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18:36  12 july  2018
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Amazon Can Now Deliver Directly To Your Volvo Or GM Vehicle

  Amazon Can Now Deliver Directly To Your Volvo Or GM Vehicle A total of 37 cities in the U.S. have rolled out the in-car delivery service. Fear package thieves no longer; Amazon has teamed up GM and Volvo for a unique delivery service that puts packages right in the trunk of your vehicle. Using the Amazon Key app – linked to either GM’s OnStar, or Volvo’s On Call – select Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, and Volvo owners will give the tech giant access to their vehicles to deliver packages directly. No more hiding under doormats.

zero for US auto manufacturing,” predicts Kevin Graham, the Volvo plant’ s director of assembly, in a cheeky warning to the “motor city” of Detroit . Yet Ridgeville could also be ground zero for collateral damage from Donald Trump’ s kamikaze trade war . The US president fired up Twitter last Friday by

These products may become more costly in the trade war . The decision to build a plant in South Carolina was first made by Volvo in 2015, before Donald Trump’ s presidential campaign began.

2019 Volvo S60 R Design 50© Automobile Magazine Staff 2019 Volvo S60 R Design 50

David E. Davis reacted to the "Buy American" movement in the 1970s, a good decade before he founded this magazine, with a memorable retort. "Real Americans drive American cars" read a popular bumper sticker of the day.

"Real Americans drive what they damn well please," David E. responded.

Volvo's gala opening of its first American assembly plant, in Ridgeville, South Carolina, the other week, reminded me of David E. 's comment. Volvo officials and South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster were all smiles and apolitical comments and platitudes during the June 20 ceremony. Then Sweden's ambassador to the U.S. took the stage.

Volvo Plans to Sell a Ridiculous Number of EVs by 2025

  Volvo Plans to Sell a Ridiculous Number of EVs by 2025 Aiming for EVs to account for half of all salesIn a statement released this week, Volvo announced plans to significantly increase sales of EVs over the next few years. By 2025, its goal is for half of all its sales to be electric vehicles. Not electrified vehicles. Fully electric. Plus, since Volvo intends for all newly introduced models to use an electric motor starting in 2019, the other half of its sales will be mild hybrids and PHEVs.

US President Donald Trump and China' s President Xi Jinping arrive at a state dinner at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, November 9, 2017 © Thomas Peter / Reuters. Seeking a trade war and needing Beijing’ s help with North Korea

US President Donald Trump has stepped up his war of words over trade tariffs, threatening to "apply a tax" on imports of cars from the European Union. The president is using a clause in international trade rules which allows for tariffs for national security reasons.

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"We are a bit worried about the trade agenda," particularly with regard to steel, aluminum, and auto tariffs, Ambassador Karin Olofsdotter told the crowd in Ridgeville. "Those of you who have influence, I hope you bring this forward."

a microwave oven sitting on top of a car© Automobile Magazine Staff

Volvo is in a particularly precarious position with its new U.S. factory, which will employ about 1,400 local workers when production of the S60 starts up this fall, but is scheduled to grow to 4,000 workers when production of the next-generation XC90 is added in 2021. The Chinese-owned Swedish automaker will ship 2.0-liter engines from Sweden for the Volvo S60 (and later, the XC90), only to have the assembled vehicles shipped all over the world.

Kick Back and Enjoy the Northern Lights in the Volvo S90 Ambience Concept

  Kick Back and Enjoy the Northern Lights in the Volvo S90 Ambience Concept Previews a future production versionBased off the three-seater S90 Excellence sedan, the concept was created primarily for China. Using a smartphone app, passengers can pick between seven visual projections for the ceiling. These include Northern Lights, Scandinavian Forest, Swan Lake, Archipelago, and Rain, in addition to a Nocturnal theme to help passengers rest and a Freedom theme that's said to boost energy. Volvo has synchronized the visual themes with special audio from the car's Bowers and Wilkins sound system as well as scents that come from a dispenser in the center console.

It will need about 1,500 as production ramps up in the fall, said Anders Gustafsson, Volvo ’ s senior vice president for the Americas. Europe’ s “Trump problem” hits code red levels as impending trade war looms (Video). Latest1 day ago. Novichok nerve agent sequel: UK Home Secretary blames it on

President Trump thinks winning a trade war is easy bu most economists agree that no one wins a trade war . Did Trump start a trade war America will lose? President Donald Trump is itching for a trade war .

That is, potentially, a lot of tariff—engines coming in to the U.S., and completed cars going out. Backstory on Olofsdotter's comments is that she was directing them to the Trump administration's U.N. ambassador, Nikki Haley, who sat two rows in front of me at the plant opening. Haley was governor when South Carolina offered Volvo the winning concessions package in 2015. Apparently, Ambassador Haley wasn't pleased (I could see only the back of her head).

