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Check the antifreeze in the radiator

Wednesday  16:35,   13 november 2019

Even if it has to cool down: The coolant in the engine should not freeze in freezing temperatures. Possible consequences: The engine can run hot and pipes can be damaged by the expansion of the coolant. © Photo: Holger Hollemann / dpa / dpa-tmn... >>>

Pirelli: From 2020, the Supersport classes will also be driving with slick tires

Tuesday  12:40,   29 october 2019

© LAT Pirelli will use untreaded tires in all three classes from 2020. Pirelli has extended the 2020 contract with the Dorna by three years. The cooperation that has been going on since 2004 is now heading towards the 20th anniversary. As part of... >>>

How much tread must my winter tires have?

Tuesday  07:30,   08 october 2019

If you want to fit your winter tires, it is better to check the tires beforehand for damage such as cracks or dents. But they also have to have enough profile. But how much? © Photo: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / dpa experts consider 1.6 millimeters... >>>

Narrower tires drive better in the snow

Friday  13:00,   27 september 2019

There is still a large selection of winter tires and free dates for assembly. The German Automobile Club (AvD) therefore recommends dealing with the topic now. The following generally applies to winter tires: the narrower the better for driving in... >>>

off-road tires - Metzeler MC360

Friday  15:45,   23 august 2019

Tried and tested Two years ago, the MC360 had to prove itself in a special kind of endurance test. How is the successor model doing? © Marco Campelli MOTORRAD together with Honda and Metzeler the world record drive in the Chilean Andes: from zero to >>>

When to change windscreen washer fluid for winter?

Tuesday  08:10,   20 august 2019

When temperatures get cooler, motorists can expect frost, snow and sleet. The summer window cleaner is no longer sufficient for a perfect view. Because it usually contains only water as a solvent - of course, unsuitable for frost. © Photo: David... >>>

Life Insurance Tires - All Tire Tests 2019

Thursday  12:40,   04 july 2019

Continental or Michelin? Bridgestone or Pirelli? Sports tires or touring tires? Hardly any other topic has more potential for conflict than the question of the right tire set: In the 2019 tire special you will find everything you need to know about >>>

7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car Looking Like New

Friday  19:10,   01 march 2019

If you're willing to take a few simple steps to preserve the beauty of your car, you stand to get a lot more money when you trade it... >>>

Electric car charging 101

Wednesday  01:05,   27 february 2019

Making sense of EV charge connectors and their power... >>>

What's a head gasket? And why does it cost so much to fix?

Friday  02:45,   15 february 2019

This expensive car repair is maddening. Here's... >>>

Repairing a Windshield on a Modern Car Can Be an Expensive Mess

Friday  22:20,   08 february 2019

As cars are loaded with more and more safety tech, they get more and more expensive to fix. Those systems, though beneficial, are oftentimes very advanced and require more calibrations to get right. Windshields are one part of a car that’s getting... >>>

Is this the ultimate de-icing life hack?

Thursday  16:06,   07 february 2019

Watch, as this person de-ices a windscreen—within seconds—with just a few wipes. YOU WON’T BELIEVE HOW QUICKLY THIS DUDE CLEARS HIS FROSTED WINDSHIELD! Is that clickbaity enough? The bag he’s holding is full of warm water. Experts advise against... >>>

How often should I start my car and let it idle in cold weather? Answer: Don't.

Wednesday  18:41,   06 february 2019

Letting a car idle requires more time for the vehicle to warm up and allows excess fuel to get into the engine, which isn't good for wear and... >>>

Here's what to do if your car won't start in cold weather

Tuesday  22:20,   05 february 2019

If you woke up this morning and your car won't start, it's probably too... >>>

Here’s Why You Should Buy Your Tires from Costco

Tuesday  18:07,   05 february 2019

The difference could be worth the price of... >>>