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OwnershipHow to Keep Your Car Battery Alive Through a Frigid Winter

20:35  31 january  2019
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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Warm Up Your Car In The Winter

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Warm Up Your Car In The Winter The age-old wisdom of warming up your car in winter before you drive away could be doing more damage than good. See why warming up your car isn't a good idea.

Batteries are a lot like people in winter ; they like to stay warm and be fed regularly to keep their internal chemical reactions happy, even if We compensate with multiple holiday feasts and beer. Your car 's battery needs its own annual routine. Any car battery stored for a long period of time will

Because of that, we’ve been struggling to keep our batteries alive . I think that’s a problem that a lot of people have, where winter rolls around or you So, you just hooking up the CTEK comfort indicator, as they call it. It comes with two eyelets that connect to the battery . It’s just a clever little light system

How to Keep Your Car Battery Alive Through a Frigid Winter© Helen H. Richardson - Getty Images Batteries, like people, like to stay warm, dry, and well-fed during the winter. Here's what you need to know about keeping your battery happy when it's cold out.

Car batteries aren't as trouble-free as some other parts of your car. They work best in warm climates, and need to be constantly fed with energy to keep those internal chemical reactions balanced-even when the car it's attached to isn't being driven often.

Store a car battery long enough, and it's guaranteed to discharge, no matter the temperature (we're looking at you, Californians with garage queens). In particularly bad scenarios, a depleted battery's electrolyte gets to freezing temps, and crack the internals (and sometimes the case itself). Store your batteries properly, though, and these problems won't happen.

How Severe Cold Affects Your Car (and What to Do about It)

How Severe Cold Affects Your Car (and What to Do about It) We talked with a repairman from Alaska to find out how the cold can affect cars and hear about any possible solutions. Problem: Deflated tires As the air in your tires gets colder, it contracts and has less pressure. Tires correspondingly become underinflated. Solution: Check your tire pressure more often than you normally would. The Car Care Council recommends doing so once a week. You might think a little deflation provides better traction, but tire experts caution against running tires below manufacturers’ recommended pressure, as that can cause uneven or unsafe tread wear.

When the Insta-Daughter was away at college and left her car behind for 5 weeks over Christmas vacation the battery went flat. (Maybe it pulled more because it was a hybrid, my old Highlander). Anyway, the next year I got her this Noco solar charger with the adapter that lets it plug right into the

Most of our project cars are stuffed away for the winter and hibernating. However, we've killed a few too many car batteries last winter so we're being

How to Keep Your Car Battery Alive Through a Frigid Winter© Justin Sullivan - Getty Images How to Keep Your Car Battery Alive Through Winter

Buy the right equipment.

Conveniently, effective battery chargers cost less than buying a new battery every year. (Translation: You have no excuse.) Just don't cheap out and get a "dumb" trickle charger; models that have a float, storage, or maintenance charge mode are preferred. Often called tenders-many of which are made by the Kleenex of the charging world, Battery Tender-they have intelligent circuitry inside to cycle on and off and keep the battery at the right level without overcharging. They're perfect for winter lay up or any kind of long-term vehicle storage.

Prepare the patient.

Before attaching the leads, inspect the battery's terminals and cables, cleaning off any corrosion and replacing worn parts. This is also a good time to apply some dielectric grease to prevent further corrosion. Then it's as easy as slapping on the included alligator clips-red is positive, black is negative. If you're fancy, you can permanently install a quick disconnect. Just be sure the charger is unplugged or off before making the connections.

How to Jump-Start a Car With a Dead Battery

How to Jump-Start a Car With a Dead Battery When you need a jump start so that you can get to the store to buy a new battery, follow the safety precautions below. And remember, jumper cables normally have a set of clamps marked red for pos itive and one marked black for negative. And battery terminals are usually marked with a + for the positive terminal, and a - for negative. You might need to wipe off some grime to see them if your battery is dirty. Steps to Jump-Start a Car Park the car you’ll use for jump-starting next to the one with the dead battery, positioned close enough so that the cables will reach. The vehicles should not touch one another.

How to Tell if Your Car Battery is Really Bad with Kent Bergsma: Battery Clinic Part 3 - Продолжительность: 13:31 Mercedessource 611 984 просмотра. How To Keep Your Car Batteries Alive - Продолжительность: 9:32 Speed Academy 24 920 просмотров.

Don't let cold temperatures wreak havoc on your car , Consumer Reports says, offering these easy winter car care tips. We use cookies to keep our site reliable and secure, provide social media features, and personalize content and marketing to enhance your experience.

If you can't run the cables without leaving the trunk or hood open, be sure there's no light on as a result. If there is, remove the bulb to reduce the drain and keep it from burning out prematurely.

How to Keep Your Car Battery Alive Through a Frigid Winter© Westend61 - Getty Images battery charging

Charge and test.

When it first starts up, the tender might be in charge mode for up to a couple days but should then switch to its storage mode, usually signified by a light on the tender. If it doesn't, or you have doubts that the charger is doing its job, a multimeter set to voltage can verify the state of charge; just unplug the charger before testing. A typical tender will charge a 12-volt battery to 14.4 volts and let it go no lower than 12.6; any lower than that after the initial charge up and there may be a problem with the battery or the charger.

The alternatives.

You can remove the battery and bring it inside where it's (presumably) not freezing, but it can still discharge over the season. If you choose to remove the battery and put it on a charger, keep it in the garage, since charging creates hydrogen gas, which is a fire hazard. You can skip the wooden block between battery and concrete floor, though; with modern plastic cases, there's no longer a chance of the damp floor causing discharge.

Following this advice will prolong the life of your battery, saving you money and aggravation in the end. There's still no easy solution to winter weight gain, though.

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