Reviews 9-euro ticket, gas price brake: These are the results of the Prime Minister Conference

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"People should not fall into a hole": Transport companies request extension of the 9-euro ticket until October

 The head of the Association of German Transport Companies is in favor of a quick succession solution. In the long term, he considers a 69 euro ticket to be useful. © Photo: Stefan Sauer/dpa The 9-euro ticket drives significantly more people on the trains. The local transport industry is committed to an extension of the 9-euro ticket by two more months.

and the federal states on Tuesday (October 4) on the relief measures for citizens at the Prime Ministers' Conference . In addition to the state bosses, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and Finance Minister Christian Linder (FDP) also discussed topics such as the 9-euro-ticket or the gas price brake . There were no expected decisions. The results at a glance.

Stephan Weil, Hendrik Wüst und Olaf Scholz auf dem Weg zur Pressekonferenz (v.l.n.r). © AFP Stephan Weil, Hendrik Wüst and Olaf Scholz on the way to the press conference (from left to right).

Prime Minister Conference: Olaf Scholz speaks of "constructive consultations"

Scholz initially emphasized the measures of the federal government, which would ensure that "security of supply over the winter is well guaranteed even without Russian gas". The gas price is currently falling again, but it is important to relieve people who are currently financially into an emergency.

debate about 9-euro-ticket successor-New idea from Hannover

 debate about 9-euro-ticket successor-New idea from Hannover If the federal government should not get a follow-up offer for the 9-euro ticket expiring at the end of August, Lower Saxony's Ministry of Transport could imagine a North German model. The federal government should enable the federal states to be able to offer a cost-effective, nationwide ticket after the 9-euro ticket expires, the Ministry in Hanover said at the request of the German Press Agency.

Scholz said that, given the 200 billion heavy defense of the federal government, it was important that the federal and state governments would work well together. The federal government, all relief packages, will take over 250 billion of a total of 295 billion euros. The countries are required for the remaining sum.

The talks at the Prime Minister Conference were "constructive". However, together you have a long way to go to an agreement. "But I am sure that this will succeed," said Scholz. At the same time, the Federal Chancellor assured an answer to the question of how the federal government would support the federal states in accommodating refugees.

MPK: Countries still need discussion with 9-euro ticket and climate housing

study sees the increase in traffic: Nine-euro ticket brings "no clear climate part"

 study sees the increase in traffic: Nine-euro ticket brings drivers, despite the nine euro ticket, hardly switch to public transport. This is the result of a study by the Agora Traffic turnaround. © Photo: dpa/Christoph Soeder Passengers rise from a regional express at Berlin Central Station. According to the first scientific evaluations, the nine euro ticket does not lead to many people to leave their car.

The Lower Saxony Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) spoke of "constructive advice". “These are important topics that have been discussed today. [...] The citizens expect us to find quick answers and do not argue, ”says Weit. The SPD politician took over the chair of the MPK from Hendrik Wüst (CDU) in early October.

through the new defense parachute, which the federal government only after the country round last week, the situation has changed seriously. "I think that's a breakthrough," says because. However, without concrete proposals from the expert commission on the electricity and gas price brake, it was difficult to make a specific decision.

"We have agreed that we will decide very quickly as soon as the recommendations are there," said Weil. However, there are still a few points where you still have to agree. “On the one hand, it is the topic of climate housing. [...] This also applies to the successor to the nine euro ticket and the continuation of the regionalization means. ”The nine euro ticket is significantly better accepted in metropolitan areas than in rural areas.

MPK: Wüst with critical words to the federal government - decision by early November

9-euro ticket: Christian Lindner again ensures bewilderness

 9-euro ticket: Christian Lindner again ensures bewilderness The survey values ​​for Federal Chancellor Scholz and the traffic light government continue to go rapidly. According to a current study, 62 percent of people in Germany are now dissatisfied with the work of the coalition. © Picture Alliance/dpa Federal Minister Christian Lindner at the ARD summer interview. The 9-euro ticket, on the other hand, is enjoying persistent enthusiasm. Around 38 million of these tickets have been sold nationwide since the start of sales at the end of May.

His deputy Hendrik Wüst, on the other hand, found hard words: “I can understand if the citizens are disappointed. There is still a lot of open questions that the federal government has to answer, ”said Wüst. Citizens expect quick answers, especially with the energy price brake.

“We would have liked the federal government to have at least a corridor to present the effects of the energy price brake. That shouldn't have been exactly on the cent, ”continued Wüst. The CDU politician criticized the fact that the federal government had had little willingness to compromise.

The countries would have a high responsibility in the energy crisis. “We cannot regulate public buildings to 19 degrees. That will not do. [...] And we don't want to close schools and daycare centers again, ”warned Wüst. As a whole, there were "good conversations", said the MPK chairwoman Weil. In a little more than two weeks in Hanover, they will meet for the next prime minister conference. The federal and state governments want to make a final decision at the beginning of November at the latest. (shh)

49 euro ticket: So much you save in Cologne with the Germany ticket .
in a few weeks: then the 49-euro ticket should start. Travelers then no longer have to research meticulously before starting driving, which ticket they need in which transport association, but can use local transport with just one ticket throughout Germany.

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