Reviews "Do you still live Dr Alte Holzmichl ...?": What are the edge spruce?

20:10  03 october  2022
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"Do you still live Dr Alte Holzmichl ...?" This song made the folk musicians from the Ore Mountains famous. In the meantime you can ask yourself: does the band still live? Yes, they still exist, even if you don't hear that much of her anymore. But that should now change to the 30th anniversary of the folk music team.

  „Lebt denn dr alte Holzmichl noch …?“: Was machen eigentlich die Randfichten? © provided by Berliner Kurier

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songs in the Erzgebirge dialect and content with humor: This has found the edge spruce many fans in the past decades. With the hit "Do Dr Alte Holzmichl still lives ...?" From 2004 they achieved national success and received several awards.

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In the 30th year of its existence, it has calmed down for the folk musicians, as member Michael "Michl" confirms rustig. Also in the band, which once founded itself in Johanngeorgenstadt, Corona pandemic had left their mark for two years. Even now, the effects can still be felt - such as uncertainties in ticket sales.

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"Nevertheless we would like to celebrate our anniversary concert with all fans and friends," emphasizes Rostig. This is planned on October 29 in Thum in the Ore Mountains. The new album "Hurra, we are still there" should also be released this year, adds front singer Marion Frank: "It has been in the starting blocks for a long time." A success story like the "Holzmichl" song can only be experienced once, emphasizes Rostig , which was still part of the origin of the group and is there from the start.

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awards such as the Echo Music Prize, the golden tuning fork and the Golden Henne audience award for "Holzmichl", which goes back to a centuries -old folk song. "I am very happy to have experienced this time," says Rostig. The marginal spruces are still cult by "Holzmichl" and other successor titles with their fans. “We are now feeling this at the reactions of the audience with our a little less. And yes, it has become a little quieter - we all get older. ”

1992 founded Thomas“ Rups ”Unger and Michael“ Michl ”Rostig with the predecessor's original Arzgebirg border spruce. In 2014 Unger left. The show business with all its ups and downs has left traces and led to psychological problems, he recalls. After the "Holzmichl" success, the pressure on the musicians had increased significantly. The co-founder and front man did not cope with TV obligations, international appearances, little time for the family and the stress of creating new hits.

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"Nevertheless, the band was my life, my baby, so to speak, that I mentally dealt with from early to night," he says in retrospect. The original idea was to present lively songs with funny lyrics with Erzgebirge dialect. “At some point it was all about getting the next hit. But I'm not a person for red carpets or celebrity meetings. For me it was still the right decision. ”In the meantime, he is performing with Christian songs and musicians.

A low point was the departure of the marginal spruce singer "Rups", Rostig recalls: "For me completely incomprehensible, and it was clear at the time that we would continue, even if I am the last of the vortors." Then Marion took over Marion Frank the part as a front singer. The long -time guitarist Thomas Lauterbach stopped in 2018 and was replaced by René Schröder.

of large fan meetings on the Greifensteines in the Ore Mountains and concerts with audience participation remembers Bernd Nigl from the edge fan fan club. "We usually have a suitcase with us and every song we get other props," he explains the support of the club at concerts. Around 50 people are currently members.

was particularly remembered by the "edge of the edge of the edge" Hans Friedrich, who did not want to miss an appearance of his favorite people's music group until his death at the age of 98. “He led the audience's polonaise dance. I will take it over now, ”says the fan club manager. Again more appearances on radio and television, he would like the musicians whose fan he has been since 2004.

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