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What Parents Can Do to Protect Their Teen Drivers

Friday  23:55,   16 november 2018

Car crashes are the No. 1 killer of U.S. teens. In fact, the fatal crash rate per mile driven for 16- to 17-year-olds is nearly three times the rate for drivers age 20 and older , according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. To help... >>>

Where Your Car Is Most Likely to Be Stolen in Every State

Wednesday  02:55,   14 november 2018

Motor vehicle theft in the United States in 2017 remained effectively unchanged from 2016, when the rate increased by nearly 7%. Last year, there were 773,139 motor vehicle thefts across the country, a rate of 237.4 per 100,000 residents. Of course, >>>

The Horror of the Check Engine Light and the Joy of Fixing It

Tuesday  21:00,   13 november 2018

It was lightly snowing, the kind of snow that doesn’t stick but turns everything into a horrible slush. It was December of 2017. I was picking up my coworker, Raph, double parked outside his old apartment. We were headed out to Long Island. It was... >>>

This Is How Different Wheel Sizes Affect Winter Tire Performance

Tuesday  21:00,   13 november 2018

Here’s how you can decide what size tire to buy. Tyre Reviews is back with a comprehensive video about winter tires and how different sizes can affect how they perform and feel. To conduct the tests, host Jonathan Benson got together three sets of... >>>

Here's What Happens When You Try to Run a Gas Engine on Hand Sanitizer

Wednesday  21:20,   07 november 2018

Alcohol is combustable, which means in theory, it might actually work. But there's a whole lot more going on. Have you ever looked at a bottle of hand sanitizer and thought, "I wonder if an engine could run on this stuff?" Yeah, neither have I. But... >>>

Tire Tips to Keep You on the Road

Wednesday  21:18,   07 november 2018

Routine tire checks improve safety and help boost fuel economy. Perform these checks monthly and before you embark on a long-distance trip. Check the Tire Pressure Tires lose air over time. They need to be checked monthly and filled every so often,... >>>

How to Clear Up a Foggy Car Windshield

Wednesday  21:18,   07 november 2018

Q. How can I keep my car windshield and windows from fogging up in the winter? A. Car windows can quickly steam up in winter when moisture in the warm cabin air creates condensation. To clear a foggy car windshield and/or windows, make sure your... >>>

Every Car Can Benefit From Weight Reduction, But Is It Worth It?

Wednesday  21:17,   07 november 2018

There’s an old racer’s adage that contends the addition of power is helpful on the straights, but the subtraction of mass is helpful... >>>

Here’s Why You Need To Start Buying Gas at Costco

Wednesday  21:16,   07 november 2018

Costco is more than just a cheap place for groceries! Those discounted prices can apply to a majority of your everyday... >>>

This Kia Costs $34,000 to Repair and It's Not Alone

Monday  17:48,   15 october 2018

New cars come with all sorts of advanced technology designed to keep drivers safe, but all those safety-increasing gadgets come with a price—and it’s not just the initial cost of the technology that’s hitting car owners hard. Listings New Used New & >>>

Why Flooded Roads Are More Dangerous Than They May Appear

Sunday  22:50,   07 october 2018

As Hurricane Florence threatens the East Coast and thunderstorms slam other parts of the country, drivers in those areas need to be careful, especially when approaching water that's covering a roAs Hurricane Florence threatens the East Coast and >>>

Stopped by the Cops? New iPhone Shortcut Will Record Video for You

Thursday  20:05,   04 october 2018

A Reddit user has created a shortcut that will automatically start an iPhone video recording in the event you get pulled over by the police. Listings New Used New & Used Make Acura Alfa Romeo AMC Aston Martin Audi Avanti Bentley BMW Buick Cadillac... >>>

Automatic Start-Stop Tech Saves More Fuel Than You Think

Monday  19:51,   01 october 2018

You might think it's annoying and pointless. It's notMost people think the amount of fuel saved using a start-stop system is negligible, but in reality, that fuel burned while idling at a stop adds up quickly. A study by the Society of... >>>

This Handy Chart Tells You How Many Miles You Can Drive on Empty

Sunday  08:50,   30 september 2018

Ever wonder what that fuel light really represents? Now you know.Other times, you might want to risk it, to see just how far you can go with the light on before that first hiccup or sign of the car running out of gas. No matter what, it's not a... >>>

What are the most common seasonal car repairs?

Friday  19:26,   28 september 2018

How car problems change as the seasons change The post What are the most common seasonal car repairs? appeared first on Motoring Research.Top seasonal car repairs revealed Top seasonal car repairs revealed Top Seasonal Repairs in Fall Top Seasonal... >>>