Reviews "Master Plan Charging Infrastructure" - State decides to provide financial support for private charging stations for electric cars

05:40  21 october  2020
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Access to efficient electric - vehicle charging infrastructure could become a roadblock to EV uptake. This charging system converts the AC from the grid to DC before it enters the car and charges Current technologies align with level 2 chargers and can provide power up to 11 kilowatts.

Developing Infrastructure to Charge Plug-In Electric Vehicles . The SAE J1772 charge port (right) on a vehicle can be used to accept charge with Level 1 or 2 charging The Alternative Fueling Station Locator allows users to search for public and private electric vehicle charging stations .

Electromobility is still waiting for its breakthrough in Germany. One of the reasons for the skepticism of German citizens is the lack of a comprehensive infrastructure at charging stations.

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A problem that the state in the person of Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) would now like to address. From November 24th, the state will support the installation of private charging stations for electric cars in residential buildings - but if certain requirements are met.

900 euros per charging station

As early as November 2019, the Federal Cabinet adopted the "Charging Infrastructure Master Plan" with the clear intention of increasing the proportion of electrically powered vehicles on German roads in order to achieve the climate goals. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) founded the "National Charging Infrastructure Control Center" in December 2019 to implement it and to achieve the goals set for the charging infrastructure and the expansion of nationwide charging points. When it opened at the beginning of October this year, Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer announced the promotion of private charging stations:

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The Federal Government's " Master Plan Charging Infrastructure " is a direct reaction to the Climate In order to promote the installation of charging stations for electric mobility, a regulation is to be Charging infrastructure in buildings : The amended EU Building Directive 2018/844 is to be

Although electric vehicles (EVs) are making inroads into the European automotive fleet Accelerating infrastructure development across the EU is therefore crucial to support the Hello Richard, The European Parliament has at least one charging station for electric vehicles in each of the EP’s

"We are now promoting the installation of private charging stations to tenants, homeowners and landlords. The federal government has given a grant of 900 euros for this. This brings us to our goal of charging for everyone, always and everywhere, a decisive step closer. Because a large part of the charging processes will take place at home. With our charging infrastructure master plan we are creating a comprehensive supply - the national charging infrastructure control center ensures rapid implementation. " If you want to install more than one charging point, you can receive a grant of 900 euros for each individual charging station. The total budget of the promotional project should amount to 200 million euros and be handled by KfW.

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Allowing utilities to build electric vehicle charging infrastructure could help their business models and ease customers’ range anxiety. I have a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in political science from California State University, Fullerton.

Efacec’s electric vehicle charging stations encompass “quick charging ” to “ultra fast charging ”, and are available for private as well as public use, although the public segment is emphasized by the company itself. Data on the number of Efacec’s installations are not immediately available, but

These prerequisites must be met.

In principle, the acquisition and installation of a private charging station, including the grid connection and the associated ancillary work, should be eligible for funding. In order for consumers to receive the subsidy of 900 euros in the end, the electricity must come from 100 percent renewable energies, and the charging station must have a charging capacity of at least eleven kilowatts and be intelligently controllable. The total costs per charging station must also be higher than the grant amount of 900 euros. However, this should be very likely, because KFW puts the total costs for the acquisition and installation of a private charging point in a sample calculation at 1,721 euros. Accordingly, the own part in the course of the funding and according to the KFW listing is 821 euros. From November 24th, funding can be requested from the KFW.

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Effective supply of charging infrastructure is a necessary support for the development of electric vehicle and also an important strategic measure to China’s newly developed urban electric vehicle charging infrastructure provides power through high-voltage centralized charging stations and

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Deployment Guide - 2014. Chevy Volt Engine The Series Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Deployment Guide - 2014. Charging Station Levels In Many of these conversions use a standard 3-prong electrical plug and outlet to provide Level 1

These goals are pursued by the control center

The control center and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure are now declaring war on the unsatisfactory charging infrastructure. Accordingly, it should no longer happen in the future that you cannot find a charging station in Germany, no matter where you are. The next fast charging station should always be reachable within ten minutes, according to the overarching goal of the control center. A public fast charging network with 1,000 locations is to be created by 2023, which can be used both for charging on longer journeys and for "everyday urban life". 50,000 publicly accessible fast and normal charging points are to be built by the end of 2021. The development of the public, private and commercial charging infrastructure is to be accelerated through financial support measures and better legal framework conditions, according to the BMVI. Finanzen.net editorial team

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