Reviews "Money-burning machines": Seifert's criticism of top clubs speaks to many from the soul

12:10  19 february  2021
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Christian Seifert has harshly criticized some European top clubs and dubbed them "money-burning machines". The DFL managing director is sure to speak to quite a few people.

Christian Seifert. | Mathis Wienand/Getty Images © Provided by 90min Christian Seifert. | Mathis Wienand / Getty Images

Actually, Christian Seifert, as managing director of the German Football League, has been in a somewhat more defensive position for almost a year, from which he is an excellent moderator of Bundesliga games despite the corona pandemic. He doesn't demand anything, always emphasizes that politics has the last word and worked with the DFL to develop a wonderfully functioning hygiene concept. In addition, the clubs could be relieved financially by slight adjustments. So he was able to let all the criticism that has existed since then on football and its "special status" without problems.

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That's why Seifert can now allow himself to go on the offensive and criticize the customs outside the Bundesliga. There are not as strict licensing requirements as in this country and there the money is thrown around much more excessively. So does Seifert, who said the "brutal truth" at a Financial Times-hosted soccer business industry summit is that "some of these so-called super clubs are - I would say - poorly managed money-burning machines" (via RP).

Seifert did not name a club, but it is generally assumed that he spoke of teams such as FC Barcelona or Real Madrid , which should be primarily interested in a European super league, or Juventus Turin and Paris St. Germain. All of them are currently suffering insane losses or amassed huge mountains of debt. "If I were an investor, I would ask myself whether they would be the right partners," said the DFL boss.

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Seifert calls for sustainable business models

Seifert does not believe that Corona will change anything: "In the end, you will burn money, as you have done in recent years. You should think about developing a sustainable business model." Seifert has indirectly referred to the Bundesliga, which is pretty much alone in Europe with its strict licensing process and the 50 + 1 rule, but prevents such excesses as in other leagues and is still internationally competitive.

Incidentally, Seifert also praised UEFA for virtually banning the Super League. There are unusually clear words of the DFL managing director in the direction of the European top clubs, with which he underpins what he thinks of their constant striving for more and more money. He is sure to speak to the hearts of many who are fed up with the utopian payments that football is still making today despite everything.

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