Reviews Mercedes in Portugal: DAS system not in use during free practice

23:15  22 october  2020
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The Mercedes team will temporarily expand the innovative DAS steering system from the two cars in Portugal - tests during training in preparation for 2021

Mercedes baut DAS in Portimao für das Training aus © Giorgio Piola Mercedes is building DAS Portimao for training from

The Mercedes team will forego the DAS ("Dual Axis Steering") steering system in free practice on the Portugal race weekend. The world championship team wants to use the session without the driving aid to prepare for the coming year. The use of DAS will be prohibited from 2021.

The DAS system, which first appeared in the winter tests in Barcelona, ​​is only used by the two Mercedes drivers in certain weekend situations. The toe angles of the wheels can be adjusted by pulling out and pushing in the steering wheel while driving.

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 Everything according to schedule: Mercedes shape looks © Motorsport Images Mercedes once again burned the fastest laps in the asphalt on Friday Once Valtteri Bottas, once Lewis Hamilton, but always a double lead: Mercedes has the Friday training for the Grand Prix of the 70th anniversary of the Formula 1 World Cup (follow here in the live ticker! ) finished as clearly the best team. The lead over the competition: seven or eight tenths of a second. And there were no problems worth mentioning.

The system helps the driver to get more heat into the tires through the larger tread on the asphalt. That is why Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas use the system around the end of a safety car phase to optimally prepare for the restart.

Mercedes is the only team this season to use this system. In order to avoid expensive retrofitting by competitors, the FIA ​​banned DAS shortly after it became known from next year. As a result, the team will have to make changes to the steering system for 2021.

In order to be able to assess the effects of the loss of DAS as best as possible, the team will therefore expand the system in both cars during free practice in Portimao. Our exclusive photo shows that the steering has already been changed (see above).

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With six race weekends left, Mercedes has enough time to check and correct any unforeseen effects. Lewis Hamilton praised his team for innovation on Thursday. His team will present other "ingenious" solutions in the future.

"A lot of the directions Valtteri [Bottas] and I have pushed the car in over the years have borne fruit, and then there are the things the team came up with - some incredible designs like THAT," he says .

Hamilton believes that Mercedes will be strong in the coming year even without DAS. "Of course there won't be [THAT] next year, which is totally fine, we'll find other [solutions] - another genius will come up with another great way to move the team forward."

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