Reviews Demands for automatic compensation in the event of delays

16:30  24 october  2020
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  Will GasGas Take Trials To New Heights? Will GasGas Take Trials To New Heights?The province of a handful of fairly boutique European manufacturers who build bikes in very limited numbers, it’s a sport that seems forever destined to reside on the fringes of motorsports in general along with other equally entertaining variations like hill climbing, speedway, and ice racing. In the 1970s, as the four major Japanese manufacturers ascended to record heights in number of units sold, each introduced specific trials machines in an effort to corral that market segment and thus boost overall sales.

Claiming compensation for a flight delay can be a drawn-out process. That’s why we’re calling on all airlines to implement automatic compensation . Statistics from five years ago reveal that EasyJet, Ryanair and British Airways have seen an increase in the number of passengers suffering lengthy

Energy companies will be forced to automatically compensate customers who experience delays or mistakes when switching supplier. Regulator Ofgem said its new compensation requirements would protect consumers and further boost confidence in the switching process. Customers will receive an

In the opinion of the SPD and consumer advocates, rail customers and air travelers should in future be automatically compensated for delays.

Eine Anzeigetafel zeigt die Verspätung mehrerer Flüge an. © Hauke-Christian Dittrich / dpa A display board shows the delay of several flights.

“We think automatic contract compensation makes sense,” said the legal policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, Johannes Fechner, to the “Handelsblatt”. "This could start with the simple cases, for example when tickets were booked online and the provider already has all the data necessary for the compensation."

Germany's top consumer advocate, Klaus Müller, also sees a need for action. "The federal government must work to ensure that the airline companies compensate in a consumer-friendly, timely and online-based manner," said the head of the Federal Association of Consumer Organizations (vzbv) the newspaper. The automated ticket reimbursement must work consistently. Federal Consumer Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) must - as announced in the coalition agreement - introduce automated compensation in the context of so-called smart contracts.

CDU, CSU and SPD agreed in the 2018 coalition agreement to make it easier for consumers to «enforce the law through digitization, especially with smart contracts»: «That is why we will promote the development of automatic contract compensation and make it legally secure.»

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