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14:10  20 august  2021
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Aston Martin pulls protest against Sebastian Vettel's Disqualification Back

 Aston Martin pulls protest against Sebastian Vettel's Disqualification Back © Motorsport Images Aston Martin pulls protest against Vettel-DQ back The Formula 1 racing team Aston Martin has withdrawn his appeal against the disqualification of Sebastian Vettel at Hungary Grand Prix . This was announced by the racing team on Thursday. Thus, the scoring exclusion against the Heppenheimer is final.

© lat "There were never tensions," Leclerc says about his relationship with Vettel

Marcus Ericsson, Sebastian Vettel and Carlos Sainz: So, the previous teammates are called the previous teammates from Charles Leclerc. The longest went on the Monegash on the side of Vettel, with which he shared the garage in the Formula 1 saisons 2019/20. But who was from the point of view Leclercs to date his "Best" teammate?

"This is a difficult question," admits the 23-year-old and draws the comparison in the Formula 1 podcast 'Beyond the Grid': "Carlos is a very, very good teammate. But I did not know where I am between him and Seb should make the difference. The past year was harder for Seb, but on his good days he was incredibly hard to beat, if anything. "

Tour of Spain - Cofidis: Martin targets the top 8

 Tour of Spain - Cofidis: Martin targets the top 8 © Panoramic Guillaume Martin Cofidis Guillaume Martin (Cofidis) does not hide before the Tour of Spain. The best climber of the last edition targets the Top 8, that is to say the performance accomplished on the Tour de France. Video: Vuelta - Roglič: "I do not have only bernel for rival" (Dailymotion) The Peloton World Tour is preparing to start the last big round of the year.

"Carlos is simply very, very constant. So there are different approaches, but both were very, very strong," reaffirms Leclerc. While he and Sainz are "pretty similar" and many interests also shared in private, the Monegasse describes his relationship with Vettel as "a bit different" in comparison.

What Carlos Sainz and Sebastian Vettel distinguishes

"I saw him more like an older brother. I mean, he had so much experience that it was different. It was not the same kind of competition I had with Seb, like the with Carlos. "

"Carlos and I are more or less in the same age. We are very competitive at all. Seb had more experience. So he was a bit more ... yes, he was a little less competitive," explains Leclerc.

"If I wanted to win something, he basically let me win, and I was happy, and he did not care. With Carlos that's a bit different. I can see that he is so angry if I am so angry Something suggests. It can be the stupid thing, and he will be so angry. And with me it's the same. "

around the highest mountain of the Alps - Motorcycle Touring Tip - Mont Blanc

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Leclerc: Vettel on the track Just as hard opponent

This refers to what Leclerc says about Vettel, but above all on activities away from the racetrack. In the car he is just as competitive as everyone else.

"If you set up the helmets, this whole relationship stops. You only think about the performance. You just think of the maximum out of the car and to beat the guy, especially the same car as you have the same "says Leclerc.

For him and Vettel, this was also associated with one or the other incident on the route - as in Brazil 2019, as both followed by a team-internal collision. He did not remain the only incident of this kind. Behind the scenes, it should have grodled back then. How does Leclerc remember this time?

Zoff at Ferrari? "There were never any tensions"

"actually was not that bad. I mean, Brazil was probably the moment in which it was quite difficult. But only right after the race, in the heat of the battle. Even harder it was To deal with the media come into play and bump the thing a bit and try to make the people know that there were tensions, though that was not the case. "

as Schlaudraff for 96 The door to Europe insists

 as Schlaudraff for 96 The door to Europe insists Master became the club once, also trophies winners. From the recent Club history but to participate in the Europa League stands out in Hannover 96th A dazzling event will mark now. The look at the star hour especially of a man. © imago sports photo service Hannovers Jan Schlaudraff outline before exactly ten years with his double pack. Hannover: "Ball circulation, as you wish" it is exactly ten years this Wednesday.

"We knew there was no tensions," emphasizes the Ferrari pilot. "But we were asked for every race we came to whom we came to tensions. I think we got it very well. There were never any tensions between us."

and also from a shift of interest or support from the team away from Vettel and towards him Leclerc does not want to know anything: "I never felt so well. And to be honest, I do not want to feel that way."

"Relationship is the same": Relationship to Vettel More Good

"In Formula 1, it's all about competition. I love the competition. I love to fight against the best. And I do not want to have more opportunities than the guy Next to me. I want to have the same opportunities as he, and I want to beat him fair and decent. And I think that was never a problem, "says the 23-year-old.

"Besides, my teammate was Sebastian Vettel. He had won much more than me. So that was also this respect that the team had had Seb before Seb, so I had never really felt a shift of power."

to today he cares for a good relationship with Vettel, emphasizes Leclerc - even if they are no more teammates. "It's very similar to that. We always talk when we see each other, we still have discussions, talking about how it runs for him at Aston, as it runs for me at Ferrari. The relationship is the same."

Long-lap penalty in Silverstone: What Marcel Schrötter is punished .
© Motorsport Images Marcel Schrötter has to run in the race once the long-lap punishment a technical problem right at the beginning of the first Moto2 training in Silverstone (United Kingdom) Has an aftermath for Marcel Schrötter. The German got a long-lap punishment for the race on Sunday from the race commissioners. in turn. In the first minutes of FT1 suddenly the Kalex triumph of the German smoked on the Hangar straight line. Schrötter drove to the edge of the track and then on the meadow.

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