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05:22  01 november  2016
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Britain's first self-driving cars will be unmarked so aggressive drivers don't bully them

  Britain's first self-driving cars will be unmarked so aggressive drivers don't bully them Suzanne Tucker/Shutterstock Britain's first self-driving cars to be driven by ordinary people will not have any markings due to fears that aggressive drivers will try and bully them. The Observer reports that Volvo is planning a pilot project in 2018 that will lease vehicles to regular Brits that are capable of driving autonomously."From the outside you won’t see that it’s a self-driving car.

While it may seem like an obvious thing to avoid, the ubiquity of cell phones today has lead to texting while driving being an all-too-common sight on the road.

If you find yourself tempted to text while driving, consider creating ways to make it more difficult to do so. Try leaving your phone somewhere you can’t reach while you’re driving, or download one of the apps mentioned above.

On the surface, texting while driving seems harmless enough. When you think about how long it takes to send a quick text message to someone, it’s really a matter of mere seconds.

The Best Place to Learn Winter Driving Is Obviously on an Ice Skating Rink

  The Best Place to Learn Winter Driving Is Obviously on an Ice Skating Rink There's nowhere better to go skidding around.When a few flakes of snow stick to the ground, my hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, shuts down. Schools operate on a delay, if they're not closed entirely, and everyone in town stocks up at the supermarket as if a hurricane were coming. All this is to say that winter driving skills, including what tires to put on my car, never quite made it into my high school driving course.

Just don’t text and drive. It’s too dangerous and the risks are not worth it.

But tests have shown that the minimum amount of time texting takes away from the focus on driving is 5 seconds. At just 55mph, that’s enough time to drive more than the length of an entire football field – more than enough space and time for an accident to happen.

Texting Driving SF© Provided by MotorTrend Texting Driving SF

Texting while driving has become such an epidemic that ad campaigns have been produced around the world to try to cut down on how much it happens. Laws have also been passed in a number of states to make texting or talking on the phone (without using hands free) illegal and subject to tickets and fines. And there are even apps that were engineered for some handsets to help users stop texting while on the road.

Ford to Offer Free Performance Driving Lessons to Focus RS Buyers

  Ford to Offer Free Performance Driving Lessons to Focus RS Buyers If you buy a Focus RS, the Ford Performance Racing School will teach you how to use it free of charge.Called the RS Adrenaline Academy, the program is similar to the ST Octane Academy previously offered to owners of Focus ST and Fiesta ST cars. Participants will have to pay their own way for travel and lodging, but Ford covers the costs of the one-day course. There, owners will receive classroom instruction; take part in shifting, braking, and cornering exercises; and learn how to use all four of the Focus RS driving modes, including Drift Mode. Judging by a few recent videos showing Drift Mode fails, some owners could use the lessons.

Still, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver distraction (code for texting while driving) is the cause of 18 percent of all fatal crashes and 23% of all car accidents, the latter of which equals roughly 1.5 million crashes every year. Texting while driving also makes a crash far more likely – up to 23 times more likely, in fact.

Texting while driving is incredibly dangerous no matter who you are. It does not discriminate. Whether you just earned your license or you’ve been driving for 30 years, texting while driving is taking a risk. And not just for you but for anyone in your vehicle and anyone else on the road around you.







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