Reviews “Meat Atlas” presented: Consumers are buying more vegetarian and vegan products

15:55  06 january  2021
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Meat Atlas (Der Fleischatlas) is an annual report, published by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and Friends of the Earth Europe, on the methods and impact of industrial animal agriculture and the meat industry.

The MEAT ATLAS is jointly published by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin, Germany, and Friends of the Earth Europe, Brussels, Belgium. This may mean more efficient production , but it also concentrates market power in the hands of just a few, much to the detriment of smallholders.

Consumers in Germany are increasingly turning to meat substitute products made from wheat proteins or soy, according to the environmental organization BUND. While private purchases of meat and sausage substitutes fell slightly between 2016 and 2018, they rose to a record high in 2019 with around 266,000 tonnes sold, according to the current “meat atlas” of the Federal Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND).

Verschiedene vegane und vegetarische Fleischersatzprodukte liegen verpackt auf dem Tisch. (Symbolbild) © picture alliance / dpa Various vegan and vegetarian meat substitute products are packed on the table. (Symbol picture)

This corresponds to an annual turnover of 273 million euros. For comparison: According to the report, 40.1 billion euros were turned over with meat and sausage in the same period. In the “Meat Atlas”, the environmental organization and the Heinrich Böll Foundation regularly compile data and facts about animals as food. The Foundation and BUND presented the current report on Wednesday in Berlin.

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Consumers wanting to buy vegan alternatives to meat and dairy products have to date been directed to the specialty section of retailers, such as the “Achieving our ultimate goal of helping create a world where everyone eats well requires us to appeal to more than vegan , vegetarian and predominantly

So is vegetarian really best? Ultimately, we cannot say that eating a vegan or vegetarian or meat diet is Consumers need to understand trade-offs and to keep up to date on information of what is best to buy . The number of gluten-free products available is doubling year-on-year in Europe and the US.

A look at the production volumes shows that the demand for meat substitutes also increased in the first quarter of 2020.

Dynamic market for replacement products

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According to this, 20,000 tons were produced in the first three months of last year, almost 40 percent more than in the period of the previous year. According to the report, the data come from the Federal Statistical Office and the Agricultural Market Information Society (AMI) in Bonn.

“The market for meat substitute products is developing more dynamically than ever before,” the authors write. The conventional meat industry has long since jumped on the trend. "In July 2020, the manufacturer Rügenwalder Mühle made more sales with vegan and vegetarian meat alternatives than with classic cold cuts or tea sausages for the first time," it continues.

The manufacture of meat substitute products is considered more environmentally friendly than that of meat. However, the large-scale cultivation of soy and similar products has also come under more criticism in recent years. (dpa)

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