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Notice to skiers: it is now prohibited from smoking on the tracks of Gets

Friday  17:54,   23 december 2022

provided by MadmoiZelle Two people skiing in the mountains © Patrickblaise from Pixabay via Canva The measure took effect on December 17, Station opening date. The domain of Haute-Savoie, which defends an environmental interest as much as of public >>>

Heritage lotto: more than 25 million euros paid to the Patrimoine

Friday  03:30,   23 december 2022

Heritage Foundation as every year, the State pays taxes taken from Heritage Games to restore historic sites across France. © supplied by Franceinfo a new envelope for old stones. An endowment of more than 25 million euros will be allocated to the... >>>

Spy software used in at least five European countries

Wednesday  01:40,   09 november 2022

The European Inquiry Commission denounces their illegitimate use in at least five European countries View onononews © Mariscal/AP The investigation reveals that political figures, journalists and journalists and journalists and journalists and... >>>

Salmonelle: Carrefour recalls a lot of merguez

Thursday  02:10,   20 october 2022

© Christianjung / Getty Images Salmonelle: Carrefour recalls a lot of Merguez A lot of merguez sold at Carrefour is currently the subject of a recall for a suspicion of salmonella. So remember to check your fridge. Be careful if you recently bought >>>

With "R.M.N.", director Cristian Mungiu portrays the vitrioli of a Xenophobic Romania

Wednesday  17:40,   19 october 2022

multi -thoroughbred at the Cannes Film Festival, Cristian Mungiu left empty -handed from the 2022 edition with a film devoted to immigration to Romania. © supplied by Franceinfo three times awarded in Cannes, with a golden palm for 4 months, 3... >>>

PEGASUS software. Members of the European Commission would have been spied on

Thursday  23:10,   28 july 2022

© Charles Josse / Archives Reuters The European Commission building, in Brussels (Belgium), in 2015. Illustration photo. A letter dated July 25, 2022 and signed by the European Commissioner for Justice indicates that the latter's phone could have... >>>

Schalke's happy financial customer - Sidi Sané already a squad option?

Thursday  20:35,   14 april 2022

Second League Lace Rider Schalke 04 Can Make Easter Sunday in Darmstadt the next big step towards the rise, meanwhile, the financially severely struck club is looking forward to an unexpectedly high amount of money beyond the 30 million... >>>

Formula 1 2022 Bahrain: The most important thing about Saturday

Saturday  20:55,   19 march 2022

Felix Zwayer has recited the curious goal decision 4-0 (1: 0) of FSV Mainz 05 against Arminia Bielefeld on a technical error. © Provided by sport1.de Zwayer declared goal-decision with technical breakdown referee Felix Zwayer has recited the... >>>

Safety Inventory at Last Pass? Users unsure, provider calmed

Wednesday  10:58,   29 december 2021

© Provided by Dr. med. Windows Light Pass Logo Numerous Users The Password Management Load Pass has been notified in recent days that an access attempt was blocked on your account. However, the provider itself adopts and indicates that no... >>>

Galatasaray raises the option on Mostafa Mohamed

Saturday  18:38,   25 december 2021

Galatasaray raised the purchase option that the Turkish club held on Mostafa Mohamed, the Egyptian attacker arrived last summer on the zamalek. © Provided by Football 365 Football: Galatasaray vs Fenerbahce - Turkish Super League - Derby -... >>>

The Congolese rumba, its origins to its registration with the intangible heritage of humanity

Wednesday  04:05,   15 december 2021

© Reuters - Hereward Holland A Concert of Rumba Congolese in the district of Kasavubu in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo on September 24, 2021. Since Tuesday night, the Congolese rumba is officially part of the intangible cultural... >>>

plans for sprints 2022: Formula 1 draws Bahrain- "Oval" in recital

Thursday  09:30,   09 december 2021

© Motorsport Images The outer course in Bahrain could hold 2022 for the sprint still is not fix, how many sprintqualifyings it is in the formula 1 season Add 2022 and where they should take place. But first ideas are already traversing their way to >>>

Gouiri, the other option of Real

Saturday  07:50,   27 november 2021

© provided by Sports.fr it could succeed Karim Benzema. Decidedly, the Real Madrid loves French attackers. While Karim Benzema is the attacker of merengues since 2009, Kylian Mbappé is the priority target of the White House for the summer of 2022.... >>>

Unions Julian Ryerson: The heritage of the Capitanos

Friday  13:20,   12 november 2021

Yes, but Christopher Trimmel is still one of the old iron at the 1st FC Union. Or do you have to say, is not old iron? All the same. Because what's clear that the heritage is regulated: Julian Ryerson is the legitimate successor to the Iron... >>>

Lieberknecht: Spy should align greetings on Schalke

Friday  18:00,   05 november 2021

After ten points from the past four games, the SV Darmstadt 98 drives with healthy self-confidence to FC Schalke 04. © imago images / Jan Huebner Darmstadt's Chef coach Torsten Lieberknecht speaks of "Hardfällen". Darmstadt with self-confidence... >>>