News Seven major democracies demand backdoors to spy on encrypted messaging

13:30  12 october  2020
13:30  12 october  2020 Source:   01net.com

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Government Demands Backdoor Surveillance of All Your Encrypted Messages 📺Subscribe To My Channel to get more videos like this

Encrypted messaging information can be the metadata associated with the message —the “We oppose government attempts to build backdoors ,” Facebook said in a statement published by To be clear, for WhatsApp and other U.S. platforms to break their encryption would require major technical

End-to-end encryption remains a big stone in the shoes of law enforcement agencies who want to force publishers to develop workarounds.

Sept grandes démocraties réclament des backdoors pour espionner les messageries chiffrées © 01net.com Seven major democracies demand backdoors to spy on encrypted messaging

The countries of the Five Eyes alliance - United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia - have just published a press release co-signed with Japan and India to say, once again, how badly they think about end-to-end encryption.

This technology would promote, according to them, the development of child pornography, terrorism and organized crime. Therefore, these countries believe that law enforcement agencies should be provided with means of circumvention and be able to "access [encrypted] content in a readable and usable format when a legal authorization is granted."

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Backdoor access to encrypted communications has been demanded by Netherlands’ spy chief Rob Bertholee—a view that differs from the government’s official position. You'd think a spy of all people would realize that the enemy isn't going to cooperate with his attempts to spy on them.

Backdoors create major problems: Backdoors severely weaken cybersecurity, leaving users exposed to malicious hacking and crime. For example, emails or text messages on an encrypted phone can be retrieved from the email service provider or the phone company.

The signatories also believe that it is perfectly possible to ensure public security without generally compromising the confidentiality of exchanges and the security of systems.

"We firmly believe that approaches protecting each of these important values ​​are possible and we strive to work with the industry to collaborate on mutually acceptable solutions", can we read in the press release , without further technical details .

This is not the first time that governments have tackled end-to-end encryption. Several countries have even passed laws to this effect. The editors still need to play along.

Source : ZDnet

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