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09:15  23 february  2021
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  Coronavirus creates UPS, FedEx delivery van crunch as holiday shopping moves online The companies need more vans. Like, now.Bloomberg reported Wednesday that both of the parcel delivery companies are facing a serious delivery van shortage. In other words, both need more vans as soon as possible and its partners have started to either lease vans, or purchase used ones. Brendan Keegan, CEO of Merchants Fleet which provides vehicles to delivery companies, told the publication that any and every van that is for sale isn't off limits. The company needs them now.

When it comes to the future of hybrid and electric vehicles , battery technology is the single largest hurdle to progress. Chassis parts may be getting lighter, and engines more fuel efficient, but getting a battery to charge quickly, last a long time, and fit in a package-able size is proving difficult.

Electric carmakers have long been clamoring for a battery breakthrough that will improve the range of their vehicles while also extending their lifespans. Innolith, a Swiss startup , says its new high-density lithium-ion batteries can do just that. A battery with that density would be capable of powering an electric car for 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) on a single charge. That’s far greater than the current lithium-ion batteries on the market today. Tesla’s batteries , which are produced by Panasonic, can support 330 miles of range in the most expensive models.

A French startup has solved the problem faced by many car manufacturers: the range of electric cars can soon be extended at low cost.

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Electric cars currently have a range of up to 600 km per battery charge - but these long-distance models are very expensive and not affordable for every consumer: Tesla's Model S costs approx. 85,000 euros, cheaper electric cars like the popular ZOE from a href = "https://www.finanzen.net/aktien/renault-aktie" target = "_ blank" rel = "noopener"> Renault only drive 200-400 km per battery charge. The startup EP-Tender has now come up with a trailer that allows vehicles with a short range to drive several hundred kilometers. Rent

AC Unveils New Cobra Series 4–Electric

  AC Unveils New Cobra Series 4–Electric 'The AC Superblower updated for the new world'.The rebirth of the legendary AC Cars brand is continuing with the launch of the AC Cobra Series 4–electric; "The AC Superblower updated for the new world.

He briefly led Volkswagen’s electric vehicle development in the US and later joined his former Tesla colleagues at competitor Atieva , now Lucid Motors, before leaving in 2015. After he left the company, we reported that he was making a comeback in the EV space with his own new startup , ‘InEVit’, to develop battery packs for electric vehicles . SF Motors has since unveiled some of its planned electric vehicles to hit the market soon, but we now learn that Eberhard is not with the company anymore. In a new interview , he announced that he ended up leaving and launching a new startup

Researchers have developed a new battery material that could enable long - range electric vehicles that can drive for hundreds of miles on a single charge, and electric planes called eVTOLs for fast, environmentally friendly commutes. But while lithium metal extends an EV's driving range by 30-50%, it also shortens the battery 's useful life due to lithium dendrites, tiny treelike defects that form on the lithium anode over the course of many charge and discharge cycles. What's worse, dendrites short-circuit the cells in the battery if they make contact with the cathode.

trailer if required

EP-Tender has developed a car trailer with a battery capacity of 60 kWh in recent years. For comparison: the ZOE has a capacity of 58 kWh. The trailer would more than double the range of the vehicle. The background to the development is to enable owners of affordable electric cars to drive longer distances. As a result, more people can afford more environmentally friendly vehicles that also meet their needs.

The trailers should be available for rent when they hit the market, or for personal use for around 10,000 euros. The startup wants to set up charging stations with 20 ready-to-go EP tenders along busy holiday routes. These charging stations should be a maximum of 50 km apart, so that the way to a new battery only takes about 9 minutes. To make sure that a charged trailer is available, you should be able to book it in advance using the app.

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Startups , developing electric cars , their components (like batteries ) and ecosystem (like charging stations). Country: USA | Funding: .5B Nikola’s fuel cell membrane electrode assembly (MEA) research is aimed at developing an architecture that could satisfy the power output needs and durability requirements of heavy-duty applications, such as the operations of the company’s long -haul vehicles like the Nikola One.

