Reviews The 2018 Ford Mustang Is a Muscle Car to Be Thankful For

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Ford likely revealing Bullitt Mustang at Detroit Auto Show

  Ford likely revealing Bullitt Mustang at Detroit Auto Show This on top of the likely Barrett-Jackson auction Jan. 19.We reported earlier this week that the Bullitt was likely to appear Jan. 19 at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Ariz., where Ford is selling a "special new Ford Mustang" with proceeds to benefit the Boys Republic, a school for troubled teens in Chino Hills, Calif., from which McQueen graduated in 1946 and where he visited throughout his movie career.

Which is a shame, because apart from that new fascia, the 2018 model year upgrades make the Ford Mustang better than ever. The steering still has a muscle car 's heft to it, for one thing; it's a two-handed broadsword, not a rapier or katana like you'd find in a Miata or Porsche.

The 2018 Ford Mustang Is a Muscle Car to Be Thankful For . RELATED. 2018 Ford Mustang GT's 'Quiet Start' Mode Keeps It from Waking the Neighbors. The new feature will automatically quiet down the exhaust between certain hours.

Before we get this car review started, let's deal with the elephant in the room: No, the 2018 Ford Mustang doesn't look as good as it used to. The literal facelift that accompanied the model year's mid-cycle update carries itself better in person than it does in images, but it still seems disjointed compared to many 'Stangs of years past. The changes make the front end far busier than even the outgoing version of the pony car, itself no picture of simplicity; the vertically-prominent triangular elements of the the lower front fascia pair awkwardly with the otherwise horizontally-oriented face, leaving this Ford looking a bit like it has Harvey Dent-esque holes in its cheeks.

Ford Confirms 2019 Mustang Shelby GT500 With Over 700 HP

  Ford Confirms 2019 Mustang Shelby GT500 With Over 700 HP A brand new teaser from the Blue Oval says the super Shelby will return in 2019. It seems Ford is pulling out all the stops for its Mustang fans ahead of the 2018 Detroit Auto Show. Hot on the heels of a new Mustang Bullitt now comes an official teaser for the new Shelby GT500 Mustang, shown both on Ford’s Facebook page and YouTube account. Research 2018 ford mustang See Full Specs See Pricing The video appears to be computer rendered, showing a current-generation Mustang with serious hood louvers, and honking big spoiler, and a promise of over 700 horsepower.

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The facelifted sixth-gen 'Stang is better than ever so long as you don't look it too closely in the face.


2018 ford mustang
ford mustang

Which is a shame, because apart from that new fascia, the 2018 model year upgrades make the Ford Mustang better than ever.

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Ford sells the Mustang in a wide variety of forms—hardtop or convertible, manual or automatic, turbocharged inline-four or naturally-aspirated V-8—but it's the eight-cylinder GT coupe with the stick shift and the new Performance Pack 2 destined to set most enthusiasts' salivary glands a-humming. The changes Ford made to the 5.0-liter V-8 for the new model year may not seem like much on paper—thanks to changes like dual fuel injection, a new crankshaft, and an extra 0.8mm of bore, horsepower is up 25 to 460 and torque is up 20 pound-feet to 420—but the minor changes add up to a bit more pep in this 'Stang's step. According to one Ford engineer, the Mustang GT now hustles from a stop to 60 miles an hour within spitting distance of four seconds flat—a bit longer for the six-speed manual, a bit sooner for the 10-speed automatic.

2018 Ford Mustang Gets the RTR Treatment

  2018 Ford Mustang Gets the RTR Treatment Courtesy of Vaughn Gittin Jr.Aside from the RTR badges on the side, the most obvious sign you're looking at an RTR Mustang is that set of illuminated "nostrils" on the front end. Whether you like the look or not, they were there on the last RTR Mustang, and they're still there on the new one. Every RTR Mustang also comes with the graphics package you see here, as well as a signed plaque on the dash, and a tweaked aero package that includes that redesigned front bumper.

The 2018 Ford Mustang Is a Muscle Car to Be Thankful For | 2018 Ford Mustang GT Specs Before we get this car review started, let's deal with the elephant in

The 2018 Ford Mustang Is a Muscle Car to Be Thankful For . Ohio Ford Dealership Selling 700-HP 2018 Mustang GTs for ,995. Here, have a supercar-killing sports car for just ,000 more than the price of a 2018 Mustang GT.

The red line has risen to 7,500, giving this all-American V-8 the sort of rev reach usually reserved for far more exotic fare. Not that you need to rev that high—the Coyote motor has the sort of tractable nature forced-induction engines can only dream of, doling out smooth, instantaneous power anywhere in the gas pedal's travel. But leaving the engine turning slowly deprives you and the rest of the county of the engine's howl, a primal noise spirited and mellifluous enough to convince you this car has a goddamn soul—especially on cars equipped with the optional active exhaust pipes, worth every penny at $895. With the manual, you can play the V-8 like the devil does his fiddle, coaxing evil noises from it with throttle and clutch. The automatic may be quicker—the torque converter locks up almost immediately once you're rolling, letting the gearbox shuffle through the gears like a cardsharp—but it'll never be this fun.

