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Colorado: A "mysterious" creature has already killed dozens of animals

Monday  20:20,   05 december 2022

Only five of these deaths could be attributed to the wolf, leaving the thirty-five other unexplained © Yves Bernardi / Pixabay A herd of cows. oh the cow! - Only five of these deaths could be attributed to the wolf, leaving the thirty-five other... >>>

Putin goes to the Crimean Bridge at the wheel of a Mercedes

Monday  20:00,   05 december 2022

Moscow (Reuters) - Vladimir Putin went on Monday the Crimean bridge, connecting southern Russia to the annexed Crimea peninsula, less than two months after an explosion took place on this flagship project of the Russian... >>>

Alleged million damage: Process against ex-BMW leadership due to suspicion of corruption,

Monday  19:00,   05 december 2022

© is provided by Wirtschaftswoche suspicion of bribery: Process against ex-manager of the Bavarian car manufacturer BMW starts. Photo: Reutersdata portal copyright = A former manager of BMW is said to have received lubricating money in the millions >>>

Toyota canceling further compact e-cars on

Monday  15:10,   05 december 2022

Japanese under current Toyota canceling further compact electric cars on © t-Online Lange has hesitated to conquer the market of e-cars. Another compact will soon follow after the BZ4X - and a crossover will be renewed. The premiere of the new... >>>

Back 'these sweet biscuits for Santa Claus and he thanks you with full boots

Sunday  13:30,   04 december 2022

back' these sweet cookies for Santa Claus and he thanks you with full boots on December 6th is Nikolaus - prepare before everyone is happy yet On St. Nicholas Day, because this introduces (at least for me) the anticipation for Christmas and the... >>>

Santa Clauses start the Christmas season

Sunday  09:50,   04 december 2022

shortly before December 6th, the Santa Clauses in the southwest start to Christmas. The first visits are already coming up, said Berthold Erich Schwarz from the Nikolausgilde Friedrichshafen. This year, too, the season begins for the Santa Claus on >>>

from and over: Sat.1 kicks Ingo Lenßen from the program!

Saturday  16:30,   03 december 2022

pretty much everyone: R knows Ingo Lenßen (61) with its twirling beard. First for eight seasons "Lenßen and Partner" and finally 320 episodes for "Lenßen, the cult lawyer takes over in front of the camera. Some of the court show "Judge Alexander... >>>

in Avignon, Santa Claus and the elves of the Deraïdenz company ready to wander for a large

Friday  17:40,   02 december 2022

parade the magical parade of the giants of papier mache will parade in the streets of downtown the city of the Popes on Saturday December 3, 2022 at the end afternoon. © supplied by Franceinfo in Avignon, Christmas magic is already underway. Santa... >>>

Pop-Titan comes to Berlin

Friday  01:40,   02 december 2022

Farewell tour from Dieter Bohlen Pop-Titan comes to Berlin © t-Online Soon it has turned out: Pop-Titan Dieter Bohlen announces his comeback-and his farewell. This will also lead him to Berlin. "The biggest comeback ever": This motto is a new tour... >>>

such a great sun (spoiler): Arthur overwhelmed by Boris, Johanna excavates in the file of Yann on France 2

Thursday  22:30,   01 december 2022

supplied by all TV since the departure of Julien Bastide, Arthur seems to lead a peaceful life in Great sun . Doubted by his grandmother, the young man therefore entered the first year of medicine. But this course is the subject of multiple twists... >>>

weapon manufacturer Heckler & Koch increases profit vigorously

Thursday  17:20,   01 december 2022

The weapon manufacturer Heckler & Koch operates significantly more profitable than before. In the first three quarters of the year, net profit made it up by 70 percent to EUR 29.1 million compared to the same period last year, as the company in... >>>

everything back at the beginning of the 49-euro ticket?

Wednesday  21:30,   30 november 2022

Berlin. The 49-euro ticket is scheduled to come on April 1st. But whether the appointment will be kept is still unclear. The funding is being struggled again - and some of them are now targeting Transport Minister Wissing. The 49-euro ticket should >>>

Trial of the Rio -Paris flight: a siblings pay homage to the pilot who "did everything" to save the plane

Wednesday  02:20,   30 november 2022

© AFP - Thomas Samson The civil parties arrived at the Paris courthouse on October 10, 2022 to attend the Airbus and Air France companies in the Rio-Paris Air France flight case on June 1, 2009 which had left 228 dead. The two sisters and the... >>>

49 euro ticket will only come in May

Tuesday  03:00,   29 november 2022

Frankfurt/Main. Federal Minister Volker Wissing mentioned the goal for the introduction of the 49-euro ticket in early 2023. The Association of German Transport Companies (VDV), on the other hand, starts from a significantly later start. Not only... >>>

Security budget. The National Assembly rejects the Motion of Censorship of LFI

Saturday  05:20,   26 november 2022

© Archives Ouest-France This Friday, November 25, 2022, the Assembly largely rejected the censorship motion filed by France rebellious after the use of article 49.3 by The government to pass the 2023 Social Security budget project. The censorship... >>>