Reviews record manufacturer Silke Maurer in conversation: “I already love the smell of vinyl”

12:40  06 october  2020
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We have a long-lasting, important encounter with DJ with “Handle With Care” founder Silke Maurer about her love for vinyl, the good old nineties Hell as well as talked about the comeback of the record.

Liebt Vinyl seit über 30 Jahren: Silke Maurer © Provided by www.musikexpress.de Loves vinyl for over 30 years: Silke Maurer

We had an important meeting with DJ with the “Handle With Care” founder Silke Maurer about her love for vinyl, the good old nineties Hell as well as talked about the comeback of the record.

Anyone who thinks that records are intended for collectors and that they belong to the past like typewriters or books is wrong. The Vinyl comeback began around four years ago. In positive terms, the corona pandemic gave many musicians more and more time and free time to reflect on the essentials. Silke Maurer, owner of the Berlin vinyl production company “Handle With Care” , founded in 1990, feels that too. We talked to her about a fateful encounter with DJ Hell (which sounds like a scene from Sven Regener's novel “Magical Mystery”), her love for music, her respect for musicians and DJs, and particularly curious customers.

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I recently relocated from Los Angeles to New York City, and the hardest thing I had to do was figure out how to safely move my entire record collection

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Musikexpress.de: Silke, D u have been making records for 30 years. How did you find your way into the music industry?

Silke Maurer: That's a funny story. I worked - first as a secretary, later in the advertising department - for a large music distributor in Frankfurt and wanted to start my own company back then. A company that provides services to musicians around the world. Musicians who press their songs on record but do not want to communicate directly with the press shop. Who need someone in between who understands their needs. So the idea was born.

Why did you name your company “Handle With Care”?

I drove from Frankfurt to Berlin with the famous Berlin producer Zip from the Perlon label and told him about this idea. He liked it. Next we looked for a name that had to reflect that we care about our customers and are there for them throughout the production process. And suddenly a truck overtook us with a huge plastic sign saying "Handle With Care"! I don't know what was in the truck, but Zip and I thought, what a cool name! It said exactly what I wanted to offer. I wanted to take care of everything that musicians need. For me musicians are creative people, not just singers. They want to realize their many creative ideas. You are an artist. The name goes with everything we stand for.

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This kind of video is a change of pace from my regular uploads, but it's very important that the vinyl community know about the fraudulent, and grossly

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Why is vinyl so important to you?

vinyl is something people still like - from the look to the sound. Vinyl just sounds different to a CD or music playing on the phone. For many of my clients, vinyl production is a good addition. There will always be a niche for vinyl, especially for collectors. Vinyl music can be on your shelf with a nice cover. Files and streams cannot.

BLACK DUSTManufacturing process of a special pressing of a 12 "vinyl record: Gray + BLACK DUSTPosted by handle with care manufacturing on Friday, September 4th, 2020 View

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Is it true that sales have continued to increase recently?

Not really. Vinyl made its comeback four years ago. When nobody expected it. Nobody knows why and why. It was crazy. A few years ago you could hold a record from the studio to the finished pressing in three to four weeks. Today If we are talking about production times of almost three months, the demand is so great. The whole world seems to be interested in records again. Companies started making turntables again. Even people who weren't DJs started making records like valuable books Today, four years later, we are still at this level.

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So no Corona upswing?

Corona had a strange effect on “Handle With Care” t. The first month was very, very quiet because people didn't know what to do. But after that, especially now, you have time to devote yourself to producing. A lot of our clients, and I am talking about the independent scene, have told us how great this is. They prefer to bring their music out on vinyl. Maybe not to make big sales, as it was years before, but for yourself to make a name for yourself. Some still make a little money with it.

Did you notice that musicians suddenly had more time for the essentials again?

yes. They came to us with new ideas. It's like everything in life when you rush somewhere to do something. If you want to write a really nice song under pressure, you may not get anything. If you have time, maybe already. That goes for all of us. Corona had good and bad effects. We had to slow down instead of rushing like crazy. Musicians told me that they suddenly had time to sit down at the piano again. Things that they did before with the computer. Now they had time to play the saxophone. This has also been reflected in the Internet. Musicians made new connections and came up with new ideas.

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