Jay Leno Chased By Original Bullitt Mustang While Driving New One

  Jay Leno Chased By Original Bullitt Mustang While Driving New One Watch and listen as he gets seat time in both cars. Barely 24 hours after Ford unveiled the new 2019 Mustang Bullitt – not to mention dropping a Bullitt bomb by bringing the original movie car out of hiding – Jay Leno is already taking hot laps in both. Actually, we’re pretty sure those laps occurred some time ago considering the amount of green grass and obvious lack of snow shown in the clip, which was clearly shot at Ford’s proving grounds in Dearborn, Michigan. Being a very rich and famous car guy does have its perks.

The 2018 ford mustang is a muscle car to be thankful for Before we get this car review started, lets deal with the elephant in the room No, the 2018 Ford

Today's automotive landscape reflects diversity in action, and there's something on the table for every type of car shopper. On one end of the spectrum, you've got your futuristic electric cars and hybrids. On the other end, there are choices for those seeking the classic muscle of yesteryear.

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Of course, lustworthy V-8s have been a staple of muscle machines for as long as they've existed. It's the latest version of the Mustang's Performance Package that pushes it into the realm of true sports cars, though. Bulked up with substantive add-ons like heavy-duty front springs, a Torsen limited-slip diff, a bigger rear sway bar, and rejiggered tuning for both chassis hardware and safety system software, the package gives the car the handling prowess the long, low exterior promises. (There's also a new Performance Pack Level 2 that nudges the 'Stang even further into BMW M4-fighting territory, should you be so inclined.) The optional MagneRide dampers available on Performance Pack-equipped cars—pilfered from the Shelby GT350's parts bin—works like a charm, the way it does in everything from Corvettes to Cadillacs to Ferraris. You can feel the difference between the modes in the ride quality far more decisively than you can in many other cars with other types of adaptive suspension. It's still hard to believe more automakers don't use this suspension tech, because it's as close to a ride and handling miracle as I've ever felt.

Ford is Taking Orders for the 2019 Bullitt

  Ford is Taking Orders for the 2019 Bullitt To celebrate the 50 years since the automotive cult-classic movie Bullitt, Ford has announced that it's taking orders for the 2019 Mustang Bullitt. This car isn't just some badges, fancy keys, and different floor mats. In fact, they've removed most of the badging and included some stout performance elements with this special Mustang.The engine shares the intake manifold with the GT350 and breathes a bit easier with an open-air intake and 87mm throttle body. A unique power control module will be added to make all 480 ponies and 420 lb.-ft of torque work to get the car to its 163 mph top speed in a hurry.

The 2018 Ford Mustang Is a Muscle Car to Be Thankful For . 2018 New Cars : The Ultimate Buyer's Guide Motor Trend. Buying advice and info on deals from MSN Autos.

Muscle Car Reviews. And with that formula, Mustang is a serious choice for any performance car enthusiasts. For 2018 , Ford ’s pony takes a giant gallop forward with engine and transmission upgrades designed strike at the heart of Camaro and Challenger.

Granted, a lightweight four-cylinder in the nose doesn't transform this car into a Toyota 86. The steering still has a muscle car's heft to it, for one thing; it's a two-handed broadsword, not a rapier or katana like you'd find in a Miata or Porsche. Still, as thousands of decapitated Scotsmen could tell you, a broadsword is plenty deadly once you know how to use it.

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But if the V-8's power or price makes it too spicy a meatball for you, the cheaper EcoBoost model still has plenty of appeal. Especially if you don't place a high value on the sounds spitting out of your tailpipes when hauling ass along road or track; the turbocharged 2.3-liter inline-four has an economy car drone, blended with the sound of an asthmatic hairdryer when the turbo spools up. But move past that, and the engine starts to win you over on brute power alone. With 310 horsepower to its name, the EcoBoost is roughly equal to a Mustang GT of just eight years back—and the 350 pound-feet of torque at hand for 2018 humbles both that old 4.6-liter V-8 and the V-6 version of the current Chevy Camaro.


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Ford to bring new Mustang to 2019 Cup series

  Ford to bring new Mustang to 2019 Cup series Ford has confirmed that it will introduce the Mustang for the 2019 NASCAR Cup Series. It currently runs the Fusion in the top-tier Cup series and it is the oldest make on the grid after Chevrolet introduced its new Camaro for 2018, a year after Toyota brought an updated Camry.There had been speculation throughout the 2018 season that Ford would introduce a new car and its leading teams such as Penske and Wood Brothers had asked for improvements to the current car over the off-season.The Mustang has already competed in the Xfinity series, but will now replace the Fusion in Cup next year.

