200 and FTR 1200 S were unveiled today in Cologne, Germany.First, the FTR 1200 is a new bike on a new platform with a new, liquid-cooled 120-horsepower 1203cc V-Twin engine. It has a sporty, upright riding position, with a number of... >>>

3 New Harley Models To Seriously Consider Now

Friday  23:51,   28 september 2018

Although bigger changes are coming, it seems like Harley-Davidson now makes a cruiser for everybody Ironic, isn’t it?Ironic, isn’t it? Even though motorcycles are cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient modes of transportation... >>>

2019 Ducati Scrambler Icon First Ride: A Modern Classic Meets Future Safety Tech

Tuesday  18:55,   25 september 2018

This retro-styled motorcycle is the first under $10,000 with a cornering ABS system.Price: $9,395 ($9,595 price as tested Atomic... >>>

Cycleweird Short: The Krauser Domani

Monday  22:55,   24 september 2018

A K1000 mill in a custom sidecar rig with radical late-80s sci-fi styling? Yes, please! You all ever hear of Michael Krauser? That's okay, neither had I until this very morning and now I think he might be my favorite motorcycle designer ever. Even... >>>

Harley-Davidson Plans To Open R&D Facility In The Silicon Valley

Saturday  19:51,   22 september 2018

The Harley-Davidson Motor Company joins Apple, Google in the tech capital of the world Google, Apple, Facebook, and other tech giants will soon be welcoming a new neighbor to the Silicon Valley hood, Harley-Davidson. The 115-year-old Harley-Davidson >>>

Why The Vee Two Hailwood Ducati Replica Will Make You Love Motorcycling More

Saturday  00:25,   22 september 2018

Metal and fiberglass that tells a human story Metal and fiberglass that tells a human... >>>

Clear for takeoff: Distiller's vodka-fueled motorcycle sets land-speed record

Tuesday  22:05,   18 september 2018

Raise a glass to Missoula couple's ingenuity.The Missoulian newspaper reported that Ryan Montgomery and his wife, Jenny, take ethanol from the "heads" off Quicksilver Vodka ("heads" are leftovers from distilling that are too impure to drink) and >>>

The 1993 Yamaha GTS1000 Was The Acura NSX Of Bikes

Monday  21:55,   17 september 2018

Crazy technology in a forward-thinking machine.You can be ahead of your time, you can build a better mousetrap, you can have a VPN connection straight into the distant future—but if you fall short on execution, your chances of success are identical... >>>

Meet the Indian Motorcycles of 2019

Monday  21:55,   17 september 2018

The Chief, Scout, and other Indian bikes get cylinder deactivation and new riding modes for 2019. Indian just released details on all the updates they’ll bring to the middleweight Scout and heavyweight Chief-based models in 2019. These updates may... >>>

8 New Motorcycles (That Aren’t Cruisers) For Shorter Riders

Monday  21:55,   17 september 2018

Bikes of all shapes for riders of shorter size There’s this notion that if you’re a shorter rider, you’re resigned to riding namby-pamby cruisers or small-displacement entry-level bikes. The feeling is that the motorcycle industry is saying “let... >>>

Vespa Elettrica electric scooter to begin production next month

Thursday  13:33,   13 september 2018

They'll offer smartphone integration and lots of customization.The big news is that both the battery-electric scooter and its hybridized Elettrica X version will be connected scooters, with smartphone integration through a 4.3-inch color TFT... >>>

Indian Chieftain Redesigned For 2019

Monday  22:16,   10 september 2018

Even the most classically styled motorcycles need a nip and tuck now and then. Debuting in 2014, the Indian Chieftain offered heritage styling in a thoroughly modern package. Not looking to lose momentum, Indian has tweaked the Chieftain's look and... >>>

This Dystopian, Kalashnikov-Designed Motorcycle Will Join Putin's Official Motorcade

Friday  20:20,   07 september 2018

Sorry President Trump, but Putin's winning the "cool stuff in the motorcade" arms race at the moment.There’s a new two-wheeled brute that’s set to become part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s official motorcade starting in 2019, according... >>>