Other automakers, from Mercedes-Benz to General Motors also are worried about the Trump administration's hardline stance on tariffs in the interim.

President Trump has a point about China and its trade policies and restrictions with the U.S. The history of Chinese-owned companies stealing intellectual property is well known, although experts on the matter often contend the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade policy that 11 countries signed last March would have rectified much of the problems of trading with China. Despite more than half a century of living with a global economy, the president prefers to go it alone on trade, though he has yet to understand how many German sport/utility vehicles are built in non-union plants not far from the new Volvo factory.

New Volvo Cars Will Have Built-In Google Maps

  New Volvo Cars Will Have Built-In Google Maps Infotainment system will also include Google AssistantVolvo will roll out a next-generation infotainment system based on Google's Android operating system in the next few years. Not only will the system allow for automatic over-the-air software updates, but it will also host a variety of in-car apps from Google.

WASHINGTON — President Trump threatened to slap tariffs on European cars on Tuesday, the latest escalation of trade disputes amid a growing concerns that his steel and aluminum tariffs could evolve into a full-blown trade war .

When examining the state of U. S . President Donald Trump’ s self-described “ trade war ” against China, one cannot help but wonder whether the White House has a coherent strategy or whether the plan has been to engage in battle in order to reach a policy.

The European Union's 10-percent tariff on U.S.-built cars seems significant in light of our 2.5-percent tariff on theirs, though among the Detroit Three it only matters to GM, which has sold Opel/Vauxhall to PSA Peugeot Citroen, and Ford's Mustang exports. Mainstream Fords and, of course, Fiat Chrysler have significant European production in the EU.

a car parked on the side of a road© Automobile Magazine Staff

GM is left with its decades-old struggle to sell its prestige cars, Cadillac and Corvette, and now Chevrolet Camaro in light of the Ford Mustang's success there. While it would be nice to see all those cars, and Jeeps as well, enter the EU with just a 2.5-percent tariff, that's not going to boost Cadillac sales, even if they could thus be sold as bargain-priced Mercedes or BMWs. American luxury cars in Western Europe, especially Germany, are like European full-size pickup trucks in the U.S.—killing the Johnson administration-era Chicken Tax isn't going to make much difference.

President Trump's stated end-goal is to prompt more investment in U.S. factories, and thus provide more factory jobs for many of his staunchest supporters. The fear, even among Republicans, is higher car and truck prices and a downward spiral in sales. That hasn't happened quite yet. The other risk is that Trump gets what he wants and U.S. auto capacity rises to the untenable levels it had reached by the 2008 Lehmann Brothers collapse.

Connected Safety Allows Volvo Cars to Share Alerts with Volvo Trucks

  Connected Safety Allows Volvo Cars to Share Alerts with Volvo Trucks Hazard Lights to Trigger Cloud-Based Notification SystemVolvo Trucks will introduce a new cloud-based service called Connected Safety that will link the company’s heavy semis with products from Volvo Cars. The service helps convey important safety and traffic information between Volvo’s cars and trucks, enhancing driver awareness for everyone behind the wheel of a compatible Volvo.

How a trade war will whack U. S . car, aircraft exports to China. With President Trump threatening tariffs on Chinese products and China reciprocating, certain American goods may be in peril.

President Donald Trump is threatening to escalate tension between the U. S . and the EU by enacting a 25% tariff on Euro-built vehicles. Recent Posts. Volvo Launches New Mobility Brand. Auto Industry in the Crosshairs as First Shots Fired in China Trade War .

a car parked inside a building© Automobile Magazine Staff

The only automaker that needs added capacity now is Tesla, and its CEO, Elon Musk, apparently has found it by signing a deal with the municipal government of Shanghai for a new factory to be built there in three years. Tesla's news, just announced on Tuesday, has my fellow Musk skeptics arguing that you can't build a 500,000 annual capacity plant rising from nothing in such short time.

"If anyone can get a new plant up and running in two years, the Chinese can," Asian auto industry expert Michael Dunne, of the consultancy firm ZoZo Go, told me in an email.

To me, the more astonishing aspect of a Chinese Tesla plant is that it will be the first non-Chinese company to own 100 percent of the production facility there. But first-class global electric vehicle suppliers will set up shop next to Tesla's factory, "cementing China's position as the king of the hill in EV production," Dunne says.

And it won't be the first automaker to achieve this level of efficient factory construction. Geely-owned Volvo and South Carolina signed the deal for the U.S. plant in late May of 2015. Full production starts this fall, about three-and-a-quarter years later. It has been going perfectly so far for Geely and Volvo until a trade war gets in the way.

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