Introducing the 2018 Ford Mustang Performance Pack Level 2.* The 2018 Ford Mustang Is a Muscle Car to Be Thankful For . Source: TheDrive.com.

And we all ought to be thankful for that. Will the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Get a Dual-Clutch Gearbox? New report suggests flappy paddles could be coming to America's revviest muscle car .

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The 10-speed auto finds a better home in the EcoBoost-powered car than it does in the eight-pot, using its smart shift logic to keep the turbo on spool in the sportier driving modes while also letting it hop into tall gear for maximum fuel economy, leaping up to eighth gear at just 35 mph. (I once saw north of 31 miles per gallon over a 900-mile trip in a previous E.B. Mustang with the old six-cog slushbox; given the new gearbox's broader ratio spread, I'd expect the 2018 model to beat the EPA-estimated 32 mpg on the highway.) But it's not perfect: The transmission seemed to make the car jitter a bit on shifts every now and again in a way you wouldn't expect from a brand-new, state-of-the-art automatic. That said, it could have simply been an issue with the early-build vehicles at the drive event, so here's hoping Ford finds a way to add a little more slickness to this shift setup.

While that earlier version of the turbo four made more than enough power to burn rubber, the latest EcoBoost makes it even easier, now that the Line Lock feature has trickled down from the more potent GT. With it, vaporizing the tires is as easy as a Nintendo game: Dial it up on the instrument panel using the steering wheel-mounted buttons, set your rpm, and stomp on the gas like it's the biggest cockroach you've ever seen.

1968 Ford Mustang GT from "Bullitt" Goes to Washington

  1968 Ford Mustang GT from Parked on the National Mall this weekend.You can find the classic Mustang on display at the National Mall in celebration of the 50th anniversary of movie and the pony car's 54th birthday.

The 2018 Ford Mustang is an iconic muscle car . Top down or top up, four or eight cylinders, with or without track weapons, the two-door, rear-drive car soldiers into 2018 with new body panels, a new transmission, available suspension setup, and digital dash.

The 2018 Ford Mustang Is a Muscle Car to Be Thankful For | 2018 Ford Mustang GT Specs - Duration: 9:48. Check Facts 360 54 views.

Make sure you budget for extra tires.© Provided by TIME Inc. Make sure you budget for extra tires.

Whether you check the box for the EcoBoost or the Coyote, however, you'll still be able to pick and choose from a long list of shared features. Some, like the Sync/MyFord Touch family of infotainment systems and the U.S.S. Monitor seating position, fall into the grin-and-bear-it category; they're hardly best-in-class, but easy enough to adapt to after a while. Other bits, however, are well worth the price of addition. The available new 12-inch LCD instrument panel may seem like an unnecessary indulgence in theory, but that's only until you fiddle around with its seemingly-infinite array of layouts, colors, and configurations. Dial up Sport Mode, and the tachometer uncurls like a fiddlehead fern to stretch across the top of the screen; toggle up one more level to Track, and it changes to a mighty progress bar that dominates the display. It's fun, functional, and futuristic all at the same time.

The 2018 model year changes Ford made to the Mustang aren't likely to win over any GM zealots or Mopar maniacs who've already declared blood oaths to the Camaro or Challenger, even if its V-8 revs higher and it's easier to park. Nor is it liable to yank many JDM-heads out of their Civic Type Rs or Subaru STIs, no matter how many factory-endorsed tuning kits Ford rolls out for the turbo four. No, the latest Mustang will continue to appeal to the same spectrum of humanity the previous few versions have: Blue Oval die-hards, empty nesters who want to look cool while cruising around listening to the music of their youth, teens and 20-somethings who want to look cool while cruising around listening to the music of their youth...

...and open-minded enthusiasts looking for something quick on the cheap that's more fun to drive than a lot of people give it credit for.

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2018 Ford Mustang - Specifications

Base Price: $25,585 (EcoBoost), $35,095 (GT) (both prices for coupe models)

Powertrain: 2.3-liter turbocharged inline four making 310 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, 5.0-liter V-8 making 460 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque; six-speed manual, 10-speed automatic; rear-wheel-drive

Fuel Economy, miles per gallon: 21 city / 31 hwy EcoBoost manual, 21 city / 32 hwy EcoBoost automatic; 15 city / 25 hwy GT manual, 16 city / 25 hwy GT automatic

2018 Roush JackHammer Ford Mustang is a 710-HP Pavement Pounder .
Supercharged 'Stang also gets cosmetic upgradesBased on the Mustang GT, the 2018 Roush JackHammer Mustang comes with a host of special upgrades. It gets a Roush adjustable coil-over suspension, Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires, special badging, and standard gloss black wheels. On the sides, you'll find a hockey stripe design, and buyers can opt for a performance stripe over the hood and top of the car as well.

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