Reviews General Electric: “The management doesn't want to hear anything anymore. Just the money, the money, the money »

23:30  01 december  2020
23:30  01 december  2020 Source:   liberation.fr

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And he just doesn ' t know how to say no to people without causing offence. So it means that people around the world can now make an ethical choice and know that the money , some of the money from their chocolate bar purchase is going right back to famers in Ghana.

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Le député LFI Eric Coquerel avec les salariés de GE Villeurbanne devant l'Assemblée nationale le 1er décembre 2020. © Albert FACELLY LFI deputy Eric Coquerel with the employees of GE Villeurbanne in front of the National Assembly on December 1, 2020. About sixty employees of the General Electric site in Villeurbanne made the trip to the Assembly, in Paris, this Tuesday. They denounce an incomprehensible social plan motivated only by profitability.

They came as far as Paris to denounce an "industrial break-up". Sixty General Electric employees met on Tuesday in front of the National Assembly, mobilized against a heavy social plan announced in September by the company. "The watchword is employment," explains Bruno Bert, management controller at the Villeurbanne site, which produces equipment for electrical networks. He has worked at GE for a little over twenty years. We have seen the degradation for years. Before, everything was done on site, accounting, sales functions ... Today, we relocate to India and there is no longer a single sales representative in France. However, we do not sell peanuts, but very specific products, which require strong skills. We walk on the head… ”

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They say money isn' t everything, but having money is a lot more fun than not having it. There is this type of bank account. not much demand for. I didn' t want Debra paid the money to the girl at the desk and left. Europe is heading for a financial crisis, or so some analysts believe.

the money that someone gives back to you when you give more money than it costs to buy something. money that you get back especially because you have paid too much for something or have decided you do not want it. to say something very quietly so that other people cannot hear you.

A union delegation was received in the morning at Bercy. No commitment has emerged, other than a request that will be addressed to the company, to resume negotiations between employees and management. The employees began a “total and unlimited” strike on November 23 at the Villeurbanne site.

“We presented alternative solutions. The management sent us a relatively negative response: 60 positions saved. But it did not call into question its industrial project, details Serge Paolozzi, CGT delegate. A meeting is to take place on Thursday, but the management is asking for the end of the strike as a prerequisite. ” The intersyndicale refuses. "As long as we do not have discussions around our alternatives, the strike will continue," warns Serge Paolozzi.

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Talking about money , do you worry about money ? Sorie : Yes, I do. How would you want to save up? Sorie : Well, first of all, right now, I don’ t have the option to save for retirement. What if we won’ t live in this country anymore , we had to move to another country and then we work there a little bit.

The Money Lyrics: You know when you've gone way past the negotiation stage? / [Chorus: Jme] I don' t want the money anymore I don' t want the money anymore Changed my mind, I'll have to withdraw I don' t want the money anymore I don' t want the money anymore .

Paris, le 1er decembre 2020. Les salariés de General Electric de Villeurbanne st Priest manifestent devant l’assemblée nationale. © Albert FACELLY Paris, December 1, 2020. Employees of General Electric in Villeurbanne st Priest demonstrate in front of the National Assembly. In front of the National Assembly, Tuesday. Photo Albert Facelly for Liberation

"History is repeating itself"

The social plan provides for the elimination of 634 jobs, more than half of which in the Lyon region. "History is repeating itself ..." breathes Philippe Donnet, quality manager, employee for about thirty years. In 2015, the American multinational bought the energy branch of Alstom. With a promise: a thousand jobs created in three years. Promise not kept since. "We are facing a predatory group that wants to destroy jobs," continues Philippe Donnet. All the French sites are targeted by the GE offensive ... We will all leave feathers there. "

It has been eighteen months that uncertainty hovers around the employees of GE Villeurbanne. A first PSE (job saving plan) was negotiated in 2019, then stopped at the time of the first confinement. "There, we start again from zero", regrets Serge Paolozzi. However, the new social plan announced by management in September plans to draw an end to past negotiations, drastically revising down the departure conditions of GE employees.

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Talking about money , do you worry about money ? Sorie: Yes, I do. Mark: Well, what kind of options are there? How would you want to save up? E)What if we won’ t live in this country anymore , we had to move to another country and then we work there a little bit.

money paid regularly at a particular rate for the use of money lent, or for delaying the money that is available to a person or an organization and a plan of how it will be spent over a period of time. to attract somebody or make somebody want to do or have something, even if they know it is wrong.

Place Edouard-Herriot, a stone's throw from the National Assembly, they came to "put pressure on the government". A few rebellious and Communist deputies joined them in the middle of the afternoon. "We must stop this big move which has only one interest: that of the shareholder," says Eric Coquerel, LFI deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis, before handing the microphone to Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “We cannot let relocate,” repeats the rebellious leader. It is a matter of national interest. " Rhone deputy Bruno Bonnell (LREM) also spoke a few words, before questioning the Minister of the Economy in the hemicycle, during questions to the government. "In Villeurbanne, I believe that GE can and must improve its social plan," replied Bruno Le Maire.

“Before, we had an industrial tool. But it has become a financial tool "

Baiben Hedi has been working for GE for ten years. "When I got home, it smelled like a factory, a job, there was a soul. Today there is no more that soul, there is nothing even. " He said bitterly: “Since the takeover in 2015 [ of Alstom’s energy branch by GE, note ] we have been destroyed. Before, we had an industrial tool. But it has become a financial tool. "

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Everyone is disappointed, having often spent decades in the business. "No one is responsible for anything at GE anymore ... It's terrible," cowardly, annoyed, one of them. For another, “the management doesn't want to hear anything anymore. Just the cash, the cash, the cash ”. Many do not understand the logic of the business. And denounce the millions of euros in public aid received by the multinational since 2015 . "It is very difficult to understand the industrial project of the company, recognizes Serge Paolozzi. And GE has benefited from public funds. We would like the state to look at what these funds were used for. "

“Our cause is just,” continues Philippe Donnet. No one understands that a company that receives millions of euros in public aid can cut hundreds of jobs. " Baiben Hedi sighs: “We have proposed solutions. Everything has been rejected en bloc… I am losing something that I care about. ”

General Electric employees in Bercy and the National Assembly to make their voices heard .
© Sipa A delegation of striking General Electric employees, coming from the Villeurbanne and Saint-Priest (Rhône) sites, will be received on Tuesday morning at Bercy. They are waiting for the intervention of Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy, to avoid the social plan which threatens them. "We have to go to Paris to make ourselves heard." CGT delegate Serge Paolozzi and around sixty striking employees from the General Electric sites of Saint-Priest and Villeurbanne (Rhône) will be rece

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