Reviews Zar Amir Ebrahimi: "In Iran, my best friend has just been arrested"

22:40  27 september  2022
22:40  27 september  2022 Source:   elle.fr

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Iranian film star forced to flee after the scandal of a stolen video, the actress continues her fight from France alongside the Iranian women. Between fear and courage. Interview.

Zar Amir Ebrahimi © Joel SAGET/AFP ZAR Amir Ebrahimi

She won last year The Cannes Interpretation Prize for its role in "The Nights of Mashhad" of the Danish filmmaker of Iranian origin Ali Abbasi. Zar Amir Ebrahimi was a star in his country of origin before a scandal linked to the dissemination of a sex-tape forced him to flee. Installed in France since this forced exile, a symbol in spite of herself violence against women, it testifies to this uprising which resonates doubly at home.

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Elle. How do you live what is going on in Iran?

Zar Amir Ebrahimi: this is not the first time that Iranian women have risen. In 2017, American journalist Masih Alinejad launched the hastag #Whitewednesdays, calling women to dress in white and to remove their veil that they hung on a stick every Wednesday. Then she alerted the whole world with #Whereisshe after the disappearance of a young mother symbol of this fight against wearing the veil, arrested and missing. Women in Iran have fear in the stomach, but they have not given up their freedom.

Elle. Do you have any news of your loved ones?

Z.A: I left and I now live without fear, which is not their case. Whenever we try to get news, get in touch, we put our loved ones in danger. My best friend has just been arrested, and I can't even call her husband ...

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read also >> the courage of the Iranian women. Are social networks a way to communicate?

Z.A: I am not very active because I know that there are often cut. I prefer to express myself through my film choices or more officially, as with these letters co-written with directors, sent to the Academy of Oscars and to the European Academy in order to ask for the freedom of all filmmakers around the world, including that Jafar Panahi.

Elle. Does your popularity require a form of responsibility?

Z.A: Of course I feel this responsibility. When I was running in Iran, we were constantly monitored. In the film for which I was rewarded "The nights of Mashhad", I investigate the assassination of prostitutes. There are pictures of breasts, sex. Everything that is prohibited there. It’s a way to talk about violence against women. I am aware of the chance to be able to exercise my work freely. And I prefer to express myself through him. But I often say to myself "what can I do?" »

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Elle. Do you find the strength to be optimistic today?

Z.A: We are not at the first rebellion. But each time, women have demonstrated, have been arrested, disappeared. Others have been killed. Sometimes I am discouraged. But I think that one day it will change. And I hope it will not be at the cost of a bloodbath. I hope that, as for Ukraine, the whole world finally feels concerned, that the leaders raise their voices.

Elle. What does the veil for you represent?

Z.A: I have always worn it by obligation. In my family, we are believers, but this radical Islam, we don't want it. You know, in Iran, everyone lives in lies. Most women play a role from their childhood. A role that we taught them. And I believe that this new generation no longer supports it.

Elle. This hypocrisy, you felt it, child?

Z.A: I'm going to tell you an anecdote. I was 14 years old when my father authorized me to take a taxi with my best friend to go and have a three -street race from our home. My hair was long, and came out of my veil. A man saw us, he brought down my friend and forced the driver to take me to the police station. I spent the night with rapists and drug addicts. My father came to get me the next day. I was shaking, I cried. As soon as I got home, the first thing I did was cut my hair.

Elle. Are the images that you discover today are all the more painful?

Z.A: Yes. I think you should not cut your hair, but on the contrary, let it grow to the wind. I left Iran on a scandal that traumatized me. I left a dictatorship behind me, in which women are not free. I am a citizen of the world today. Iran is a charming country. And I hope with all my heart that things will finally change, because I would like to go back one day.

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