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How to Keep Your Car Battery Alive Through a Frigid Winter

Thursday  20:35,   31 january 2019

Batteries, like people, like to stay warm, dry, and well-fed during the winter. Heres what you need to know about keeping your battery happy when its cold... >>>

How Severe Cold Affects Your Car (and What to Do about It)

Thursday  16:30,   31 january 2019

We talked with a repairman from Alaska to find out how the cold can affect cars and hear about any possible solutions. Problem: Deflated tires As the air in your tires gets colder, it contracts and has less pressure. Tires correspondingly become... >>>

Winter Advisory: We Drive the New Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 Tire

Wednesday  21:30,   30 january 2019

The latest in the tiremaker's line of snowshoes shows off in... >>>

GM Brands Have Cut Complimentary Maintenance from Three Years to One

Wednesday  18:06,   30 january 2019

Cadillac, GMC, and Buick will now only cover the first maintenance visit. Chevrolet isn't yet... >>>

Why Keyless Entry Car Systems Are Getting Stolen More Frequently

Wednesday  01:55,   30 january 2019

Why Keyless Entry Cars Are Getting Stolen More... >>>

Watch This Clueless Driver Clear Her Windshield of Snow on a Busy Highway

Tuesday  23:20,   29 january 2019

If you're going to drive on the highway with a snow-covered windshield and attempt to use a large brush to solve that problem, prepare to be... >>>

The dangers of overfilling your gas tank

Tuesday  23:20,   29 january 2019

You get a few more miles by topping off your gas tank, but it's not worth the... >>>

Actually, 10-Year-Old Motor Oil Can Be Just Fine

Tuesday  20:00,   29 january 2019

It's been in the ground for 100 million years. What's six more months? You bring your car to the oil-change place and they slap a sticker on the windshield: Change it again in 3,000 miles or three months. You probably knew that the 3,000-mile... >>>

Here's How to Detail a Car With Really Thin Paint

Tuesday  20:00,   29 january 2019

Trying to pul off a normal detail on a car like this Maserati MC12 Corsa could have disastrous results. Here's an alternative approach. Larry Kosilla of Ammo NYC has detailed all sorts of cars, so he understands that you sometimes have to take a... >>>

Is cheap gas good for your car?

Tuesday  19:55,   29 january 2019

The brand name on the pump tells you less than you... >>>

'Distance Coaching' Is Safer for the Driver and Instructor, But Does It Work?

Tuesday  19:55,   29 january 2019

What do you do when you still need driver coaching, but it's no longer safe for the coach to be in the car? Dion von Moltke might have the answer When veteran racer Sean Edwards lost his life while teaching an advanced student in a Porsche GT3 Cup... >>>

Study Reveals The Highest Road In Every State

Tuesday  19:55,   29 january 2019

Geotab lets you get your altitude on, so you can start planning your next lofty road... >>>

Drivers Still Can't Keep Hands Off Phones, Study Finds

Tuesday  19:51,   29 january 2019

Warnings to motorists about the dangers of handling a phone while driving haven’t discouraged them from doing so, new research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) suggests. Bas ed on its observations of nearly 12,000 real-world... >>>

The Real Difference Between All-Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Drive

Tuesday  19:50,   29 january 2019

Nope, they don’t mean the same... >>>

Why can't my passenger enter car GPS navigation?

Tuesday  19:50,   29 january 2019

Car companies want you to use voice -- and they're not good at... >>>