Reviews Professional sport without spectators in November: Actionism with the Bazooka

14:25  29 october  2020
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Riding The Big Bear Run Dual Sport Event

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Baseball is not the only sport grappling with the idea of playing without spectators . The National Football League’s broadcast of its annual draft enjoyed high ratings from a sports -starved public, but the show’s content was a montage of living rooms and basements. Many athletes have expressed

When Gus Bazooka built his gym he never imagined that his sons, Angus and Judah, would someday battle for control. I hope Thundercrack can make some more movies in this genre, maybe even revisit the great Bazookas gym. How would the gang fare in the age of hyper political correctness?

Good concepts are not a guarantee for spectators. This is a bitter realization for sport - and one with incalculable consequences. A comment.

Nächste neue Wirklichkeit. Profi-Handball findet im November ohne Zuschauer statt. © Photo: Imago Next new reality. Professional handball takes place in November without a spectator.

Professional sport has to accept the next setback. No more spectators in November after there were only a few before. The federal government and the prime minister decreed on Wednesday. And pretty much ignored everything that the clubs and associations have invested in hygiene and spectator concepts in the past few months on a voluntary basis.

That's why it's a particularly hard slap in the face of the clubs that they now have to recalculate in order to somehow get through the crisis. Because it is also clear: Miracles are not to be expected for December either, ghost games threaten to become permanent normality.

Guest in AvD Motorsport Magazine: Ralf Schumacher live on SPORT1 on Sunday

 Guest in AvD Motorsport Magazine: Ralf Schumacher live on SPORT1 on Sunday © Getty Images Ralf Schumacher Buckle up for the next motorsport weekend on the SPORT1 platforms: In the second issue of the new "AvD Motorsport Magazine", SPORT1 on Sunday shows live from 9:45 p.m., the focus will be on the Formula 1 Jubilee Grand Prix in Silverstone and the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring.

For sport spectators , there is much research on the motives of those attending sporting events. In this chapter, the meaning of spectator is initially discussed. Unpublished raw data; Motives of sport spectators in China: A case study of the Chinese super league. Manuscript submitted for publication

Professional football games in Japan will resume in early July without spectators in stadiums after a four-month suspension due to the coronavirus Lower divisions will resume games in late June. Football is the second major professional sport in Japan to announce a return to action after a break

Football will make it somehow thanks to the TV revenue, but it will be tight behind it. Whether there will be another season in ice hockey given the new developments seems even more questionable than it already was. Handball and basketball players face the insoluble task of somehow pulling off their many games. Another break in the game would hardly be possible due to scheduling reasons. The volleyball players, given their rather small league, would be most likely to do that, but they would have to be offered a perspective for this.

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This is exactly what is currently not the case. Politicians are targeting the coronavirus with the shotgun, and the latest decisions are not only limited to sports activities. Of course, the pandemic has to be brought under control, but targeted action should be taken. After its return from lockdown in spring, the sport no longer appeared as a hotspot of infection. The concepts are effective, and politicians even expressly praise them.

Toto Wolff takes FIA letter sportily: "A challenge"

 Toto Wolff takes FIA letter sportily: © Motorsport Images Toto Wolff takes the new challenge sportily The Technical Guideline TD037 / 20 is currently causing a stir in Formula 1. It stipulates that from Monza onwards, the teams are no longer allowed to switch back and forth between the individual engine modes at will. This means that the party mode in qualifying is off the table, but officially the FIA ​​is concerned that the modes are being misused to circumvent certain rules.

Attracting spectators to a sporting event is the best way to bring money into a club. During sporting events, the spectators will be likely to spend money the groups of people who enjoy the violence and fights associated with hooliganism and go to sporting events with the sole purpose of acting in an

Viennese Actionism was a short and violent movement in 20th-century art. It can be regarded as part of the many independent efforts of the 1960s to develop "performance art" (Fluxus, happening, action painting, body art, etc.).

In the end, all of these efforts seem to have been in vain. The clubs can only hope that politics will not completely drop them. After all, there are more important things. Sports clubs are part of the diversity, even in the professional sector. So we can only hope, , that they somehow get through the crisis one more time . That is not certain, especially since at some point the question arises what all the effort is actually supposed to be good for. Because more and more handball players, basketball players, volleyball players and ice hockey players are also fighting against forgetting.

Since Wednesday this fight has become a lot harder again.

Löwen boss: handball with spectators “vitally important” .
managing director Jennifer Kettemann from the handball Bundesliga club Rhein-Neckar Löwen has appealed to the population to take responsibility for the fact that spectators were excluded from German professional sport in November. © Uwe Anspach / dpa Jennifer Kettemann appealed to the population's sense of responsibility. "Handball games with spectators are not only our big goal, they are also vital for our sport," said Kettemann in a club announcement.

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