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LECLERC: On good days Vettel was almost not to beat

Friday  14:10,   20 august 2021

© lat "There were never tensions," Leclerc says about his relationship with Vettel Marcus Ericsson, Sebastian Vettel and Carlos Sainz: So, the previous teammates are called the previous teammates from Charles Leclerc. The longest went on the... >>>

Handball - Romania (F): Neagu renounces selection until next year

Wednesday  21:33,   11 august 2021

© Panoramic Cristina Neagu Romania Elue Best World Player On four occasions, Romanian Cristina Neagu announced that she was putting in Withdrawal from the national selection, which will take part in the world at the end of the year, and will not... >>>

Cologne coach allows smoking in the cabin

Tuesday  02:10,   13 july 2021

Munich - Last season, the 1st FC Cologne did not necessarily ran around. Only in the relegation against Holstein Kiel Klub could hold the class. © Imago Steffen Baumgart In the coming season, new coach Steffen Baumgart will be better. The... >>>

EM: ARD is pleased about public interest and relevance

Thursday  19:35,   08 july 2021

The ARD has pulled a satisfy conclusion after its last TV transfer from the football Championship. © Provided by sport1.de EM: ARD is looking forward to a public interest and relevance The ARD has drawn a satisfy conclusion after its last TV... >>>

PartyCasino Joins Forces With McLaren Racing

Monday  16:30,   28 june 2021

McLaren Racing and PartyCasino have joined forces in a multi-year sponsorship deal that officially began at the Monaco Grand Prix on 23rd May 2021. >>>

Ricciardo: At the end of the "TripleHeader" I should feel "at home"

Sunday  13:50,   20 june 2021

© Motorsport Images Daniel Ricciardo expects a lot from the coming Formula 1 race after a disappointing season opener Daniel Ricciardo recognizes in its McLaren gradually at the end of the tunnel. Although the Australian in Qualifying in Le... >>>

with option for two years: Gentner goes to the FC Lucerne

Friday  16:05,   18 june 2021

Christian Gentner has found a new employer after his departure at the Football Bundesliga club Union Berlin. The 35-year-old midfielder signed a contract at FC Lucerne, as the first division from Switzerland announced on Friday. The two-time German >>>

Daniel Ricciardo: "Actually, I know exactly what I have to do"

Tuesday  20:05,   08 june 2021

© Motorsport Images Daniel Ricciardo is looking forward to the upcoming Triple header on a bitter qualifying at the Formula 1 race in Baku followed for Daniel Ricciardo Reconcilient race. After all, nine and two World Cup points were finally stood... >>>

Romania. The survey for "corruption" aimed at Veolia is classified without further

Thursday  19:00,   03 june 2021

© Stephane MAHE / Reuters The logo of Veolia is seen in Saint-Herblain near Nantes, France, April 12, 2021 Veolia was suspected of "corruption" on its activities in Romania. Opened in 2016, the survey was subsequently classified in July 2020,... >>>

Daniel Ricciardo: "Barcelona was an important step for me"

Thursday  18:05,   20 may 2021

© Motorsport Images Daniel Ricciardo feels more comfortable in the McLaren Daniel Ricciardo comes with an increased self-confidence to Monaco. The Australian last in the Grand Prix of Spain in qualifying and race teammates Lando Norris under... >>>

"You will see": RUHNERT and the purchase option for PohjanPalo

Sunday  21:15,   16 may 2021

also met against the former colleagues. Joel Pohjanpalo showed on Saturday once more, why Union Berlin had borrowed Bayer Leverkusen in the summer of 2020. Now decisive weeks before. © imago images gate against the old colleagues: Joel PohjanPalo... >>>

gets Vettel the first points?

Sunday  15:55,   02 may 2021

Who wins the third season race of Formula 1 in Portimao? Valtteri Bottas starts from the pole, Sebastian Vettel wants to continue his upward trend. © Provided by sport1.de brings Vettel the first points? The mood at Mercedes should be omitted... >>>

Charles Leclerc annoys: "Just not good enough"

Sunday  12:05,   02 may 2021

© Motorsport Images In the picture, the Ferrari looks faster than he was in Q3 after two fourth starting places previously comes the eighth starting place in Portimao ( Formula 1 2021 Live in the ticker ) for Charles Leclerc like a disappointment... >>>

Nantes raises the option to purchase Alban Lafont

Friday  15:20,   30 april 2021

© provided by SOFOOT LAFONT and the form. loaned to the FCN by FIORENTINA for two seasons, Alban Lafont joins the canaries definitively. The 22-year-old guardian has already played 207 meetings with professionals, including 63 for yellow and green. >>>

Three sites of the Hauts-de-Seine in the heritage of regional interest

Wednesday  22:30,   31 march 2021

© Le Parisien The monument to the deaths of the 1914 war of Levallois. Three sites of the Hauts-de-Seine are retained in the April 2021 promotion of the Regional Interest Heritage Label, which must be formalized on Thursday at the end of the... >>>