Reviews Tengelmann dispute: Katrin Haub calls death motion for her husband Karl-Erivan Haub "presumptuous"

14:50  13 october  2020
14:50  13 october  2020 Source:   handelsblatt.com

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Karl - Erivan Haub , the head of German retail group Tengelmann , has been missing since April 7, when he failed to return from a skiing trip. Read more: Avalanches in Swiss Alps and French Alps leave two dead . Family business. In a letter sent to German newspaper Handelsblatt, the businessman's brother

German billionaire Karl - Erivan Haub , the heir to the Tengelmann retail empire, is presumed dead after disappearing while skiing in the Alps.

The wife of the missing former Tengelmann boss criticizes the death motion by the brothers. This exacerbates the inheritance dispute.

„Es ist sehr befremdlich, dass sich jemand Drittes anmaßt, eine solche Entscheidung für unsere Familie treffen zu wollen.“ © Thorsten Jochim for Handelsblatt “It is very strange that someone else presumes wanting to make such a decision for our family.”

In the inheritance dispute at Tengelmann , Katrin Haub, the wife of the missing former Tengelmann, reports for the first time boss Karl-Erivan Haub has his say. The death motion for her husband by his brothers was "presumptuous", she told the "WAZ".

Tengelmann has initiated the so-called public notice procedure under the Disappearance Act at the Cologne District Court, the aim of which is to have the missing Karl-Erivan Haub, who at the time ran the company together with his brother Christian, officially declared dead. Christian Haub's lawyer Mark Binz, an expert on family businesses, told the Handelsblatt.

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Karl - Erivan Wander Haub , Chairman of the Executive Board of the Tengelmann Group, at the China Club, Dec. 13, 2016, in this file photo in Berlin. Brutal weather has reportedly complicated the search for a German billionaire CEO who has been missing in the Swiss Alps since this weekend.

Karl - Erivan Haub , heir to the Tengelmann retail empire, was training for a ski race when he disappeared on Switzerland’s most famous peak, located Mr Haub was skiing on his own in an area with glaciers and could have fallen into a crevasse, said Bruno Jelk, an experienced mountain rescue

Haub did not return from a ski training session in a glacier area near Zermatt on April 7, 2018. The laborious search was canceled after several days without any results. According to the assessment of the rescue workers there was no longer any chance of survival.

With the company's application for a declaration of death, which Georg and Christian Haub, the brothers of the missing person, have joined, the inheritance tax dispute is moving. When the declaration becomes final, the inheritance would occur. The inheritance tax could be more than 450 million euros, as several people familiar with the case report.

The problem: Karl-Erivan Haub, who was 58 at the time, had apparently failed to transfer his shares in the company to his children in good time. The entrepreneur also apparently did not make a testamentary arrangement as to how an inheritance tax due later should be paid.

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The family of Karl - Erivan Haub , the missing German retail magnate, now believes there is no chance he is still alive. His firm, Tengelmann , said the Haub 's trip was included in his training for Patrouille des Glaciers, a grueling race across the Alps organized every two years by the Swiss army and due to

Karl - Erivan Haub , co-chief executive officer of Muelheim an der Ruhr-based Tengelmann , left on Saturday morning for ski touring and never returned, the Valais cantonal police said. The activity is typically done off-piste, with participants ascending a mountain on foot and then skiing down.

Katrin and her children Viktoria and Erivan-Karl have so far shied away from the procedure for the declaration of death. Their motives are unknown. “Tax reasons, as Christian Haub's lawyer Mark Binz publicly asserts, are certainly not in the foreground,” they now assure in the “WAZ”.

The now sole Tengelmann boss Christian Haub was aware that the relatives of Karl-Erivan Haub had decided against filing an application for a declaration of death at the present time, explains the family of Katrin Haub in the "WAZ". According to her own statements, she only found out about it when the application was received by the court.

"It is very strange that someone else presumes to want to make such a decision for our family," complain the relatives of Karl-Erivan Haub in the "WAZ". A Tengelmann spokesman told the “WAZ”: “The other side knew that the topic was up.”

More: Tengelmann wants Karl-Erivan Haub to be declared dead

Der ehemalige Co-Chef von Tengelmann ist seit 2018 verschollen. © dpa The former co-boss of Tengelmann has been missing since 2018.

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