Reviews Free State wants to expand luxury hotel near NS Center

10:10  23 november  2022
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Hotel Adlon in Berlin is given a boss

 Hotel Adlon in Berlin is given a boss The traditional Hotel Adlon at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin will be headed for the first time by a director from mid -October. Then, according to Monday, Karina Ansos takes over the management of Michael Sorgenfrey's house, which goes to a sabbatical. Sorcerer Frey was at the head of the house for three years. Ansos said she was happy to continue the history of Adlon together with the team. © Christoph Soeder/dpa The Hotel Adlon.

The luxury resort Kempinski on Obersalzberg is said to be even more luxurious. Bayerische Landesbank plans to expand the spa area and to build it in large parts - for a million sum. This emerges from documents that were made available to the construction committee. The hotel at a height of more than 1000 meters near Berchtesgaden is part of the “two-pillar concept” of the Bavarian state government. The five-star hotel stands for tourist use and the not far-located Nazi documentation center Obersalzberg for the historical processing of the Nazi past. Adolf Hitler once received guests on the Obersalzberg. Since 1999 there has been a documentary about the Nazi violence and its consequences.

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Das Luxusresort Kempinski am Obersalzberg soll noch luxuriöser werden. © Kilian Pfeiffer/dpa/archive image The luxury resort Kempinski on Obersalzberg is said to be even more luxurious.

The Kempinski, which formerly belonged to the Intercontinental Group, was opened in 2005. Even then, the spa area was considered quite manageable compared to other hotels-with an inner pool, a heated outdoor pool, three saunas and a waterbed lounge.

"After 17 years there is a need for renovation," says property manager Stefan Hackl. "We have been able to increase the occupancy over the years - especially since we were running under Kempinski." However, the spa area had become too small.

The plans, which were presented in the building committee in Berchtesgaden at the beginning of November, show the performances of the Landesbank Bayern - represented by the Berchtesgaden International Resort Betriebs GmbH. Accordingly, the area is to be expanded by more than 1500 square meters. In some cases, the spa area is to be expanded underground.

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There should be five new outdoor pools and a new, larger sauna area with a suitable relaxation area. Additional lying areas are planned outside - with a view to the surrounding mountains. The terrain must be massively changed in large parts because a large part of the wellness area is built over and should fit into the landscape as inconspicuously as possible.

Hotel Director Werner Müller does not want to comment on the costs: "We will still wait until we say something." Berchtesgaden's mayor Franz Rasp (CSU) says to the plans: "This is a planning that fits well into the inventory." The members of the building committee have unanimously granted the building application based on the planning of the Munich architect Klaus Keune. In the next step, the district office must approve the planning. In the best case,

should start the expansion 2024 and continue the construction work "one and a half to two years", says Stefan Hackl. There will be a short locking phase of the hotel at the beginning. There is talk of four to six weeks. The rest of the work should then take place during operation, whereby a wellness and spa use is excluded.

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