Ownership 4×4 Smarts: Safe Driving Tips for How to Use 4-Wheel-Drive

20:35  10 july  2018
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Safe driving app says these are motorists' worst habits

  Safe driving app says these are motorists' worst habits EverDrive says we need to lay off the phone and slow down.The EverDrive app uses the sensors inside your phone -- such as GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope and even whether the screen is on or off -- to determine your driving habits. The app collected 781 million miles' worth of driving data in 2017 and the trends that the company discovered are both interesting and a little concerning.

These tips help you drive safely in your 4 wheel drive car. But do all the drivers in your family really know when and how to engage the 4 WD? Or which gearing ( 4 HI or 4 LO) is best for which driving conditions?

This is the proper way to use 4 wheel drive on most cars and trucks. This is a 21 year old truck. Your process may be different. Know Your 4 X 4 , Beginners Tips - Продолжительность: 11:13 Ronny Dahl 371 512 просмотров.

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Not sure which system you have?

Four-wheel-drive systems are offered in many configurations such as part time, full time, manual shift, on-the-fly shifting, and fully automatic. Each system has its own requirements for how you engage and disengage it and when you can operate the vehicle in 4WD mode. If you’re unsure which system you have, ask a dealer, who can figure it out from your VIN.


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The Rear-Wheel-Drive Audi R8 V10 RWS Is a Bargain at $139,950

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Know Your 4 X 4 , Beginners Tips - Продолжительность: 11:13 Ronny Dahl 337 098 просмотров. How to Use 4 Wheel Drive ( 4 x 4 ) - Продолжительность: 4 :39 The Great Falloni 446 837 просмотров.

How to use the different 4 x 4 options on your vehicle (EASY) - For The Dumb People - Episode 7 - Duration: 5:48. What you need to know if you have a 4 - wheel drive vehicle!

4WD can be dangerous

  • 4WD doesn’t improve handling on slick ice- and snow-covered roads. If you drive faster than conditions allow, you’re far more likely to flip and roll because of your higher center of gravity.
  • 4WD doesn’t help you brake better or give you more stability in turns while braking. So slow down when you’re turning and brake sooner.
  • 4WD contributes to overconfidence. Guess which vehicles end up in the ditch more often?

Don’t waste gas

When you’re in 4WD, you’re spinning a lot more heavy metal. Getting those extra gears and drive shafts up to speed and keeping them spinning take extra energy, which lowers your gas mileage. If you don’t need 4WD, turn it off and save some dough at the gas pump.

How to Do an Initial Car Inspection Before a Test-Drive

  How to Do an Initial Car Inspection Before a Test-Drive One of the biggest moments in a new car shopper's journey is the all-important test-drive. But before you slide behind the wheel and take a spin in a potential new vehicle, consider these importa nt tips.Be clear. When you arrive at a dealership and greet a salesperson, make it clear up front that you're there only to inspect and test-drive the car(s) in which you're interested, and that you won't be making any buying decision right away. This will help keep things simple and allow you to concentrate on comparing cars better.Remain focused.

Low How to switch to four - wheel lock Hummer Transfer case lock Hummer H3 axle lock Hummer H3 axle locker. We also are featuring 4 x 4 off-road capable cars, best offroad SUVs and other capable off-road vehicles which are suitable for daily drive as well as off-road worthy.

How to Deal with Foggy Windows. Clean Car Windows with Cornstarch and Vinegar Without Lea Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool in Summer. Ad Widgets. Main Content. Four - Wheel Drive : What to Use and When.

If you get stuck

Resist the temptation to shift between forward and reverse to rock yourself out of a rut. Instead, shift into 4HI and slowly feather the gas pedal to inch your way out. Don’t spin your wheels. If that doesn’t work, rock the vehicle back and forth by applying and releasing the gas.

Don’t destroy your drivetrain

Driving a part-time 4WD system on dry pavement can break the front axles, shear the differential gears and even break apart the differential case. As soon as you hit dry pavement, shift back into 2WD.

