Reviews Surprising turnaround in favor of Red Bull: After Ferrari, Renault also falls!

11:40  28 november  2020
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The Ferrari Lusso: History, Generations, Specifications

  The Ferrari Lusso: History, Generations, Specifications Ferrari Lusso Essential History 1962-1964 Ferrari 250 GT/L “Lusso” Though the decade of the 1960s was really the last time anyone could win a sanctioned automobile race in the same car used to drive to work during the week, Ferrari was increasingly building specialized cars for both purposes. Whereas the previous short-wheelbase 250 GT Berlinetta of 1960-'63 could arguably do both (though its setup leaned toward track use), the Ferrari 250 GTO that succeeded it was a thoroughbred race car that could be driven on the street, but was far less well-suited for the task with its stripped-out, no-nonsense personality.

Renault executive director Budkowski said the French manufacturer has previously “actively advocated” a restriction in the development of existing engines while the sport prepares for future changes. "So it's quite interesting now that Red Bull is very much in favour of a freeze, it's very interesting to see.

McLaren Renault . red bull should start to realize that they cannot continue to use the program the same way they did before. the thing is, red bull back then had a monopoly on junior talent. they supported them earlier and better than anybody else, therefore they got rewarded with A LOT of

Renault hat sich dazu durchgerungen, die Red-Bull-Forderung zu unterstützen © LAT Renault has decided to support the Red Bull demand

Surprising turnaround in motor poker in Formula 1: After initially both Ferrari and Renault the Red Bull demand for a " Engine Freeze "from 2022 onwards strictly rejected and only Mercedes was ready to freeze the development of engines, the wind seems to be turning. On the sidelines of the Grand Prix of Bahrain ( Formula 1 2020 live in the ticker! ), after Ferrari, Renault has now also signaled that it wants to meet Red Bull on this issue.

"Before the new rules were introduced, we always campaigned for a freeze anyway," says team manager Marcin Budkowski. From 2023, he explains, considerable development restrictions would have applied to Motor and ERS anyway. Instead, introducing a "complete freeze" as early as 2022, "can be discussed. We are not against it."

Stunning Ferrari 375 America Coupe by Vignale Could Fetch Millions At Auction

  Stunning Ferrari 375 America Coupe by Vignale Could Fetch Millions At Auction Will it go above the $3.5-million mark? If the name Carrozzeria Vignale doesn’t ring a bell, it was an Italian automobile coachbuilder founded by Alfredo Vignale in 1948. It was specialized in customizing cars from local automakers, such as Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Maserati, and Lancia. But some of its most famous designs were based on Ferrari models. One such great and rare example will be auctioned very soon. RM Sotheby’s Arizona sale on January 22 will host the auction of a unique Ferrari 375 America Coupe by Vignale.

Ricciardo is rumoured to be in discussions for a contact at Ferrari or Red Bull . Australian Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo's potential future as a driver for Ferrari has been left Renault has said it would like to re-sign with the 30-year-old next year but after it failed to deliver a championship-winning

DANIEL RICCIARDO will leave Red Bull at the end of the season to link up with Renault . It was thought the Australian was wanted by fellow heavyweights Mercedes and Ferrari , but it appears he Ricciardo’s proposed switch to Renault would come as a huge surprise , especially given Red Bull ’s

This is a radical change in the engine discussion. Initially, after Honda withdrew and Red Bull announced plans to continue the project on its own, only Mercedes had signaled its willingness to freeze the further development of the power units. Ferrari and Renault showed no interest in deviating from the agreed timetable by even one millimeter.

provides for the introduction of ten percent synthetic gasoline from 2023, a "freeze" for combustion engines / ERS also from 2023 and a completely new power unit format from 2026. Now Red Bull wants a "freeze" from 2022 to not having to develop the existing Honda technology further. Ferrari and Renault agree if the new format from 2026 is brought forward.

Renault: We always wanted the

So now: Ferrari agrees to engine freezing!

