News Tesla Model 3 on autopilot crashes into overturned truck

16:05  01 june  2020
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On 23 March 2019, a Tesla Model X crashed into a roadside barrier and caught fire while on Autopilot , which also resulted in the death of the driver. On that occasion Tesla did not reveal whether Autopilot had spotted the barrier. In May 2016 another driver of a Tesla car died when his car failed

A Tesla Model 3 burst into flames over the weekend after crashing into a tow truck parked on a highway shoulder. The incident occurred in Moscow and the driver — named Alexei Tretyakov — noted that the car was on Autopilot at the time of the crash . Incidentally, Tretyakov made a point of noting

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The driver attempted to brake at the last second, but it was too late.

These videos capture the moment when a Tesla Model 3, presumably on Autopilot, slams into an overturned, stopped semi-truck on the highway. Autopilot reportedly didn't see the big, overturned, stationary object. Fortunately, nobody was injured.

This isn't the first time a Tesla failed to stop itself when a stationary vehicle was directly in front of it and it seems the Autopilot system has some issues in detecting stationary objects. Clearly, the car should've stopped itself here and you'd think this scenario would be among the easiest for a system such as Autopilot to detect and respond to, but that's definitely not the case.

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A Tesla Model 3 was engaged in Autopilot when it rear-ended a parked police car in Connecticut over the weekend, the Stamford Advocate first reported

Another Tesla Model 3 crashes into a truck , reportedly while on Autopilot . A Tesla vehicle reportedly burst into flames on the side of a Russian highway over the weekend after colliding with a tow truck , once again raising safety concerns over the automaker's semi-autonomous driving system

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Below we've featured multiple videos from various angles to show the scene of the accident. You'll see that several other vehicles safely navigate around the overturned truck. However, the Model 3 does not and in the last second or two before impact, there's quite a bit of smoke, indicating that the driver locked the brakes in an attempt to stop. Also of note is that it doesn't appear as though any of the Tesla's airbags deployed in the incident.

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Tesla Model 3 owner forgets to put on Autopilot checking his phone in traffic. Car drifts off and he hits the highway barrier.

Опубликовано: 12 апр. 2019 г. Tesla Model 3 Autopilot Avoiding Crashes . THE ULTIMATE TRUCK CRASH COMPILATION WITN NO LIGHT/SMALL TRUCKS | 18+ - Продолжительность: 26:50 g r i m p e w Recommended for you.


It's possible that the driver of the Tesla didn't even apply the brakes, but rather that the vehicle hit some debris in the road left behind from the truck crash. This might be why we only see smoke from one side of the Tesla and not both. However, there is some brake light illumination that's hard to make out in one of the videos, so presumably, that was by pedal application from the driver.

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