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ReviewsWhere to find self-driving cars on the road right now

15:02  09 february  2019
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Does Self-Driving Technology Live Up to Its Name?

Does Self-Driving Technology Live Up to Its Name? Automakers' names for their self-driving technology may mislead consumers into thinking the systems are more capable

But unlike a real self - driving car , this one had a big asterisk with it: They had to pay attention So you can see our car in the middle and the other boxes on the road , driving down the highway. Watch to the right as someone jumps out of this truck at us. And now , watch the left as the car with the green

Sameep Tandon, right , and Tory Smith at startup Drive .ai in Mountain View, California. Photograph: Sam Levin for the Guardian. Testing without drivers is also critical because studies have shown that in partial automation, where a human is still behind the wheel, it can be difficult for a driver to stay

Where to find self-driving cars on the road right now© Aptiv Self-driving BMW 5 series vehicles.

Autonomous cars seem futuristic, but they’re already on the streets.

Headlines abound about self-driving cars, but there’s a big difference between reading about them and seeing one, replete with all its sensors, on the street. Or, for that matter, taking a ride in one. Uber is back on the road with its self-driving cars, and plenty of other outfits are making progress and running their cars in states like California, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Here’s an evolving round-up of what’s going on with self-driving cars on public roads, from Aptiv to Zoox.


Las Vegas, Boston, Pittsburgh, Singapore

Massive barn find auction with classic Lamborghinis, Porsches, Jaguars happening in France

Massive barn find auction with classic Lamborghinis, Porsches, Jaguars happening in France A Lamborghini Miura, Porsche 356 and Jaguar E-Type are included.

Its Cruise self - driving unit is said to be woefully behind in its attempt to bring an autonomous vehicle to the commercial market by 2019. General Motors claims safety is its highest concern, adding that it won’t put cars on the road that aren’t up to the task. “ Right now we are in a race to the starting line

Waymo recently hosted a number of journalists at its private Castle testing compound, and treated us to rides with no safety driver behind the wheel – now , the former Google self - driving car company is going farther still, however, launching public road tests of its autonomous Chrysler Pacifica minivans

The name “Aptiv” might not ring a bell, but if you visit Las Vegas, you could ride in one of their autonomous vehicles after hailing a Lyft. They first began offering rides in their cars during the Consumer Electronics Show in January, 2018, and the program has grown from there. The company currently has 30 autonomous cars on the roads in Sin City; they cruise around 20 hours a day, seven days a week. Aptiv says they’ve completed more than 30,000 Lyft trips and hauled around more than 50,000 passengers, and while the vehicles are autonomous, a real human sits behind the wheel and in the passenger seat, too. Aptiv—which purchased self-driving car company nuTonomy in 2017—also tests their cars in Boston, Pittsburgh, and Singapore.


Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh

Self-driving cars could worsen traffic to avoid parking fees

Self-driving cars could worsen traffic to avoid parking fees It's cheaper to drive around without passengers than it is to park.

Google's self - driving car spinoff is finally ready to try to profit from its nearly decade-old technology. Do we want vehicles on the road that are more cautious and take longer to process some of these decisions? On why right now may or may not be the right time for deploying this technology. I think that they're about to find out that they should've done a business case a little bit earlier because

Fully automated cars don’t drink and drive, fall asleep at the wheel, text, talk on the phone or put on makeup while driving. Self - driving cars combine these maps with readings from their sensors to find their way around. For now , the main task of proponents of automated vehicles is to map roads .

Like Aptiv, Aurora may not be a familiar name, but Amazon, an investor in the company, obviously is. Aurora announced on February 7 that it had scored more than $530 million in financing from the likes of Sequoia and Amazon; the company is developing its own self-driving technology while working with Volkswagen, Hyundai, and Byton. Their self-driving VW e-Golfs and Lincoln MKZs are on the streets of Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh—with two vehicle operators on board, too.


San Francisco; Scottsdale, Arizona and Orion, Michigan

General Motors has owned autonomous car company Cruise since 2016, and their gen-three autonomous Chevy Bolts are on the roads of San Francisco, Scottsdale, Arizona, and Orion, Michigan. (The Bolt is Chevy’s all-electric vehicle, and not to be confused with their hybrid Volt, which they recently put out to the asphalt pasture.) These self-driving Bolts have safety drivers behind the wheel, and in San Francisco, they’re part of an internal ride-sharing program, called Cruise Anywhere, for over a 1,000 employees who can use hail one to catch a ride. Cruise and General Motors have also made a splash by revealing their generation-four concept vehicle, a Bolt that has no steering wheel or pedals.

Self-Driving Cars Could Increase Traffic By Avoiding Parking, Study Says

Self-Driving Cars Could Increase Traffic By Avoiding Parking, Study Says It might be cheaper for cars to drive around without passengers than it would be to park.

The American passion for cars is turning a new corner. Now a ban is being considered on all human drivers for a 150-mile stretch of highway. “There’s a reason so many self - driving cars have been rear-ended on the road .” “They follow the rules too well, and don’t anticipate human behavior,” she

On the Road . When it comes to driving, experience is the best teacher. Since 2009, our fleet has self - driven more than 10 million miles. That’s ten lifetimes of driving. By driving every day in different types of real-world conditions, we teach our cars to navigate safely and comfortably through

Where to find self-driving cars on the road right now© self-driving cars

(Above: A self-driving van in Texas)

Frisco and Arlington, Texas

Like Aptiv and Aurora, the name may not be familiar, but they’re already offering a self-driving service in two places in Texas: Frisco and Arlington. Both of those towns are in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, and both services use self-driving vans and safety drivers to shuttle people around in a specific, geofenced region. The service in Arlington is the more public of the two—so if you’re visiting Arlington, you could summon a self-driving van, for free, via an app or through a kiosk. The vans even have signs on them to let pedestrians know what they’re doing.

