Reviews McLaren MCL35M: The car with the most changes

11:30  15 february  2021
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McLaren wird heute als erstes Team sein neues Auto zeigen © Motorsport Images McLaren will be the first team to show its new car today

At 8 p.m. CET, McLaren will be the first team to present its new car for the 2021 Formula 1 season . New in this case is a flexible term. Apart from a few adjustments, this year's generation of cars is basically the same as last year. Fans shouldn't expect very big changes in the presentations.

This is already clear in the name of the new McLaren, which will not be called MCL36, but MCL35M. The M refers to the change from Renault to Mercedes engines. And it is precisely this fact that ensures that McLaren is likely to have the most modified vehicle of all.

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The power unit packages of the individual manufacturers are a central point for the design of Formula 1 racing cars these days, as each one has a different overall concept. McLaren had to use its two available tokens to install the new power unit. What the aerodynamics of the MCL35M will look like remains to be seen - developments are still possible there.

"While every other team takes most of their car from last year with them into the new year, the switch to the Mercedes power unit means that this is not the case with us," says McLaren's production manager Piers Thynne. "That brought about major changes. Basically, we built a new car. The number of new parts on the MCL35M is roughly the same as on the MCL35.

In addition to the new engine, you had to react primarily to the new regulations, which are enormous This is intended to reduce downforce so that the Pirelli tires no longer stress so much.

In addition, McLaren has of course worked on its weaknesses. In fast corners and braking they were strong in 2020, but there was also at McLaren some points that needed to be improved. "We still have to improve a bit at low speeds," says Technical Director James Key about the weaknesses.

"It's not as bad as before (2019; editor's note), because We have made great efforts to improve balance and constancy at low speeds. In addition, the car did not work as well as expected in some conditions, "continued Key." We can see that in the data. "

Whether McLaren has remedied these weaknesses can only be seen on the track in March. The new car but can already be admired this evening.

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