Reviews Are These 25 Costly Car Repairs Worth the Money?

20:52  14 may  2020
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Car Insurance Gets More Costly When You Reach This Age

  Car Insurance Gets More Costly When You Reach This Age Car insurance rates drift lower through a lifetime — until you hit this age.At that point, rates climb — and continue to do so for the rest of your life, according to the 2020 The State of Auto Insurance report from The Zebra.

Car smells?

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Perhaps eliminating the odor is as simple as giving your ride a vigorous interior cleaning — putting the upholstery attachment on your vacuum and scouring the seats and floor mats to remove hair, dander, pollen and crumbs. If something spilled on the floor mats, it's time to pull them out and scrub them.

Or maybe it's not that simple. There are plenty of smells that serve as your signal a repair is needed.

We spoke with Kristen Lee, car expert and senior automotive reporter at Business Insider, to help determine which situation you're dealing with.

Why Does My Car Smell Like Burning?

How to Spot a Good Car Salesperson—Or a Bad One

  How to Spot a Good Car Salesperson—Or a Bad One Before you choose the right car, make sure you choose the right car salesperson. The post How to Spot a Good Car Salesperson—Or a Bad One appeared first on Reader's Digest.Over the course of more than a hundred transactions, I came to admire the benefits of working with a good car salesperson. The right professional can save you time, money and, yes, even turn this normally grueling process into an enjoyable experience. Working with the wrong salesperson can be a costly mistake—literally—and land you in the wrong car with a money-sucking loan.

The smell of burnt carpet can mean there's a problem with the brakes, while a burning rubber smell points to an issue with the engine hoses and belts. The smell of burning metal indicates a burnt clutch.

Why Does My Car Smell Like Cooking Oil?

If a "deep fryer" or burning oil smell is overtaking the car, check to see if the crankshaft or valve cover is leaking oil or smoking. It may also be an oil level issue.

Why Does My Car Smell Like Gas?

Smelling gasoline in the car can signal that there's a problem with the fuel injection line, vent hose or fuel cap, and should be checked out immediately.

Why Does My Car Smell Like Maple Syrup?

Leaking coolant has a syrupy smell to it, which may mean the car's radiator or hose is leaking. It could also be a bad head gasket, which allows coolant to boil in the combustion chamber, giving off white, sweet-smelling smoke.

Coronavirus and Car Buying: What You Need to Know

  Coronavirus and Car Buying: What You Need to Know Coronavirus and Car Buying: What You Need to KnowThe effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue to spread throughout the world, creating disruptions in the economy, sending the stock market into steep losses, shaking consumer confidence, and putting thousands out of work.

Why Does My Car Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

A sulfur or rotten egg smell happens when the car's catalytic converter isn't working properly, or too much raw fuel from poor combustion is entering the exhaust system. This, too, should be looked at as soon as possible.

Why Does My Car Smell Musty?

Musty, mildew or slightly vinegary smells happen when the vents need to be cleaned. The job is as simple as using a toothbrush and a car cleaning solution like ArmorAll Multi-Purpose Cleaner. If the smell persists, Napa Auto Parts advises you to change the cabin air filter.

Why Can't I Find the Source of the Smell?

Once you rule out a repair issue and clean the interior of the vehicle, if you still notice the bad smell, check the trunk. It's easy to overlook a spill or an item that fell out of a grocery bag and went bad.

Visible spills on a hard surface like rubber or plastic can be cleaned with soap, water and a sponge or microfiber cloth. Fabric cargo mats should be removed and washed with a carpet and upholstery brush and a small amount of dish soap or liquid laundry detergent, or with a carpet cleaning product like Resolve. To treat smells caused by something rotten, dispose of the offending item and use Lysol or a similar disinfecting spray to kill the odor-causing bacteria.

He's a fourth-generation American but his wife is not. He's not getting a stimulus check .
With many Americans still counting the days until they get their $1,200 checks, some are in for a surprise. If you're American, but your spouse is not, you may not be qualified. Now, some groups are suing the government over the issue.Vogt, 49, of Bronx, N.Y., is a fourth-generation American. In July, he married to a woman who is a Brazilian citizen. This year, they filed a joint tax return as a married couple.

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