Reviews "He created a real discomfort by assaulting Béatrice Rosen": Gilles Verdez Balances on this columnist who skids behind the scenes ...

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ENORA Malagré "very cuckold": the revelations of the former columnist of "TPMP"!

 ENORA Malagré on this Wednesday, July 20, Enora Malagré, ex-chronique of "TPMP", celebrates its 42 years.

Matthieu Delormeau assaulted his colleague Béatrice Rosen en lodges? This Thursday, September 29, 2022, Gilles Verdez made surprising live revelations in TPMP ...

© C8 "He created a real discomfort in lodges by attacking Beatrice Rosen": Gilles Verdez Balance on this columnist who skids behind the scenes ...

This Thursday, September 29, 2022, Cyril Hanouna hosted a new issue of his program "Touche pas à mon poste". Before talking about the news related to the television world or to evoke various facts that made the buzz, the host to ask his columnists to "swing on anyone on set".

The opportunity for Matthieu Delormeau and Gilles Verdez to settle their accounts once again live, by swinging a few small nastiness of routine. Determined to show the "real face" of his colleague, Gilles Verdez made a revelation on this day when he literally attacked the new columnist Béatrice Rosen.

moved to tears: Andrea Berg celebrates her 30th anniversary of the stage!

 moved to tears: Andrea Berg celebrates her 30th anniversary of the stage! Aspach - Fanking fans, a spectacular show and emotional appearances - the stage anniversary of Andrea Berg (56) in her Baden -Württemberg Wandlord Aspach has been a reflection of the past 30 years. © provided by TAG24 for 30 years Andrea Berg (56) has already inspired her fans! the singer has been inspiring her followers for as long.

Gilles Verdez Balance on Matthieu Delormeau

"He created a real discomfort in lodges, literally attacating Beatrice by reproaching him for having bitten the place of Valérie Bénaïm while the poor Beatrice is not for nothing" A-T -It launched before adding: "He made it uncomfortable to the point that it was offended" .

A revelation that earned Matthieu Delormeau to be huer by the whole set. If the main interested party to ensure that this whole story is false, Béatrice Rosen unfortunately has to admit that this anecdote is true.

We note that Matthieu Delormeau is not the only one to blame Béatrice Rosen for having "stolen the place" of Valérie Benaïm since Géraldine Maillet also informed her to the pretty blonde a few months ago… Aliénor de la Fontaine

TPMP People: Matthieu Delormeau Outré, a columnist makes revelations on Jean-Luc Reichmann and Cristina Cordula on C8 .
provided by all TV this Saturday October 29, 2022, in TPMP People on C8, Matthieu Delormeau welcomed a new columnist. Coming to the set last week , actress Natacha Amal made her debut as a columnist. She notably revealed that she was paid nearly 14,000 euros per week at the time when she played in laws on TF1. In addition, Karen Cheryl , his real name Isabelle Morizet , was the guest of the show. The singer who became a radio host returned to her career.

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