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What Happens When the Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank Runs Dry? We Put It to the Test

Tuesday  19:31,   14 march 2017

We tested to find out, so you won't have to try it yourself.Diesel veterans long ago learned how to handle this concern. The following primer is for diesel-engine newbies and gasoline-engine devotees curious about life on the other side. DEF,... >>>

GM's Child Reminder Feature Is a Simple, Clever Way to Save Lives

Tuesday  19:31,   14 march 2017

Most parents and caregivers can’t imagine a moment when their mind wanders off of their children long enough to forget they’re sitting in the backseats of their cars, but it happens in a tragic number of cases every year. Fortunately, technical... >>>

6 tips for driving safely in the dark

Tuesday  01:07,   15 november 2016

With Daylight Savings Time arriving soon, here are safety tips to consider when driving in... >>>

Performance in any Condition w/ High Performance All-Season Tires

Monday  20:28,   14 november 2016

Rally driver Andrew Comrie-Picard gives us tips on how to maximize the performance of our cars in any condition.Forty-five minutes later, running late, I sprint out the door, clutching an umbrella and a travel mug of strong joe. The metronome-like... >>>

Here's how you can restore your headlights

Friday  01:00,   04 november 2016

Having good visibility is important. Here are steps to take to restore your headlights to... >>>

Fall Cleanup and Maintenance for Your Car

Friday  01:00,   04 november 2016

With summer but a fading memory, it’s now time to start thinking about getting your car ready for the colder months ahead. Here are a few simple maintenance checks to help keep your vehicle in to p condition. © BloombergCar BatteryFall is a good... >>>

When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Tire Pressure?

Thursday  01:28,   03 november 2016

Sweating the small stuff matters. Here's why.Ideally, you should check tire pressure once every couple of weeks, but most drivers are doing okay if they look at it once a month. But don't be the person who waits until the tire pressure... >>>

The Dangers of Texting and Driving

Tuesday  05:22,   01 november 2016

While it may seem like an obvious thing to avoid, the ubiquity of cell phones today has lead to texting while driving being an all-too-common sight on the road. The Dangers of Texting and DrivingIf you find yourself tempted to text while driving,... >>>

Cars That Can Save Your Life

Tuesday  05:21,   01 november 2016

Cars That Can Save Your... >>>

Tire Test: Bridgestone DriveGuard Run-Flat All-Season Touring Tire

Tuesday  05:21,   01 november 2016

Run-flat tires can be expensive and ride harder than standard tires, but Bridgestone hopes to address these issues with its DriveGuard run-flat all-season tire. Research Research New Used New & Used Make (e.g. Mazda) Model (e.g. CX-5) The DriveGuard >>>

Rear-Facing Car Seats Are Still the Safest Way For Young Kids to Ride

Tuesday  05:21,   01 november 2016

A recently released study on rear-facing child car seats may inadvertently be sending the wrong message to parents. The study's results, while meaningful to improving the overall safety of car se ats, look at just one small piece of the puzzle,... >>>

When Shopping for Booster Seats, Fit in Your Car Is Key

Tuesday  05:15,   01 november 2016

In its latest report on child booster seats, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that all 23 new booster seat models evaluated provide good belt fit, or properly positioned shoulder belt mid-shoulder and lap belt flat across the upper... >>>

What to Do in a Roadside Emergency

Tuesday  05:14,   01 november 2016

If a flat tire, mechanical breakdown, or empty fuel tank forces you to stop driving, the most important thing is to take actions that ensure your safety. Here are some tips from the auto experts at Consumer Reports. Research Research New Used New &... >>>

Don't Ignore That Recall Notice

Tuesday  05:14,   01 november 2016

You open your mailbox and see it sitting there: a letter from the manufacturer stating that your vehicle has been recalled. Receiving a recall notice for a seemingly minor matter may not crack your to-do list immediately, but small problems can have >>>

Should Using a Smartwatch While Driving be Illegal?

Tuesday  05:14,   01 november 2016

Using a smartwatch while driving should be illegal, according to a new filing from an attorney.Under the court order, Joseph reportedly wants the four smartwatch manufacturers to jointly fund a $1 billion "education campaign" to teach the public... >>>