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Will a Car Wash Hurt Your Car’s Finish?

Tuesday  20:41,   30 june 2020

Will taking your car through and automatic car wash damage the finish? Sadly, the answer is potentially yes. While some types of car washes are worse than others, any time you wash your car—even if you are carefully hand washing it—you are... >>>

This Is What Really Happens When You Put Diesel in a Gas Car

Thursday  20:26,   25 june 2020

The damage to your car’s engine will be severe and expensive to fix — if it can be fixed.Plus, learn these things that you may be doing that are shortening the life of your... >>>

Why Does My Tire Keep Going Flat?

Thursday  02:40,   25 june 2020

One of your tires is deflated again and you can't find visible damage. What's going on? Read on to learn why that same tire keeps losing air.Running over any sharp object can puncture a tire. A tiny nail can puncture a tire, then fall out,... >>>

Hale races repaired car to victory at Kingsport

Monday  23:46,   22 june 2020

KINGSPORT — Over the course of a week, Wayne Hale went from fuming about his wrecked race car to being “King of the Concrete Jungle.” The Piney Flats driver won Friday night’s NASCAR Advance Auto Weekly Series Late Model Stock feature at Kingsport... >>>

2020 Nissan Frontier review: Past meets future

Saturday  02:53,   23 may 2020

Patrick Gaspard, president of George Soros's Open Society Foundations and former U.S. Ambassador to South Africa during the Obama Administration, addresses comments made by former Vice President Joe Biden on the Breakfast Club, where he said... >>>

Sleep-Training Your Child Amid COVID-19 Will Lead to More Rest For Parents and Baby, Says an Expert

Saturday  00:19,   23 may 2020

For parents with little kids, the days have really started to blend into each other. Although it seems like families already have full plates, sleep training - aka teaching your child when and how to snooze - amid the COVID-19 pandemic might be a... >>>

2020 Mazda CX-30 review: A fancy and fun small SUV

Friday  23:23,   22 may 2020

Attractive looks, a plush interior and involving drive character set the CX-30 apart from the rest.Research the Mazda CX-3 on MSN Autos | Find a Mazda CX-3 near... >>>

2020 Cadillac CT6 V8 review: Saving the best for last

Friday  21:56,   22 may 2020

Cadillac's full-size CT6 is surprisingly great with a Blackwing V8 under the hood. Too bad it's not long for this world.Let's recap: The Cadillac CT6 launched in 2016, with a trio of four- and six-cylinder engines, and a plug-in hybrid... >>>

Everything You Need to Know About Steering Wheels

Tuesday  21:25,   19 may 2020

Steering wheels seem simple on the surface, but there's a lot more to them than meets the eye. Find out more about function and options here.Obviously, a steering wheel and the system it connects to primarily controls the direction of a vehicle. >>>

This Is Exactly When You Should Use Your Hazard Lights When Driving

Thursday  20:29,   14 may 2020

The rules vary state by state, so make sure you know the guidelines before you buckle up and drive. The post This Is Exactly When You Should Use Your Hazard Lights When Driving appeared first on Reader's Digest.Hazard lights aren't just for... >>>

12 Best Cleaning Products for Your Car

Thursday  20:29,   14 may 2020

Here are 12 of the best cleaning products for your car, according to both experts and product reviewers. These products will make your car shine from top to bottom, inside and... >>>

There Is No Better Time To Be Doing Car Maintenance Than Right Now

Thursday  20:29,   14 may 2020

There Is No Better Time To Be Doing Car Maintenance Than Right NowWhen was the last time you changed your differential oil? I used to change mine frequently because I had a welded diff in my old Toyota as the resident Punk Kid Drifter, and I needed... >>>

105 Super-Simple Car Repairs You Don’t Need to Go to the Shop For

Thursday  20:20,   14 may 2020

105 Super-Simple Car Repairs You Don’t Need to Go to the Shop... >>>

What Is a Brake Caliper (And How To Tell if Mine is Bad)?

Thursday  20:20,   14 may 2020

If your car is equipped with disc brakes, brake calipers are critical to slowing and stopping your car. Here's what you need to know.In simple terms, a brake caliper's purpose is to squeeze the brake pads against the rotor to stop the car. There >>>

How to Jumpstart Your Car If You Haven't Driven It in Weeks

Thursday  20:19,   14 may 2020

If your battery is dead, here's how to revive it in less than five minutes. Plus: the best gear to always have on hand. If your battery is indeed dead, the fastest way to revive it is a quick jumpstart. This simple trick takes less than five... >>>