Reviews Natascha Ochsenknecht: "I just have to be patient": She is still not fit after corona illness

20:05  21 january  2021
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Ministry expects corona vaccinations from the beginning of 2021

 Ministry expects corona vaccinations from the beginning of 2021 In the corona crisis, in view of the rapidly increasing number of infections, growing expectations are directed towards a vaccine against the virus. © Marius Becker / dpa A woman gets a throat swab at the corona test station at the main train station in Cologne. The Federal Ministry of Health confirmed its assessment on Friday that the first corona vaccinations are expected to be possible in the first few months of next year.

Do i just have to be patient ? She 's probably wanting a short break from anything ending up being serious. I've had experiences where I've been speaking You never know, she could suddenly change her mind after realising that you've stayed interested in her ! Hold on for now, things could turn around.

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Already in November, Natascha Ochsenknecht (56) announced that she was infected with the corona virus . The designer kept her fans up to date on Instagram and reported about , her serious illness, . She's feeling better now - but she's still not really fit. Nevertheless, she takes time for her fans: for a full hour and a half, she recently answered all the questions in a live conversation on Instagram and talked about her life.

Natascha Ochsenknecht © imago images / POP-EYE Natascha Ochsenknecht

Beauty-Tag im Lockdown? In the video above you can see which face mask Natascha Ochsenknecht will certainly never use again.

car manufacturers are shaking off some corona consequences

 car manufacturers are shaking off some corona consequences industry leader Volkswagen and large parts of the car industry have put away the worst consequences of the corona slump in spring. However, it is far from clear whether the catching-up process will continue after the significantly better third quarter. © Hendrik Schmidt / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa After losing billions in the spring in the third quarter, the world's largest car manufacturer Volkswagen does significantly better again.

39 отметок «Нравится», 0 комментариев — Jonas Cyrus (@jonascyrusdisneyvirus) в Instagram: «" I 'm Waiting For My Princess To Come.

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Still corona complaints: This is how it works Natascha Ochsenknecht

She sits in her apartment in Berlin, completely natural, without make-up and with glasses, switching from topic to topic. Of course, this is initially about her corona illness: "Thank God I'm better," says 's ex-wife Uwe Ochsenknecht (64), "but I also have to say, I'm still not one hundred percent fit. " For example, she still can't smell or taste, and she still has bone pain every now and then. She sounds quite resigned when she says: "I'll have to be patient."

About her single life, her children and her health: Natascha Ochsenknecht shares private matters with her fans

But Corona is just one of many topics that the former model addresses in his chat. Natascha talks about the renovation of her apartment, about her happy single life, her work as a designer and - as the mother of three children - about her family. Her two sons, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (29) and Wilson Gonzales (30), were already known as children through the "wild guys". A fan asks if it would bother them that the two are often reduced to the children's films. Natascha is visibly proud: "I think my children did a great job, that even though they were child stars, they managed to be taken seriously as adults." to Jimi Blues new girlfriend , the former "Bachelor" - candidate Yeliz Koc (27), the fans want to know Natascha's opinion. It positions itself very clearly: "If my son chooses a woman who not only looks good, but is funny, who has a big heart and who is just as stupid as we are, then you will find her super!"

1,500 euros because of Corona: you can save taxes with this special payment

 1,500 euros because of Corona: you can save taxes with this special payment A Corona special payment can be a sensible solution for both employers and employees when it comes to doing something good for employees tax-free. What you have to consider. © Shutterstock More net than gross: The tax authorities tolerate a tax-free service due to Corona. The Corona period was extremely challenging for most companies - and it still is. Many teams are fully or partially working from home, companies are struggling with the consequences of the crisis.

We will just have to be patient . i have been totally, 100% patient! J'ai été patient à 100 pour cent! Now i have to be patient , but one of my artworks can be seen with the 272 other selected artists here

I just have to be patient . Aku hanya perlu bersabar. I will contact you when it's ready, be patient . I'm glad you still have your sense of humor but I'm on a schedule agent raines and very soon, my patient will run out. Aku senang kau masih punya selera humor. tapi aku dalam sedang jadual padat

Quite the loving one Mother - and soon even grandma! In the video you can see Natascha's daughter Cheyenne Ochsenknecht (20) with a baby bump.

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US Senate sets course for corona aid package .
The corona aid package targeted by President Joe Biden has made great strides in the US Congress. The Senate gave the green light with a narrow majority. © Senate TV / AP / picture alliance She was the decisive factor in the Senate vote: Vice President Kamala Harris The US Senate voted for a budget resolution in which the planned Corona aid amounting to 1.9 billion dollars is stipulated . This is a preliminary stage for a later legal text.

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