4WD vs. AWD: What’s the Difference?

Traditional 4WD

In two-wheel-drive mode, the system delivers all the engine torque to the rear differential, so each rear wheel receives 50 percent of the available engine torque. In 4WD mode, each wheel receives 25 percent of the available engine torque. Older 4WD systems must be manually shifted between 2WD and 4WD and from 4HI to 4LO while the vehicle is stopped. Newer systems have electronic push button ‘on the fly’ features that let you shift while driving.

Ohio wants to be the 'Wild, Wild West' for self-driving cars

  Ohio wants to be the 'Wild, Wild West' for self-driving cars Ohio has become the latest state to open its roads for testing self-driving vehicles, in a boost to a nascent industry that has been facing increased scrutiny after a well-publicized death involving Uber's self-driving car testing. In Ohio, self-driving vehicles will have to meet safety requirements and comply with the state's traffic laws, Republican Governor John Kasich said in an executive order. It allows companies to test on any public road in the state, including without a driver behind the wheel.

How to Use 4 Wheel Drive ( 4 x 4 ) - Продолжительность: 4 :39 The Great Falloni 466 280 просмотров. Know Your 4 X 4 , Beginners Tips - Продолжительность: 11:13 Ronny Dahl 370 351 просмотр.

MASTER TOW car dolly overview/ tips 80THD 77t how to use quick - Продолжительность: 5:47 NoNonsenseKnowHow 86 201 просмотр. How to tow a front wheel drive car fwd - Продолжительность: 3:37 ken white 26 890 просмотров.

Traditional AWD

An AWD car can deliver all engine torque to all four wheels all the time. But some AWD systems deliver all engine torque to the front differential until the system detects wheel slip. Then it transfers a varying degree of engine torque (0 to 100 percent) to the rear wheels. So it’s a 2WD system most of the time. Other AWD systems work differently; they split the engine torque 50/50 between the front and the rear differentials at all times unless they detect wheel slip. Then they ‘reapportion’ the torque between the front and the back differentials based on need.

Know how to engage and disengage your 4WD

4 wheel drive© Provided by The Family Handyman 4 wheel drive

Know how to engage and disengage your 4WD

Some older and more basic 4WD systems must by engaged manually with the vehicle at a complete stop and the transmission in either Park or Neutral. Don’t try to engage these systems when the vehicle is moving or you can damage expensive components. However, most 4WD systems can now be shifted into or out of 4WD on the fly at the push of a button. The most sophisticated 4WD systems are fully automatic. They shift into and out of 4WD automatically as the system detects the need for more traction.

Tesla's Autopilot to get 'full self-driving feature' in August

  Tesla's Autopilot to get 'full self-driving feature' in August Shares of Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) rose as much as 5 percent on Monday after Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk tweeted that its Autopilot driver assistance system will get full self-driving features following a software upgrade in August. Autopilot, a form of advanced cruise control, handles some driving tasks and warns those behind the wheel they are always responsible for the vehicle's safe operation. But a spate of recent crashes has brought the system under regulatory scrutiny."To date, Autopilot resources have rightly focused entirely on safety.

When driving in icy conditions, avoid sudden movements, abrupt braking or fast acceleration, turn the wheel in the opposite Drive safely on icy roads, watching out especially for black ice, with safety tips from a driving How to Drive on Black Ice | Winter Driving Smart - Продолжительность: 4 :48

Put your vehicle in four - wheel drive before you get stuck. Two wheels are driven , usually the rear, in high-range, the normal gear ratio used for everyday driving . off-road. tips and troubleshooting. automotive. suv.

Knowing when to use 4HI or 4LO is what causes the most confusion for 4WD vehicle owners, so here are some rules.