Where to find self-driving cars on the road right now© Ford Ford

(Above: A Ford Fusion Hybrid)


Miami, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., and Dearborn, Michigan

Ford is working with a company called Argo AI for its self-driving cars. The company has autonomous vehicles on the road in Miami, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C. and Dearborn, Michigan. They're also licensed to start testing this year in Palo Alto, California. Those cars also have two safety personnel on board—one behind the wheel, and one in the passenger seat.

For the Third Consecutive Year, Over 40,000 People Died on American Roads in 2018

For the Third Consecutive Year, Over 40,000 People Died on American Roads in 2018 That's 14 percent higher than four years ago.

“Cities are struggling to find the human and financial capacity to deliver more projects— and the right actions are not yet clear or urgent enough,” the Indeed, the US Congress is weighing new rules right now that would preempt states and local governments from passing laws to regulate self - driving cars .

Self - driving cars need to be able to navigate pedestrians and cyclists, manage drunk and distracted drivers, differentiate pot holes from puddles, handle This sounds daunting, but it’s happening right now , and the plus side is that as more cars drive more roads with these technologies, the data they

The automaker has also been working with Dominos, Postmates, and Walmart to explore the intersection of self-driving cars and business deliveries; interestingly, those cars are designed to look like self-driving cars, but actually are just regular vehicles with humans driving them. These fake self-driving tests are so the company can learn about logistics and human-car interactions at the pick-up and drop-off points.

Finally, it is eying a 2021 launch of an autonomous commercial service that would carry people and goods in multiple cities, including Miami and Washington, D.C.

Where to find self-driving cars on the road right now© Nuro Self-driving BMW 5 series vehicles.

(Above: This unmanned vehicle delivers groceries)


Scottsdale, Arizona

Not all self-driving cars exist to transport humans. An 8-foot-long vehicle from Nuro called the R1 is designed to carry only groceries, but unlike a delivery robot that cruises on sidewalks, this car goes on the roads. In December, they kicked off a pilot program in which the the unmanned electric vehicle can deliver groceries from a Fry's Food Stores in Scottsdale to humans in the area.

Where to find self-driving cars on the road right now© Uber uber

(Above: Volvos equipped with self-driving equipment from Uber)


Pittsburgh in autonomous mode; San Francisco and Toronto in manual mode

The worst tragedy by far in the world of self-driving cars occurred on March 18, 2018, when an autonomous Uber killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. While they yanked their vehicles off the road after that disaster, the ride-sharing company’s Advanced Technologies Group returned in December of last year with a much smaller focus: their cars cruise in self-driving mode on a short route in Pittsburgh. Uber says those vehicles only run on weekdays, during the day, and not in bad weather—but that they could expand that domain as time goes on. One crucial change is that the automatic braking system that comes with the Volvos they are using will now be engaged while the vehicle is in autonomous mode—previously that wasn’t the case, according to an NTSB report on the March accident. Finally, Uber is also running their autonomous cars in Toronto and San Francisco in manual mode, meaning a human is driving. That exercise helps the company gather data for mapping and running simulations. Two humans, or "mission specialists," will be in the cars at all times, according to Uber.

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Self - driving cars are like cameras on steroids. To drive, they need to constantly record and make sense of the world around them. Traffic Will Be Virtually Nonexistent. Beyond the obvious benefit for the environment, having fewer cars on the road is the first step towards eliminating traffic.

The Google self - driving car project is now Waymo. Waymo stands for a new way forward in mobility. We are a self - driving technology company with a mission to make it safe and easy for people and things to move around.

Where to find self-driving cars on the road right now© Smart Columbus shuttle

(Above: A self-driving shuttle in Ohio)


Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, and Gilbert, Arizona

Waymo began as an internal self-driving project from Google, and is now an Alphabet-owned company in its own right. They recently launched an autonomous taxi service in four cities in the Phoenix, Arizona area, which is only open to hundreds of people, according to the company; those people can use an app to summon a self-driving Chrysler Pacifica (which has two Waymo-employed humans up front) and then go somewhere in it, like Uber or Lyft.

Waymo One is an evolution of testing the company had already been doing in the Phoenix area, called the Waymo early rider program. A leader in the autonomous car space, Waymo has racked up more than 10 million miles of running autonomous cars on public roads, and billions of simulated miles, too.

Where to find self-driving cars on the road right now© Zoox Zoox

(Above: Zoox prototypes don't yet venture on public roads)


San Francisco

Autonomous vehicle company Zoox is working on creating an innovative kind of car—an electric vehicle designed specifically to be self-driving that can cruise either forwards or backwards (both the front and rear wheels can turn; see an image of prototypes above). But today, in San Francisco, Zoox is testing approximately 24 autonomous Toyota Prius and Highlander vehicles equipped with sensors and Zoox self-driving software. The cars have a safety driver behind the wheel, as well as a software operator onboard, and while they have a permit from the California Public Utilities Commission to pick up passengers, they’re not yet doing so. Eventually—like other companies in this space— their goal is to create an autonomous ride-hailing service in a city, although Zoox intends to use their own custom-made bidirectional vehicles for the fleet.

Finally, others continue to work in the autonomous car industry, from the little to big. A self-driving shuttle began operations on December 10 in Columbus, Ohio, for example. And of course, Tesla produces a semi-autonomous feature for its vehicles, called Autopilot, to assist drivers and even suggest making a lane change.

This article was updated on February 7 to include news about Amazon's investment in Aurora.

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