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Where dogs and cats should ride, and how they should be restrained. 15000 French websites in one place! www.france-portal.com. Cars Portal www.carsportal.info. Jewelry blog www.paoo.biz.

We love cars and pets , so we want to make sure our pets are safe when in our cars . We got the low-down on how to keep dogs and cats safe in the car from Center for Pet Safety founder Lindsey Wolko.

Recently, Subaru teamed up with the Center for Pet Safety to determine the safest locations for pets to be transported in a three-row crossover, since the company was just about to launch the three-row Ascent, and Subaru has worked to associate itself with pets and pet owners. But not everyone owns a three-row SUV, so we as pet lovers wanted to get some broader information about safely transporting dogs and cats in cars. To do so, we called up Lindsey Wolko, the founder of the Center for Pet Safety. Here's what we learned.

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Read How to keep your pets properly protected in the car .

If the family pet is a pooch, make sure to properly secure Fido in the vehicle. Be proactive and keep your pet safe. Search used cars for sale and find the best deals near you at iSeeCars.com. To get a FREE iSeeCars VIN Report for a car , click here.

Keep pets in the back seats

There are a few reasons for this. Among them is simply that pets are less distracting in the back seat. They can't climb into your lap, and you aren't distracted petting them. Cutting down on this distraction reduces the chance of a crash and keeps you and them safe. Besides that, Wolko tells us that having them in the front seat is a danger because air bags are not designed with pets in mind, and they could injure your pet in a crash. There's also a strong risk of them being thrown from the car when up front.

When deciding where your pets should be in the back, Wolko said it mainly depends on where they fit. If the back seat has captain's chairs, only smaller pets such as cats and small dogs should be placed there. Larger pets such as big dogs should mainly be on bench seats. Another important aspect for pet seating is whether there's a strong attachment designed for restraint in a collision, and that's because of the next important thing to keep in mind.

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If you can’t handle the cold then how can your pet ? Pets can freeze to death if left outdoors, so keep them inside as much as possible. “ Pets in a vehicle can be a huge distraction if not secured properly , and we all know the dangers of distracted driving,” Witt said, “Not only are you putting

A 2011 survey by AAA and Kurgo, a manufacturer of pet travel products, found when we have pets in the car , we tend to do things that keep If your pet is already used to harnesses (or being dressed in outfits!), make sure the car harness fits properly and then do fun things once they have it on.

Gunnar kennel about to be tested © Provided by AOL Inc. Gunnar kennel about to be tested

Keep pets restrained

Your pets should be restrained for basically the same reasons we humans should be restrained. If a pet isn't restrained in a crash, it can fly forward and suffer severe injuries. It could even potentially hurt you if you're in the path of the pet. And if your pet doesn't collide with an object in the car, it could potentially be thrown from the car. There's also the possibility that in the aftermath of the crash, if doors and windows are broken and open, an unrestrained pet could run off and become lost.

Even if the pet isn't seriously hurt from an impact, Wolko noted that some pets have suffered other injuries such as torn ACLs from trying to stay standing during a hard stop or crash. For all these reasons, you should really keep your pet in place in the vehicle.

To do so, there are two key types of restraint Wolko and Center for Pet Safety recommend. The first kind is the carrier or crate type. You've surely seen these at pet stores, airports and many other places. Though not necessarily the softest thing in a crash, a crate will keep your pet from being thrown out or having a hard, high-speed collision with parts of the interior. The crate or carrier needs to be securely attached in the car to attachment points that will withstand a collision.

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Three Parts: Keeping Your Cat Secure in the Carrier Protecting Your Cat Against the Weather The first step to ensuring your cat has a safe trip in the car , no matter how long the drive may be, is to One of the biggest safety hazards to having cats (or any pets ) in the car is the risk of extreme weather.

If you have pets , learn how to protect them during the winter so they will stay safe and warm. While proper grooming is still important, refrain from shaving pets down to the skin during cold months. Longer hair can help keep your pet warm.[13].

The other key type of recommended crash protection are harnesses and seats. These strap onto your dog and are attached to secure points such as the seatbelts. Basically they're seatbelts for pets. They should not be used in conjunction with ziplines or long extensions because this can negate the protection of keeping the pet in place.

Seat tested on sled © Provided by AOL Inc. Seat tested on sled

Another type of restraint is the barrier. These don't offer as much protection, though they are effective for preventing distraction. Only barriers that are securely attached in the car — and ideally designed for that specific car — should be used. Generic barriers that fit in place because of tension bars likely won't be strong enough to keep a pet contained in a crash, and that type of barrier could itself become a projectile if it breaks loose.

Selecting the right equipment

Between carriers and harnesses, Wolko said it all depends on what your pet is more comfortable with. If your dog or cat constantly squirms and hates a harness, then some type of crate is probably the way to go. Conversely, if your pet doesn't like being placed in a separate compartment, it would probably prefer some sort of harness.

Summer Car Safety for Kids

  Summer Car Safety for Kids As families head out on the road this summer, keeping children safe should be top of mind. Consumer Reports’ car-seat experts have some tips for protecting kids while traveling during these summe r months.Check for Hot Car-Seat Parts"Car-seat components, such as buckles and buckle tongues, can get hot in the sun. Always check the areas of the car seat that come in contact with a child in order to avoid burns. Some seat manufacturers recommend placing a lightly colored blanket or towel over the car seat when it’s unoccupied and sitting in the sun.

Make sure that your pet 's nails have been clipped to protect against them getting hooked in the Don’t take the cat out of the carrier in the car . At the end of the day, you are your pets voice and need to advocate for them to ensure they are being treated properly and kept safe and healthy.

Much like humans, some dogs love riding in the car whereas others may experience motion sickness or anxiety. Our dogs depend on us to keep them safe, and it is our responsibility to make sure the appropriate pet safety measures are taken to protect them no matter where we take them or how we

As far as choosing safety equipment that's crash-rated, that's more difficult. Wolko cautions against blindly believing marketing about crash testing. She recommends going with a product that has been tested by the Center for Pet Safety. She explained that CPS works with a third party to test products using a car-seat sled. The organization also analyzes the construction of restraints to ensure quality and that they use safe designs.

Products that are certified by the Center for Pet Safety can display the organization's seal of approval. The complete list is also viewable at the organization's website. The list is fairly short at the time of writing. Sleepypod harnesses and the ZuGoPet Rocketeer Pack are the only harnesses listed, and Gunnar kennels, Gen7Pets carriers, and Sleepypod carriers are the only crates and carriers listed.

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