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This Is Exactly When You Should Use Your Hazard Lights When Driving

Thursday  20:29,   14 may 2020

The rules vary state by state, so make sure you know the guidelines before you buckle up and drive. The post This Is Exactly When You Should Use Your Hazard Lights When Driving appeared first on Reader's Digest.Hazard lights aren't just for... >>>

12 Best Cleaning Products for Your Car

Thursday  20:29,   14 may 2020

Here are 12 of the best cleaning products for your car, according to both experts and product reviewers. These products will make your car shine from top to bottom, inside and... >>>

There Is No Better Time To Be Doing Car Maintenance Than Right Now

Thursday  20:29,   14 may 2020

There Is No Better Time To Be Doing Car Maintenance Than Right NowWhen was the last time you changed your differential oil? I used to change mine frequently because I had a welded diff in my old Toyota as the resident Punk Kid Drifter, and I needed... >>>

105 Super-Simple Car Repairs You Don’t Need to Go to the Shop For

Thursday  20:20,   14 may 2020

105 Super-Simple Car Repairs You Don’t Need to Go to the Shop... >>>

What Is a Brake Caliper (And How To Tell if Mine is Bad)?

Thursday  20:20,   14 may 2020

If your car is equipped with disc brakes, brake calipers are critical to slowing and stopping your car. Here's what you need to know.In simple terms, a brake caliper's purpose is to squeeze the brake pads against the rotor to stop the car. There >>>

How to Jumpstart Your Car If You Haven't Driven It in Weeks

Thursday  20:19,   14 may 2020

If your battery is dead, here's how to revive it in less than five minutes. Plus: the best gear to always have on hand. If your battery is indeed dead, the fastest way to revive it is a quick jumpstart. This simple trick takes less than five... >>>

How to Get Your Vehicle's Interior Germ-Free without Hurting It

Thursday  20:19,   14 may 2020

Spring-cleaning time and the need to sanitize all surfaces are both happening right now, so let us show you how to be thorough without damaging your car's surfaces.It's important to recognize that our car, truck, and SUV interiors use a wide... >>>

Car Care and Maintenance During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Thursday  20:18,   14 may 2020

Consumers have many worries right now during the coronavirus outbreak. Somewhere on the list for some is keeping their car dependable, especially for those who work at “essential” businesses and need to commute.  There are many basic car care tasks, >>>

Driving in the Snow: 13 Tips for Staying Safe

Thursday  20:17,   14 may 2020

Get Home Safely With These Winter Driving Safety... >>>

The 9 Things You Need in Your Car This Winter

Thursday  20:16,   14 may 2020

Every car should have an emergency kit that includes supplies such as jumper cables and first-aid supplies. But there are some essential winter items you need to carry once the temperature... >>>

How to avoid the worst winter driving dangers

Thursday  20:15,   14 may 2020

Protect yourself from deadly winter driving hazards.More than 1,300 people die and another 100,000 are injured in crashes on snowy or icy roads every year. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, almost 40% of weather-related vehicle... >>>

How to Change a Car Tire

Thursday  20:15,   14 may 2020

Do you know what to do when you have to change a tire? Here are some tips that'll make the job easier and safer.Getting a flat is the most common and obvious reason you might need to change a tire. But there are also a few other reasons to swap... >>>

Why Do People Leave Their Windshield Wipers up in the Winter?

Thursday  20:15,   14 may 2020

More people are pulling up their windshield wipers during inclement weather to prevent them freezing in place, but some prefer to let wipers stay put. >>>

usage, age, storage - tire tips

Tuesday  18:01,   24 march 2020

motorcycle tires are black, round and extremely important as the only contact surfaces with the road. Accordingly, they should be given sufficient attention. © Jörg Künstle There are the little runners, grandfather clocks or garage finds that stand >>>

Crutchlow puzzles: on used tires faster than on new

Tuesday  18:05,   25 february 2020

. Only 18th place in the MotoGP test in Qatar: Cal Crutchlow is missing almost a second when looking at the fast lap - only when the tires are removed can he push after the crash on Sunday LCR rider Cal Crutchlow stayed on his Honda RC213V on the... >>>