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These 10 Tips Will Have You Lane-Splitting Like A Pro

Tuesday  22:02,   17 july 2018

Getting ahead in the Golden State California is the only state that permits motorcycle riders to “pass other vehicles proceeding in the same direction within the same lane.” That’s a shame. Lane splitting relieves congestion and even appears to be... >>>

Now Indian Motorcycle is Considering Moving Some Production Overseas

Monday  10:42,   16 july 2018

Some Indian Motorcycle production for foreign markets could move to Poland in response to E.U. retaliatory tariffs.In the same week that Indian Motorcycle released a video proudly celebrating building its 100,000th engine at the Osceola, Wisconsin... >>>

Harley-Davidson will outsource some production due to retaliatory tariffs

Monday  05:35,   16 july 2018

New European tariffs could cost H-D as much as $100 million each year.Harley-Davidson plans to move some of its motorcycle production outside the US in response to retaliatory tariffs that include its products, Bloomberg reports. Its products... >>>

KTM 1290 Super Adventure S Review: Paradise Found on the Only Motorcycle You’ll Ever Need

Tuesday  16:09,   10 july 2018

Powerful, precise, fast, and comfortable, this bike legitimately checks all the boxes.Sitting atop my energetic steed, I’m hurtling north on Interstate 5 over the hills of Southern California. The cars at the edge of my vision begin to blur with... >>>

This 3-wheeled electric scooter has a 30 mile range

Tuesday  16:09,   10 july 2018

Scoot around town in... >>>

Stunt rider Travis Pastrana will attempt to replicate 3 Evel Knievel jumps

Monday  18:51,   09 july 2018

Included is the Caesars Palace fountain jump that almost killed Knievel.That's when X Games motorsports stuntman Travis Pastrana will attempt three consecutive record motorcycle jumps honoring the notorious Knievel of 1960s and '70s fame. The stunts >>>

Getting to Know Our 2018 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob

Sunday  18:10,   08 july 2018

Two days, three historic ship museums, a train, a ferry, and one sore keister—the story of our new long-term fleet Harley.Two days, three historic ship museums, a train, a ferry, and one sore keister—the story of our new long-term fleet... >>>

First Zero Dealership Opens in North America

Saturday  19:26,   07 july 2018

First Zero Dealership Opens in North America Zero Motorcycles is finally getting a place of its own Electric motorcycle maker Zero Motorcycles has been around for over a decade now. With six models under its belt, the company is finally ready to... >>>

Wicked Custom Ducati Scrambler Going to Auction

Wednesday  18:01,   27 june 2018

 After finishing touring the motorcycle show circuit, the Ducati Scrambler Icon built by famed tattoo artist Grime heads to the Mecum auction block in Vegas.Wicked Custom Ducati Scrambler Going to Auction After finishing touring the motorcycle... >>>

2018 Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport: Nostalgia isn't overrated

Wednesday  17:54,   27 june 2018

2018 Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport: Nostalgia isn't overratedThe Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport is a motorcycle that, on the surface, doesn't make a ton of sense. It's really expensive at around $15,000, and relatively underpowered, producing just 86 >>>

The Harley-Davidson Eight-Valve Mystery

Wednesday  17:16,   20 june 2018

Did English internal-combustion-engine pioneer Harry Ricardo perfect the eight-valve cylinder head? US motorcycle historian Harry Sucher says he did.What and, equally important, when did Harry Ricardo contribute to The Motor Company’s cylinder-head... >>>

2019 KTM XC and XC-F Range First Look

Wednesday  01:56,   20 june 2018

2019 KTM XC and XC-F Range First Look The Ready To Race brand updates it off-road two and four stroke machines for the 2019 model year KTM just announced details and changes for its new 2019 model year off-road range. The 250 XC, 300 XC, 250 XC-F,... >>>

Swiss Students Design 250-Mile Range E-Bike

Tuesday  09:00,   19 june 2018

Swiss Students Design 250-Mile Range E-BikeElectric motorcycles are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the global motorcycle market; the silent revolution of the battery-powered motors. With all the models becoming available, we can choose between >>>

Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe Headed for America

Monday  23:30,   04 june 2018

Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe Headed for America After a bit of will they/won't they, Team Green decides to bring its retroed-out retro to American shores When we talked about Kawasaki's Z900RS Cafe last November, we were pretty excited about it.... >>>

Curtiss Zeus is Judge Dredd's electric motorcycle

Friday  00:07,   01 june 2018

When Confederate Motorcycles changed its name to Curtiss —Before unveiling the Zeus at this month's Quail Motorcycle Gathering, Curtiss had spoken of unveiling an electric bike called Hercules at the Quail. The Alabama-based company was working with >>>