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Ownership7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car Looking Like New

19:10  01 march  2019
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New cars are expensive and begin losing their value as soon as they’re driven off the showroom floor. That’s why we advocate buying used.

But if you care for a car properly — whether it’s new or used — it can continue looking good into its second decade. And a car that has maintained its appearance will be worth more when you decide to trade it in.

Following are simple steps you can take to preserve your car’s beauty.

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1. Protect your car’s interior from the sun

Nothing says “old and tired” like a sun-damaged interior. When your car is parked in direct sunlight, the cabin can heat up like an oven, drying out your dashboard and upholstery.

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So you're looking for a new car ? Congrats! The total cost of your vehicle is more than just the sticker price; it will also include things like the sales tax, title and registration fees, and optional items, like extended warranties. Keep in mind that your monthly payment will include both principal and interest.

Think of your car like your own body. What's more likely to land you in a full-body cast: A gentle If you really want to keep your car forever, our suggestion is to get these fluids changed every 60,000 By the way , if your mechanic tries to sell you new blinker fluid, lace up your Pro-Keds and run out of

According to State Farm, interior air temperatures have been recorded in excess of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Vehicle interior surfaces exposed to direct sunlight can reach 195 degrees.

The following steps will help you keep your car’s interior from baking when the sun is out:

  • Park in the shade whenever possible.
  • Open the windows slightly to lower the interior temperature on warm days.
  • Use a windshield sunshade inside your vehicle.
  • Use a car cover if you plan to park your car outdoors for extended periods.

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2. Install seat covers when your car is new

Worn and torn seats make your car unattractive and uncomfortable. Keep your seats covered at all times and your car’s interior will look great when it’s time for a trade-in.

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Follow these tips to keep your car running forever without any inconvenience. Think of ways to reduce driving by walking, riding a bicycle, carpooling or taking public transportation. You will still need to drive your car once in a while to make sure fluids circulate and parts don’t rust, but try to make

Keeping your car beautiful doesn't have to be time consuming or expensive. Often times we convince ourselves that the only way to get a new looking car is to either fully detail the There a few small things you can do in between details to keep your car looking like it just rolled off the lot…

A good strategy is to buy seat covers as soon as you acquire a new car, so the seats will be protected before any wear can occur. Custom-fit seat covers will give allow a precise fit.

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3. Use a protectant on rubber, vinyl and plastic parts

It’s easy to overlook the need to protect the parts of your car that are made of rubber, vinyl or plastic. But a wide variety of products are sold to prevent these surfaces from cracking or discoloring over time. They’ll slow down the aging process and give your car a newer appearance.

Protectant products can be applied to dashboards, door panels, consoles and bumpers. Use them from when you first buy a car to reduce the damage that can occur over time.

Use the products as directed. Avoid applying slippery protectants to such surfaces as floor pedals and steering wheels.

4. Avoid parking next to other cars

One simple and no-cost way to avoid dents and scratches on your car is to look for isolated parking spaces. If no one is parked directly next to you, your car is much less likely to get dinged.

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The easiest way is the bead test. Anyone can do it. Simply throw some water on your car and see if the water Now you know how to keep your car looking its best. Here’s a quick guide (remember to take into account the 5 Ways To Keep Your Car Running Like The Day You Bought It | Auto Media.

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5. Shelter your car’s exterior from the elements

If your car is left outdoors, its paint will take a constant beating from the sun and harsh weather.

If you don’t have a garage, one substitute is a car cover. Taking it off and putting it back on each day may seem like a pain, but it can make a major difference in your car’s appearance over time.

An easier but possibly more expensive substitute for a garage is a carport.

6. Consider renting a car for long trips

It may seem strange to spend money on a rental car for a road trip when you own a vehicle that runs perfectly well. However, mileage takes a toll on you car. If you rent a car, you’ll be putting miles on someone else’s automobile.

Remember that if you decide to drive your own car instead of renting, it’s still not a free ride. In addition to fuel expenses, there’s the cost of wear and tear. AAA reports that the average cost of driving a car that travels 15,000 miles per year is about 59 cents per mile.

7. Replace aging tires

Old tires can give away your car’s age, making it appear older than it is.

Tires take on a decayed look that’s sometimes is referred to as “tire dry rot” as they age. The condition is characterized by cracks in the tire sidewalls, which are caused by the passage of time and exposure to the elements.

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Keeping a car looking like new can take a lot of time and elbow grease. You can make it easier with household items you already have on hand. Baking soda and coffee grounds are both time-tested ways to absorb unpleasant smells. While you can buy baking soda packages meant for deodorizing

While there are products that will make aging tires shine, consider whether it’s time for new tires instead. If you notice tire dry rot, take your car to a mechanic you trust for an inspection. If the tires are unsafe, replace them. In addition to being safer, they’ll make your car look newer.

What have you tried to improve the appearance of your car? Share your experience or thoughts with us by commenting on our Facebook page.

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