Reviews General Electric employees in Bercy and the National Assembly to make their voices heard

19:30  30 november  2020
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The Assembly is empowered to make recommendations to States on international issues within its competence. According to the Charter of the United Nations , the General Assembly may: • Consider and approve the United Nations budget and establish the financial assessments of Member

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA or GA; French: Assemblée générale , AG) is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations (UN), serving as the main deliberative, policy- making

Une délégation de salariés grévistes de General Electric, venus des sites de Villeurbanne et Saint-Priest (Rhône), seront reçus mardi matin à Bercy. Ils attendent l'intervention de Bruno Le Maire, le ministre de l'Economie, pour éviter le plan social qui les menace. © Sipa

A delegation of striking General Electric employees, coming from the Villeurbanne and Saint-Priest (Rhône) sites, will be received on Tuesday morning at Bercy. They are waiting for the intervention of Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy, to avoid the social plan which threatens them.

"We have to go to Paris to make ourselves heard." CGT delegate Serge Paolozzi and around sixty striking employees from the General Electric sites of Saint-Priest and Villeurbanne (Rhône) will be received tomorrow morning in Bercy before demonstrating in front of the National Assembly, where several deputies are to meet them. They hope for government intervention in the dispute between them and the management of the American group. The latter announced in September its intention to restructure two divisions in Europe, those of dam equipment (Hydro) and electricity networks (Grid), which would generate significant financial losses.

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“The stake for us, explains to JDD Serge Paolozzi, is not so much to save jobs. To do this, the inter-union CGT / CFDT / CFE-CGC proposed an alternative plan to management. "We are not avoiding the reduction of jobs but, at least, we are maintaining activity in the Lyon region while offering voluntary departures or early retirement", explains the CGT delegate for whom the only objective is to 'avoid dry layoffs.

Local political support

But negotiations between management and trade unions have been paralyzed since last week, after employee representatives refused to participate in the new social plan.


The only project of the management is profitability


Video: Danone: “inhuman and unacceptable” job cuts, deplores the CGT (Le Figaro)

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No, the general debate and the General Assembly are not opened to the public. Due to the large number of VIPs attending, additional security measures are taken in and around the UN premises. Access to the premises is more restricted than usual and is restricted to delegates and their staff

The General Assembly is the main deliberative, policymaking and representative organ of the United Nations . Comprising all 193 Member States of the UN, it provides a unique forum for multilateral discussion of international issues including peace and security. Financing matters While not normally

The plan according to the unions, plans to cut 634 jobs, including 350 at the Villeurbanne and Saint-Priest sites, near Lyon. General Electric argues for its part that the proposed project could have an impact on 579 positions in France, including 136 currently vacant positions, and a maximum of 287 positions in Villeurbanne and Saint Priest. In addition, underlines management, 216 job solutions could be offered to employees affected by the project at Grid Solutions in France.

"The only project of management is profitability," said Serge Paolozzi who appealed to the government, after having repeatedly alerted Bruno Le Maire , the Minister of the Economy. The unions are hoping for a response from the Minister of the Economy who denounced, at the time of General Electric's initial announcement in September, "windfall social plans".

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Despite all that, the general discontent with Murphy not immediately complying with mainstream media narratives spawned an all-out attack on both her and the GSA online, with commenters uniting under hashtags #TimeToTransition and #DoYourJobEmily. Critics have even gone so far as to edit the

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"Bruno Le Maire had this expression three months ago and since then, it is radio silence", takes offense the CGT delegate. He's not the only one worried. In a letter sent on November 9, the mayor of Villeurbanne, Cédric Van Styvendael, and the Rhône senator Gilbert-Luc Devinaz called for a moratorium on the social level. Similarly, the deputy En Marche du Rhône Danièle Cazarian, whose constituency includes the General Electric site of Saint-Priest, also requested the intervention of Bercy.

Another restructuring and new job cuts, this time at Belfort

General Electric has cut 3,000 jobs in France since the takeover of Alstom's energy branch in 2015. The American group assures us, however, that it is not layoffs and that "more than 2,000 employees have left the group's workforce as part of asset sales".

On Monday, however, the energy giant announced that it was preparing to cut nearly 300 new jobs in France as part of the restructuring of another branch, that of the entity "Steam Power", specializing in turbines for nuclear and coal power plants. According to a source close to the file cited by AFP, about 240 of these positions are located in Belfort, where more than a thousand jobs have already disappeared for five years.

General Electric: “The management doesn't want to hear anything anymore. Just the money, the money, the money ».
© Albert FACELLY LFI deputy Eric Coquerel with the employees of GE Villeurbanne in front of the National Assembly on December 1, 2020. About sixty employees of the General Electric site in Villeurbanne made the trip to the Assembly, in Paris, this Tuesday. They denounce an incomprehensible social plan motivated only by profitability. They came as far as Paris to denounce an "industrial break-up".

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