Reviews McLaren wonders about Stroll's doctor: "Maybe it was Dr. Dre ..."

21:55  23 october  2020
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Corona test negative: Nico Hülkenberg is allowed to drive in Silverstone!

 Corona test negative: Nico Hülkenberg is allowed to drive in Silverstone! © LAT The German Nico Hülkenberg is back in Formula 1 - at Racing Point The sensational comeback announced by 'Motorsport-Total.com' in Formula 1 is perfect: Nico Hülkenberg is at the Grand Prix of Great Britain in Silverstone as teammate of Lance Stroll take over the cockpit from Sergio Perez. In the run-up to the race, Perez was first tested for the SARS-CoV-2 virus with an unclear result and finally in the second test.

Zak Brown hat Zweifel an den Corona-Protokollen von Racing Point © Motorsport Images Zak Brown has doubts about the Corona protocols from Racing Point

McLaren managing director Zak Brown has been critical of the processes on the positive corona case by Lance Stroll. The Canadian had tested negative on the Tuesday before the Nürburgring race. His doctor did not assume that Stroll's complaints would be COVID-19 and did not consider another test to be necessary. On Sunday finally got the positive test .

"I don't know who the doctor was. I don't know if it was Dr. Mallya or Dr. Seuss. Maybe it was Dr. Dre too," Brown jokes about Racing Point's approach, but becomes serious: " Maybe the next time someone has any symptoms we should test because we know how dangerous it is. "

The AvD Motorsport Magazine - Premiere with concentrated F1 power

 The AvD Motorsport Magazine - Premiere with concentrated F1 power © SPORT1 The AvD and SPORT1 present the new format AvD Motorsport Magazine Formula 1 continues to accelerate in this extraordinary season. Four races are scheduled for five weekends in August. And the rest of the motorsport world is picking up speed after the postponements caused by the corona pandemic. From now on, SPORT1 summarizes everything important for you weekly in the AvD Motorsport magazine and brings the motor sport weekend to the finish competently and with great opinion.

McLaren was the first Formula 1 team in Australia to be affected by the corona virus. At that time, Formula 1 was not yet prepared for the virus and had no corresponding protocols. "We had someone who wasn't feeling well. Andreas [Seidl] and I are not doctors, but we quickly decided to isolate him. And then the positive test came."

McLaren then isolated the entire team and withdrew from the race, which was canceled a short time later anyway. "We're not going to take any chances," says Brown today. "We want to make sure that everyone stays healthy and that we can continue to compete in Grands Prix." In the Racing Point case, Brown would test anyone who wasn't feeling well on a daily basis.

Racing Point team boss Otmar Szafnauer had defended that the team would carry out more tests than any other company in the world. Brown has doubts about that: "I don't know any of the protocols. I know how much we test and I've heard that Racing Point tests more than any other company on the planet. I don't know how much substance is behind it. "

"I just know that in Australia we were quick to tell everyone about our problem because we have a moral obligation to be healthy," Brown said. "Everyone needs a high level of awareness, and that's exactly what Mercedes did in its incidents." In the case of Racing Point, however, it looked to him that "there was no direct transparency".

"If a company were testing that much ... I just know that at McLaren we would test anyone who isn't feeling well on a daily basis and make sure the person is healthy and not transmitting anything. And we would immediately isolate anyone who was nearby. "

McLaren: Aero handicap from 2021 as a blessing or a blessing? .
© Motorsport Images The time for wind tunnel tests will be further restricted from 2021 (archive) Only 90 percent for the world championship team, but 112.5 percent for the worst team in the 2020 Formula 1 season: in the coming year an handicap system introduced for aerodynamic development in the wind tunnel. This means: those who have been successful are easily slowed down, those who have some catching up to do get more time.

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