Reviews DRC: The authorities want to be reassuring around a non -compliant fuel cargo

12:30  15 september  2022
12:30  15 september  2022 Source:   rfi.fr

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Scène de rue à Kinshasa (image d'illustration). © John Wessels/Bloomberg via Getty Images Street scene in Kinshasa (Illustration Image).

In the DRC, have the Congolese authorities acquired a bad cargo of gasoline in order to absorb the fuel shortage? An internal document from the Congolese Control Office (OCC) - which leaked - sowing doubts. The organization, after verification, said the product that does not comply with Congolese standards because containing a little more sulfur. But the authorities wanted to be reassuring yesterday, Wednesday, September 14, during a press conference in Kinshasa.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

Fuel prices overseas: "A delivery to the pump would not be luxury, but a principle of equality"

 Fuel prices overseas: © Richard Bouhet/AFP The Géant Gazier and Totalenergies Petroleum announced last Friday a discount of 20 cents of euros per liter of fuel. Good news, but who questions the deputy for Reunion Frédéric Maillot (Democratic and Republican left - Nuts) who wonders if the overseas will be affected by the discount. This is an advertisement that has something to delight the French and, perhaps, relieve their wallets.

The cargo of 28,000 metric tonnes was intended in Nigeria, but, for fear of shortage in Kinshasa, the DRC authorities "diverted" it in order to constitute a strategic stock. On the compliance of the product, they do not contradict the Congolese control office, but announce that the product will be reconditioned.

Olivier Kasongo, the director of Cobil, the public fuel sales company, explains the situation: “Each country has its specifications. This product was essentially intended for Nigeria and the specification of this country with regard to sulfur, it is 500 points, the Congo is 300. "

" We cannot say that this product poses problem "

"To ensure transparency," he continues, "what we asked for the supplier was clear that he had to recondition the product. We cannot say that this product is problematic. There are more than 15 or 20 parameters that we analyze in an petroleum product, it is just a small parameter among others and we cannot ignite social networks because of this. "

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Didier Budimbu The Minister of Hydrocarbons sees nothing abnormal:" It is not a problem because, since I am at the head of this ministry, we have resolved this kind of stories more than seven time ; This is reality. We have the obligation to regenerate so that we can meet our standards, but that does not prevent, the product which is there it is not unhealthy.

One month of consumption

Reconditioning should not have an impact on the distribution of fuel in Kinshasa, reassure the same authorities, even if other operators in this sector are pessimistic. The cargo would have cost more than thirty million dollars in the Congolese state. The stock thus gathered constitutes a month of consumption.

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