How to use traction/stability

a close up of a piece of paper: 4 wheel drive© Provided by The Family Handyman 4 wheel drive

How to use traction/stability

Most new cars and trucks have a traction/stability control feature. The system automatically turns on every time you start your vehicle. When the traction/stability control system detects wheel slip or vehicle instability, it immediately tries to compensate by cutting engine power, braking the slipping wheel or braking other wheels to force the vehicle back into its intended path. It works great when you’re traveling along the road and hit a slick spot. But when you’re stuck, traction/stability control can work against you, making it harder to get out of a rut in snow, mud or ice.

So when you get stuck, turn off your vehicle’s traction/stability control. The procedure is different for each vehicle, so refer to your owner’s manual. Depending on the vehicle, the traction/stability control may turn itself on again after a set period or after an engine restart. You may have to turn it off repeatedly if you’re stuck for an extended period.

4 WD – Use it or lose it

4 WD systems work best and last longest when they’re used regularly and maintained according to factory recommendations. When a 4WD system sits unused for months at a time, the linkage and hub components seize, the seals dry out and the lube drains off gears. The best way to keep all 4WD components lubricated and in good operating condition is to engage your 4WD at least once every few months on wet pavement (preferably in a secluded parking lot) while performing a few figure eights.

Kenseth wants to help Roush "return to prominence" in the Cup Series

  Kenseth wants to help Roush Veteran driver Matt Kenseth returns to the team he won 2003 NASCAR Cup Series title with to drive part-time this season and help improve on-track performance for the Roush Fenway Racing. One week after announcing long-term extensions for three primary partners for the No. 17 car, Roush Fenway Racing officially announced the return of Kenseth during a news conference Wednesday at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte (N.C.).Kenseth was introduced by NASCAR Hall of Famer and former Roush Fenway Racing driver Mark Martin.“It’s a great feeling to return to where it all started for me in the Cup Series,” said Kenseth.

Four - wheel drive ( 4 WD) refers to vehicles in which the engine powers all four wheels at the same time. 5 Pro Tips for Safe Driving From a NASCAR Driver . Smart Home Apps for Comfort, Safety and More.

In this video we have a look at 2004 GMC 1500 5.3 that came in with a customer complaint of "no four wheel drive ." If you don't like Patreon feel free to use the "PayPal Me" link: https Let me know how many you want and as soon as the Paypal invoice is paid I will ship them out ASAP!

Next, follow your owner’s manual for differential and transfer case fluid changes even if you don’t use your 4WD very often. And grease drive-shaft slip joints and U-joints (where possible).

When to Use…

When to Use 4LO:

  • When you need more torque (power) for heavy pulling at slow speeds.
  • When you’re climbing steep grades at slow speeds and need extra power.
  • When you’re descending steep hills with a heavy load-the low gearing provides engine braking assistance.
  • Don’t use 4LO to get unstuck in mud and snow. The extra torque will cause the tires to spin.

When to Use 4HI:

  • When you’re on slippery surfaces and driving at street or highway speeds.
  • When you’re stuck in snow, mud or ice.

Tire size & tire rotation are critical

The front, center and rear differentials in 4WD vehicles are designed to compensate for short-term differences in wheel speeds encountered when turning a corner or changing lanes. But mismatched tires, whether they’re a different size or a different tread depth, force the differentials to operate full time even if you’re going straight down the road. That constant operation creates excessive heat and causes premature wear that can cost thousands in unnecessary repair bills. A difference in tread depth of just 1/16 in. among tires is enough to cause early failure.

Front tires wear faster than rear tires because they carry more weight, perform more braking and turn the vehicle. So rotating your tires every 5,000 to 7,000 miles is critical to spreading the wear evenly and minimizing differential operation. If a tire is wearing unevenly, exceeding the 1/16-in. threshold, you’ll have to buy four new tires, or shave down the new tire to match the tread depth of the others.

Finally, different tread brands, tread patterns and even different rubber compounds can result in different traction rates between the tires, and that stresses 4WD components. So avoid mixing different brands or tread patterns on your 4WD vehicle.

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