Reviews Amir: his ball live on his participation in a cult program (VIDEO)

21:55  20 february  2021
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Gerloff won’t replace Rossi if he is ruled out of Valencia

  Gerloff won’t replace Rossi if he is ruled out of Valencia Garrett Gerloff will not replace Valentino Rossi in the MotoGP Valencia Grand Prix should he be ruled out by COVID-19, Motorsport.com has learned.Motorsport.com reported earlier on Thursday the nine-times grand prix world champion had tested positive again for the virus having been laid off with it for the Aragon double-header last month.

Amir : sa boulette en direct sur sa participation à une émission culte (VIDEO) © SIPA Amir: his ball live on his participation in a cult program (VIDEO) While he was interviewed at the microphone of RTL, this Saturday February 20, the singer Amir evoked in spite of himself his participation in an emblematic show of France 2.

Amir gave an interview to Eric Dussart and Jade this Saturday, February 20, for their show We remake the TV , broadcast on RTL. When answering a question from the 42-year-old TV host , the artist blundered. He was, in fact, asked if he had actually participated in the last filming of Rendezvous in Unknown Land . Without thinking, the young daddy then replied: "Am I allowed to talk about this?" An indirect and involuntary admission that he recently went on an adventure with Raphaël de Casabianca , the presenter of the famous show. Trapped, the artist called for a "wildcard" to avoid elaborating on the subject.

Regional elections: ecologists build their project in Val-de-Marne

 Regional elections: ecologists build their project in Val-de-Marne © LP / Olivier Corsan Saint-Denis, November 30, 2019. The national secretary of EELV, Julien Bayou is the candidate of the environmental pole for the regional of 2021. They had never found themselves all lined up for an election.

"planning problems" and a wrist "in a thousand pieces"

"I'm very bad me… I'm not a good liar, OK guys? Come on, let's move on to the next question ", he pleaded, a little uncomfortable. In the process, Amir opened up about another PAF flagship show, Dances with the stars , explaining why he has never participated. He revealed that he had "repeatedly refused" the show because of "scheduling concerns" . Despite everything, the interpreter of La Fête has "a lot of admiration" for this program, which has been broadcast on TF1 for ten years now.

"I really want to learn to dance" , said the 36-year-old songwriter, who claims to have "almost said yes" , but had to give it up after being "fell off the stage" . "My wrist broke into a thousand pieces. It was really a few weeks before the start [of the broadcast of DALS, Editor's note] ... The doctor told me that it was impossible, that the risk was too high" , said Amir, who reminds us that "never knows what the future holds".

A singer who loves challenges

"The right time was chosen in 2019 and ultimately, it was the good god who decided otherwise ..." , he continued, laughing nervously. Visibly loving the novelty, Amir added: "Give me challenges, I'm hungry for this!" All the more so since he "saw the results on his friends" who learned to dance thanks to the choreographers of the program and that was enough to convince him to participate in his turn, when his schedule is will allow it.

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