Reviews Facelift: New Tesla Model 3 should roll off the assembly line with these changes

22:05  10 october  2020
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Tesla has apparently revised its Model 3 and not only made visual changes. The revised Model 3 should already roll off the assembly line.

Tesla Model 3 mit weniger Chrom. © Electrek Tesla Model 3 with less chrome.

At the Tesla plant in Fremont, California, Tesla Model 3s that have been modified in key areas are to be produced. This is reported, among other things, by Electrek . The manufacturer does not seem to limit itself to optical elements as in a classic facelift. A lot also seems to have changed technically.

Changes to the design

Since July 2017, Tesla has been producing the Model 3 largely unchanged. Now the carmaker has apparently implemented some changes in the bundle without communicating this in more detail. This corresponds to Musk's mantra not to plan any facelifts, but to simply incorporate new findings into production as changes to the product when they are ready.

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Based on various photos in circulation, we can see that Tesla has replaced the chrome strips on the side windows and around the door handles with black trims.


- Whole Mars Catalog (@WholeMarsBlog) October 9, 2020

Inside, the headliner should be covered with a darker material. Tesla is said to have completely redesigned the center console and shortened it visually. Here, too, Tesla is now using less chrome. The previous glossy piano lacquer finish on the inside of the console is said to have been replaced by a matt finish. As a result, fingerprints and scratches on the plastic surfaces should no longer be so prominently visible. After all, this is the area that is intended for charging the smartphone - it will therefore be subject to more frequent use.

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Ohhhhhh helloooooooo pic.twitter.com/mcSZFar9rz

- Whole Mars Catalog (@WholeMarsBlog) October 10, 2020 Changes outside of the design

Also functionally, a lot should have changed. It is safe to say that the Model 3 will now be equipped with double glazing, which on the one hand improves thermal insulation and on the other hand reduces the audibility of wind noise in the interior, so that a more relaxed driving experience is created.

In addition, the trunk lid should now be able to be opened and closed electrically as standard. The option was previously only available for retrofitting in aftersales. It is unclear whether the so-called Frunk, i.e. the trunk under the former “bonnet”, will open like this.

There is also talk of a new steering wheel and a changed position of the central display, which should now offer an improved viewing angle for the driver, i.e. be easier to read.

It is also unclear whether the Model 3 will be equipped with a heat pump, the so-called Octovalve, which could process the heating and cooling of the vehicle in a less battery-intensive manner than before. The Model Y has this technology. Efficiency increases of ten percent have been reported.

The now - at least partially - recognizable changes had already been predicted by a Chinese leaker in mid-September. Electrek had summarized the leak. The heat pump and a modified lighting system were also announced. Now that the leaker was right with most of his predictions, the chances are good that Tesla actually made these changes.

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Tesla: cameras will soon also be able to send surveillance images to smartphones. .
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