Reviews Tesla: cameras will soon also be able to send surveillance images to smartphones.

19:55  30 november  2020
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individual parts from Bosch, Thyssen and Henkel: so much Germany is already in the Tesla e-cars

 individual parts from Bosch, Thyssen and Henkel: so much Germany is already in the Tesla e-cars The gigafactory in Brandenburg arouses desires in the German supplier industry even before completion. This is because it is currently struggling with tough austerity measures, waves of layoffs and falling sales. Elon Musk's project in Grünheide comes in handy. Tesla wants to initially produce 500,000 vehicles per year in Gigafactory 4, in ramp-up phases could get up to 3 million cars according to "Wirtschaftswoche" .

Sentry Mode is an integrated surveillance system inside Tesla ’s vehicles using the Autopilot cameras around the car and it has been changing the game when it comes to vandalizing parked cars. delreknis • 1 day ago. Soon we'll be able to yell at people through the outside speaker using the app.

On Model 3, an authenticated Phone Key will use its Bluetooth signal to unlock your car doors as you approach the car. You will not be able to view the images captured by the Cabin Camera as it’s not associated with your VIN and is intended for analysis to continue to improve vehicle safety.

vehicles from Tesla will soon also be able to transfer images from built-in cameras to smartphones. This is questionable from a data protection point of view.

Tesla Model 3. © Tesla Tesla Model 3.

Tesla apparently wants to expand the optionally activated guard mode. That comes from a report by Electrek . Apparently, a future update should make it possible to stream videos from the camera system of a parked Tesla directly to your own smartphone. The function could be rolled out around Christmas with the update to version 11 of the vehicle software.

Up to now, the guard mode only saved the recordings in the activated state on a USB stick attached to the vehicle. Originally, the stick had to be removed from the car for evaluation and then connected to a computer or other suitable playback device. Since this year, however, it is also possible to view the footage recorded by the guard mode directly in the car.

Facelift: New Tesla Model 3 should roll off the assembly line with these changes

 Facelift: New Tesla Model 3 should roll off the assembly line with these changes Tesla has apparently revised its Model 3 and not only made visual changes. The revised Model 3 should already roll off the assembly line. © Electrek Tesla Model 3 with less chrome. At the Tesla plant in Fremont, California, Tesla Model 3s that have been modified in key areas are to be produced. This is reported, among other things, by Electrek . The manufacturer does not seem to limit itself to optical elements as in a classic facelift. A lot also seems to have changed technically.

The Surveillance Detection Scout can track license plates and faces near your Tesla —with all the "I’d be able to see everyone across the US, thousands of cars on this Surveillance Scout network," Kain says. An example of a push notification sent to a phone from Surveillance Detection Scout.

New questions over surveillance in Tesla vehicles. A driver-facing camera is reportedly monitoring the driver’s habits and eye movements. Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi and Ines Ferre speak with auto analyst Lauren Fix about what it means for Tesla and drivers.

How Tesla's guard mode works

Tesla is promoting guard mode as a feature that can record “suspicious activity” around the parked car. The software saves the recordings of the camera continuously on the storage medium attached via USB. The recording time is 60 minutes. If this time is exceeded, the material that has already been recorded is gradually overwritten.

If someone comes too close to the vehicle, the next level of the guard mode is activated. This is triggered, for example, when someone leans against the car. Then a message appears on the car's touchscreen that the Tesla's cameras are recording their surroundings.

The last stage is activated when the car is actually damaged. Then the alarm system is activated and the car owner is informed of a possible theft via SMS. With the last two levels, the last ten minutes that occurred before the activation of the respective warning level are saved separately. These records are also sent to Tesla.

Tesla posts record results

 Tesla posts record results © Tesla Tesla posts record results The pandemic and the recession are not dampening the momentum of the electric vehicle manufacturer, which posts sharply rising results. While many companies are suffering from the economic crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tesla is doing quite well.

Tesla ’s vehicles are now all equipped with 8 cameras to power its Autopilot features and for a while now CEO Elon Musk now says that the feature is “coming soon ”. It sort of already does, but for Tesla ’s own He managed to restore the images from the crash that damaged the all-electric vehicle.

Tesla is on pace by early next year to become the first company in the world to sell one million electric cars. To track Tesla ’s progress as a mass manufacturer, Bloomberg has been asking Model 3 owners about the This year Tesla also made it possible to schedule and track service using its phone app.

data protection officers warn of Tesla's guard mode

As early as 2019, the Bavarian State Office for Data Protection Supervision declared in its activity report that the authority had already received several data protection complaints about the guard mode. The authority sees a possible impairment of personal rights due to the video surveillance of publicly accessible areas without cause.

The authority announced in 2019 that it would subject the watchdog function to a detailed examination. However, a result is still pending. A report by the data protection expert network came to the conclusion in October 2020 that the guard mode violates Article 5 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Tesla Model Y Standard Range makes a surprise launch, 7-seat option debuts .
CEO Elon Musk originally said the Model Y Standard Range was dead. Now it's for sale and far cheaper than other variants.Crucially, the Model Y Standard Range drops the entry price for the electric SUV to $41,990 before other taxes and fees to become the least expensive Model Y on sale right now. It's still more expensive than the Model 3 , however, which starts at $37,790. Previously, anyone shopping Tesla's electric SUV was forced to choose between the Model Y Long Range at $49,990 or the Model Y Performance, which costs $10,000 more.

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