News Musk Email Leaked: Tesla Model Y Must Be Top Priority & Without Issues

16:10  09 june  2020
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Tesla is up against Model Y production and supply chain challenges.

According to a leaked email from CEO Elon Musk to employees, Tesla is experiencing Model Y manufacturing and supply chain challenges. In addition, Musk makes it clear that he's aware some employees are dealing with difficult conditions on one assembly line.

Musk refers to the Model Y, and says "especially GA," as a top priority for production and manufacturing engineering." He points to GA4 as being a top priority for facilities improvement. It's clear he's aware that workers "in GA4" are facing tough conditions. According to Business Insider, GA4 is Tesla's sprung structure (tent) that was used to expand the Fremont factory for ramping up Model 3 production.

Tesla Reportedly Building UK Plant Which May Or May Not Be A Gigafactory

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Musk emphasizes the importance of ramping up Model Y production, as well as minimizing "rectification needs." Meaning the cars need to be as free of issues as possible. Clearly the company doesn't have time to be reworking these vehicles after regular production is complete. Musk says he hopes the employees understand these priorities "really makes a difference to Tesla right now."

In more positive news, the CEO says the automaker is doing "reasonably well" with the Model 3, Model S, and Model X at this time.

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We've included Tesla CEO Elon Musk's email in its entirety below:

Subject: Model Y Production

It is extremely important for us to ramp up Model Y production and minimize rectification needs. I want you to know that it really makes a difference to Tesla right now.

Model Y, especially GA, is the top priority for both production and manufacturing engineering. GA4 is also top priority for facilities improvements. For those working in GA4, thank you for bearing with tough conditions. Will get better fast. I will be walking the line personally every week.

We are doing reasonably well with S, X, and 3, but there are production and supply chain ramp challenges with Model Y, as is always the case for new products. 

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.



What do you think? Was this expected not only due to COVID-19, but also based on Tesla's past? Does this come as a surprise since the Model Y shares a platform and many parts with the Model 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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