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13:25  02 august  2020
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Renault broke the curfew on Friday night to change Daniel Ricciardo's chassis having discovered a The Aussie finished Friday’s second practice for the British Grand Prix with the ninth fastest time The Renault mechanics worked through the night, using the first of the two jokers permitted in a season.

The Renault team were forced to break curfew at the Silverstone circuit overnight to build up a new chassis for Daniel Ricciardo, after a hairline It was the first of two permitted curfew breakages by Renault in 2020, meaning that no action will be taken by the stewards, with Renault confirming that

Renault had to use a curfew joker due to a hairline crack in the chassis: This would not have been necessary under a normal schedule

Bei Daniel Ricciardo musste das Chassis am Freitag getauscht werden © Motorsport Images With Daniel Ricciardo the chassis had to be replaced on Friday become

Because a hairline crack was discovered in the chassis of Daniel Ricciardo, the Renault team had to sacrifice one of its two curfew jokers on Friday evening in order to be able to work on the car from the Australian. According to sports director Alan Permane, this is actually not a big problem because the replacement chassis is already prepared in the best possible way, but the Renault schedule did not play into the cards.

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"If it had been a normal race weekend with a normal schedule, we wouldn't have had to break the curfew," says Permane. But in Silverstone, everything happens one hour earlier. The third free practice session did not take place at 12 p.m., but already at 11 a.m.

"Any other weekend we would have done on Friday as long as we were allowed and would have come back on Saturday morning and started it," said Permane. "Under these conditions, however, we really wanted to start on Friday evening to make sure that everything worked."

The problem: "As soon as we started, the curfew was broken."

The next problem for Renault was the legality check at the FIA, which Permane describes as a "bottleneck". "If you postpone it from Friday evening to Saturday morning, you run the risk of others waiting there and standing in line and losing time," said the sports director.

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And because it was 2 a.m. and there was no queue yet, Renault pushed the car down and already put it on the platform so that the FIA ​​can look at it in the morning. "But that's routine," said Permane.

The hairline crack was found during routine work after the first training session. Renault knew that the drivers had driven over the curbs a few times - so the car was examined for safety reasons. "So that the damage does not spread and the chassis becomes unusable," explains Permane. "A driver can't feel it."

"We scanned the chassis and sent the data to the factory and found that there was absolutely no security risk. So we drove in FT2 - but knew that we would change the chassis afterwards. I already had Jo Bauer from the FIA informed that we will ask for permission to change the chassis. "

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