In terms of electric cars , this would mean they would have advantages over batteries when the vehicle needs bursts of energy - like during acceleration. In fact, this is just what Toyota has done with the Yaris Hybrid-R concept car , which utilizes a supercapacitor for use during acceleration. However, ultracapacitors are not a substitute for batteries in most electric vehicles - yet. Li-ion batteries are likely going to be the go-to power supply for EVs for the near to distant future. Many believe it is more likely that ultracapacitors will become more commonplace as power-regeneration systems during

EP-Tender extremely environmentally friendly

The development of the trailer is a big step towards environmentally friendly driving: "We are solving the problem of making affordable electric cars comfortable enough over long distances," said Jean Baptiste Segard, CEO of EP-Tender, to Automotive News . Initially, the startup's supporters were equipped with small combustion engines that temporarily turned electric cars into hybrid vehicles. But even these trailers were very environmentally friendly: They only used 0.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

When the prices for rechargeable batteries fell sharply, electric trailers were manufactured in 2018 - and then only this business area was pursued. The aerodynamics of the EP tender is currently being improved and work is continuing on its environmental friendliness: the company aims to halve its CO-2 emissions by 2030.

Nissan to roll out its Nissan@home online buying experience nationwide

  Nissan to roll out its Nissan@home online buying experience nationwide The program has been a big hit at the seven dealerships involved in its pilot program.Announced Monday, the service is called Nissan@home and lets prospective buyers schedule and complete a test drive, do all the negotiation and paperwork of buying the car, and schedule and take final delivery of their vehicle, from their computer or mobile device. Nissan@home can also be used to schedule service appointments.

Now one of the most prominent proponents of hydrogen fuel cell cars , Toyota, is reportedly planning to mass produce battery -powered long - range electric cars by 2020. The news comes as Toyota is having difficulties selling the Mirai, its hydrogen cars , in the US. Despite cutting the price on several Now a new report this morning coming from Japan’s Nikkei (via Reuters) claims that Toyota is planning to invest in a team in early 2017 to develop an electric car with a range of “more than 300 km (186 miles) on a single charge” and ready to hit the market by 2020. It would be Toyota’s first all- electric

Adoption of electric vehicles is already expected to fuel an exponential increase in lithium-ion batteries , the reigning replacement for the internal combustion engine. The latest report from BloombergNEF found that electric busses and passenger cars accounted for 44 gigawatt hours of That should reduce the risks of batteries bursting into flames and allow for thinner cells and smaller packs that fit under a car seat. Researchers also want to pair the solid electrolyte with a lithium metal anode to improve energy density and enable EVs to travel longer distances without stopping.

In conversation with Renault and PSA Group

A trailer hitch that can be purchased for the EP tender is to come onto the market by 2022 - but Renault and the PSA Group are still talking about factory-mounted alternatives, explains the EP tender Engineer Hugo Basset told Automotive News. The startup is dependent on the cooperation of the major car manufacturers.

Many electric cars on the market are not yet approved for transporting loads and are therefore not allowed to couple a trailer. Nevertheless, EP-Tender expects that the demand for the trailers will be very high: In recent years, the number of electric cars purchased in Europe, China and the USA has risen sharply according to statistics from "EV volumes" and according to a forecast In 2030, even 40 percent of the vehicles on the roads are to be operated electronically. Finanzen.net editorial team

Chevy and GMC gasoline-powered pickups close in on an expiration date .
General Motors hopes to only build zero-emissions vehicles come 2035, and that means the trucks as we know them will likely soon be gone.GM detailed sweeping plans and goals in a new climate plan on Thursday and included the efforts to only sell zero-emissions vehicles by 2035. During a media call, Dane Parker, GM's chief sustainability officer, affirmed with Roadshow that "light-duty vehicle" categorization also includes light-duty pickup trucks that feature gasoline and diesel engines. So, we're talking about the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Colorado, GMC Sierra 1500 and Canyon that face radical changes in the years to come.

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