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Bayern star also falls against Romania from

Saturday  12:05,   27 march 2021

The German national team must also give up in the second World Cup qualifier on Sunday (20.45 pm / RTL) in Romania on Niklas Süle. © Provided by sport1.de Bayern-Star also falls against Romania The German national team must also give up in the... >>>

Ex-Justice Minister of Bavaria: Investigations into corruption apparently also against Sauter

Wednesday  15:03,   17 march 2021

The public prosecutor's office ordered raids in the Union's mask affair. According to reports, properties belonging to the CSU politician have been searched. © Photo: Imago Images / Zeppo The CSU member of the state parliament Alfred Sauter - here... >>>

Formula 1 rejects vaccination offer from Bahrain

Monday  08:45,   01 march 2021

The Kingdom of Bahrain offers Formula 1 to vaccinate its employees against the coronavirus. But the racing series does not want to push ahead. © Provided by sport1.de Formula 1 rejects vaccination offer from Bahrain Formula 1 has refused an offer... >>>

Germany: the spy who informed Moscow about the Bundestag would have collaborated with the Stasi

Thursday  21:15,   25 february 2021

© Supplied by Le Parisien Le Parisien Enough to further poison the already strained German-Russian relations. A German is accused by the prosecution of having transmitted data on the Chamber of Deputies to Russia. The suspect, simply identified as... >>>

Caution! Double minced meat recall at supermarket

Thursday  14:11,   25 february 2021

If you bought minced meat from these two specific vendors, you shouldn't eat it. There could be plastic in it © istockphoto Minced meat recall istockphoto Edeka Südwest Fleisch GmbH is currently recalling two types of minced meat. The company... >>>

After Leclerc's Rambo maneuver! Verstappen out early

Sunday  20:45,   06 december 2020

At the Formula 1 race in Bahrain, Charles Leclerc rammed his opponent Sergio Pérez off the track in the early stages. To the chagrin of Max Verstappen. © Provided by sport1.de After Leclerc's Rambo maneuver! Verstappen out early There was a crash... >>>

After the United States, a second monolith appeared in Romania, before volatilizing

Tuesday  17:05,   01 december 2020

© YOUTUBE SCREENSHOT The second monolith seen near Neamt, Romania, shortly before its disappearance. A strange metal monolith appeared on a hill in Romania before disappearing. Social media grabbed this replica of a recently discovered object... >>>

Former American Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard free to leave the United States

Saturday  03:15,   21 november 2020

© SPENCER PLATT / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP Jonathan Pollard on his release from prison on November 20, 2015 in New York. After 30 years in prison and five years on parole, Jonathan Pollard now has the possibility of leaving >>>

Bahrain “ready to make an extra effort” in the event of an increase in PFC in L1

Monday  16:40,   09 november 2020

© Supplied by Sofoot Finally the right one? Pierre Ferracci is happy. After the new success of the PFC against Dunkirk (1-0) , his club is comfortably installed on the throne of Ligue 2. “In my wildest dreams, I never imagined having 25 points... >>>

Tunisia: Mechichi draws up a catastrophic inventory of the economic situation

Thursday  03:20,   05 november 2020

© FETHI BELAID / AFP The Tunisian Prime Minister speaking on November 3, 2020 on the economic situation of the country. Tunisia is going through an unprecedented crisis aggravated by the health crisis. The head of government on Tuesday drew up an... >>>

This is how high Wolfsburg's purchase option is for Philipp

Thursday  11:25,   29 october 2020

At the beginning of the month Maximilian Philipp joined on loan from VfL Wolfsburg . Should he prove to be a reinforcement, the Bundesliga club could draw a purchase option. © Provided by 90min Philipp could in the best case run longer for the... >>>

POINT OF VIEW. Jean Sulivan, what heritage?

Wednesday  10:15,   21 october 2020

© DR Father Joseph Lemarchand, who became the writer Jean Sulivan, rests in the cemetery of Montauban. In a text for Ouets-France, Jean Lavoué, author and publisher, reviews the disappearance of the Breton writer Jean Sulivan. Forty years ago the... >>>

Seven major democracies demand backdoors to spy on encrypted messaging

Monday  13:30,   12 october 2020

End-to-end encryption remains a big stone in the shoes of law enforcement agencies who want to force publishers to develop workarounds. © 01net.com Seven major democracies demand backdoors to spy on encrypted messaging The countries of the Five... >>>

Verstappen wishes the Nordschleife: "Monaco isn't dangerous?"

Friday  21:05,   09 october 2020

© Robert Kah / Nürburgring The Nordschleife is perhaps the most difficult racetrack in the world In 1976, the last Grand Prix took place on the legendary Nordschleife, and even if a return to Formula 1 seems unrealistic today, the dream lives on .... >>>

contracts, mails and more: Real spied on by hackers

Thursday  19:05,   08 october 2020

The well-known hacker Rui Pinto has spied on Real Madrid. The Portuguese is known for many revelations for "Football Leaks". © Provided by sport1.de contracts, emails and more: Real spied on by hackers Real Madrid was apparently the victim of a... >>>