 So now: Ferrari agrees to engine freezing! © Sutton Ferrari gives its approval for an engine freeze but for the 2022 season The medium-term future of Formula 1 is taking shape now that Ferrari has also agreed to stop development of the drives from 2022. So far, the traditional Formula 1 team has resisted this step.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has refused to rule out reconciling with Renault in a desperate bid to keep the team in F1. But after both Ferrari and Mercedes ruled out supplying their rivals, Horner has tacitly admitted that a renewal of vows with Renault may be the only means of preventing the former

Albon has been told by Red Bull that they want to be impressed by him in the final three races of Renault ’s Esteban Ocon was 11th, finishing narrowly ahead of the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel, with Charles Leclerc found himself outpaced by Ferrari team mate Vettel after a small error on his fastest

to regulate the development of expensive engine technology, "is a position that we have always defended," explains Budkowski. "But we can't just say that we will freeze everything in 2021. It's too late for that. Engine programs have long lead times." And: "We always wanted to have an early 'freeze'. But Formula 1 didn't."

"Now we've invested a lot of time and money in a new engine specification," he says. Budkowski does not want to accept that this should have been in vain and that the expansion stages planned for 2021/22 may never be used. But: "We would certainly accept a compromise as long as it is halfway sensible."

"Let's make compromises if they are in accordance with the regulations - and not just as a quick shot because Honda has just decided that Formula 1 is too expensive for them. I find it interesting that they disagreed beforehand. But if it's right for the sport, let's do it. And let's find the right time, "said Budkowski.

Formula 1 technology: The Ferrari updates from Imola under the microscope

 Formula 1 technology: The Ferrari updates from Imola under the microscope © Giorgio Piola Ferrari overhauls its front wing mostly ad hoc at the track In view of the previous results, Ferrari was able to drive relatively positively to the home game in Imola. The team had found the right mix of upgrades and old developments to get some potential out of the SF1000. Although there is still a long way back to the top before the Scuderia, the work of the past races has not only ensured solid performances on the track, but also paved the way for the future.

Daniel Ricciardo's move to Renault has surprised plenty in the Formula One paddock, with some describing it as "bold", whilst a former driver with the Daniel Ricciardo's shock decision to leave Red Bull to join Renault has provoked plenty of mixed reaction from around the Formula One paddock.

Pole Position. Charles Leclerc, Ferrari , 1:27.866. Podium. L. Hamilton, Mercedes. 197. 03. Verstappen • Red Bull Racing. 170. 04. Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen. Aston Martin Red Bull Racing.

Parallel development would be extremely expensive

There is a simple reason why Renault and Ferrari have tipped over. Developing the current engine by the end of 2025 and developing a new power unit for 2026 at the same time is an expensive undertaking. Preventing such a parallel development with an "engine freeze" from 2022 saves the board members responsible for research and development millions.

In addition, Budkowski argues that one does not want to be forced to hire 100 new employees who can no longer be meaningfully employed after the end of parallel development: "It is unreasonable to run two development programs in parallel. We therefore consider a new rule to freeze developing for the best possible way. "

Just like Ferrari, Renault also proposes a "freeze" period of three years. Means: Development stop from 2022, introduction of new power units in Formula 1 in 2025. It takes roughly three years "to develop a drive train for completely new regulations". An assessment that, by the way, corresponds to that of the Volkswagen Group.

"We were always there for it," wonders Budkowski. "Interestingly, Honda was against limiting the hours on the test bench, for example. Honda was against freezing, and with it Red Bull, of course. It's ironic that Red Bull of all people is now calling for a 'freeze'. But as long as that Timing fits, we are not against it. "

Alonso controversy: Racing Point complaint would be a "strong piece" .
© Renault The exemption for Fernando Alonso continues to cause a stir He has not even returned to the cockpit, but is already causing a lot of dust: That Fernando Alonso being allowed to drive at the "Young Driver Test" in Abu Dhabi, angered several teams, including Racing Point. Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul sends a poisoned answer to Silverstone to complaints from Racing Point team boss Otmar Szafnauer. "If Otmar wanted to file a complaint against the FIA, that would be a tough job.

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