Reviews Tesla: data protection problems due to integrated cameras?

15:07  17 september  2020
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Report Says Tesla Can Ban Model Y Owners Who Return Car Due To Faults

  Report Says Tesla Can Ban Model Y Owners Who Return Car Due To Faults Tesla grants itself the right to impose a one year ban for those who return their new cars if it determines they acted in bad faith. While there are plenty of new Tesla Model Y owners out there who just love the wheels off their new electric crossover, there are also those who are reporting serious defects. These reportedly range from paint problems, interior fit issues and other general quality quibbles.Some of these issues are so bad that people are even returning their car to Tesla and asking for a refund.

If Tesla refuses to give you the old computer or prove it has been properly erased or destroyed, your options to ensure data safety are limited. Warn the people you have called recently and the ones in your phonebook they could be subject to scams from people pretending to be you due to this data leak.

The Tesla integrates these units for full control over implementation, which partly explains why There is no security functionality associated with the SMI, for example integrity protection – it trusts This could be due to EU competition laws, to ensure that the Tesla can use multiple mobile networks

Bekommt Tesla wegen Kameras wie dieser Datenschutzprobleme in Deutschland? © nrqemi / Shutterstock Is Tesla getting data protection problems in Germany because of cameras like this one?

Tesla electric cars are equipped with cameras. It's not a secret. But these may violate German data protection.

When it comes to electromobility, Elon Musk's group is and remains the measure of all things. In Germany, too, Tesla wants to finally take off from 2021 and produce over half a million electric cars a year in the so-called Gigafactory in Grünheide . Nothing should stand in the way of this project.

If it weren't for a small but not entirely unimportant detail that has now called data protectionists on the scene. It's about the cameras that are built into the Tesla models. These are integrated to assist the driver. They recognize obstacles, measure distances and provide support when parking.

Tesla Model S subject to federal investigation over failing touchscreens

  Tesla Model S subject to federal investigation over failing touchscreens NHTSA received 11 complaints about touchscreens going dark, which in turn eliminates the car's backup camera.NHTSA published documents Monday on the problem after receiving 11 complaints, and confirmed the agency will investigate. The complaints come from owners of 2013-2015 Model S sedans, though each of the complaints have arrived at NHTSA within the past 13 months, according to the agency.

All information in this document and all vehicle software is subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights of Tesla , Inc. and its licensors. This material may not be modified, reproduced or copied, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of Tesla , Inc. and its licensors.

The Tesla data leak caused by these old computers has a straight relationship to the MCU issue. Other reliability problems also seem to represent a good share of those retrofits. With the warranty reduced in half, the MCU will not present issues for a while.

cameras can be deactivated

An analysis of the ARD magazine “Kontraste” has shown, however, that the cameras also systematically record the interior and the surroundings, in a razor-sharp manner. Back in 2017, Tesla published new terms and conditions , which enable the company to obtain images from the cars. At the time, customers were asked to agree to a new data-sharing policy so that Tesla could record video clips. The camera system can be partially deactivated manually by the driver, but he no longer has any control over what kind of personal data is ultimately saved and ends up on Tesla's US servers.

Among other things, license plates, people and faces are filmed. This is inadmissible, the data protection officer of the state of Baden-Württemberg, Stefan Brink, informed the ARD: “If a vehicle drives in public traffic areas and constantly records all the others, this is a clear data protection violation. That must not be. Such cameras may only be used in individual cases for a specific event. But permanent filming by vehicles is prohibited. ”

According to Tesla, the data collected will only be used to further improve the autonomous driving systems.

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